[ENG] 하이드 지킬, 나, Hyde Jekyll, Me, EP05 (2/4)

[A fantastical dragon tale with
the popular webtoon author, Robin!] This Robin was that Robin? Woo-jung, Robin is here. Hey. ‘Hey’? Hey, you crazy little brat! Where have you been? Why haven’t you called at all? You’re perfectly fine,
but you haven’t called even once! Hey, let go of him. You’re going to end up killing him. Woo-jung, I’m so sorry. Was what you did wrong or not?
Tell me. I’m sorry, what I did was wrong. Are you going to disappear
on me again or not? I’m going to disappear. What? No, I won’t disappear! I promise. I thought that you disappeared
because of me. What are you talking about? You thought it was because of you? My dad told me that you disappeared
because you felt burdened by me, and that you couldn’t
even stand the sight of me. I was only in 9th grade back then. You were my first love. And when I thought that you had
disappeared all because of me… you can’t imagine
how hurt I was by that thought. Okay, stop crying. It just happened that way. What kind of an answer is that? I’m asking how you came back,
and when you came back and your only answer to that is,
‘It just happened that way’? Who’s she? Who are you? What is your relationship to my Robin? That’s… No, I don’t want to know. I know there can’t be much to it. Instead, I’ll just tell you
about me and my Robin. The stories may take all night. Will it be okay for you? What do you mean, take all night? Aren’t we staying up all night? Please come and have a seat. Yes, thank you. Here, have a drink. Here, let me pour it for you. How about we take a picture? Let’s take one of the two of you. One, two… I’m the one who’s seen that man
go off to the army twice. I took the first two years of his absence
as being off in the army. Then when he still didn’t come back, I counted the next two years
as another round of army duties. That’s the time that
I’ve invested in my Robin. How long have you known each other? Even at a quick glance,
it can’t be more than… a week? Ten days? A month? 15 years. Didn’t you say it was 15 months? 15 years? Are you serious? What does time even matter? It’s not the least bit important. Goo Seo-jin is the same as ever,
isn’t he? He’s become even grumpier. I think he’s also been taking very strict care of himself
these past five years. But I’m still very happy. Now that you’re back,
and we’re here together right now. Are you going to go back to work? Yes, of course. By the way… the lady you brought… who is she, really? The one who rescued me. She rescued you? Not the other way around? Hey! You think being young
will get you out of it? You think being cute will
cut you a break? I can be affectionate, too. I’m totally adorable
when I’m being affectionate! No, when it comes to being affectionate,
Robin has one up on me. He’s so totally adorable! He puts on funny glasses,
and poses like this. He has the cutest looking dimples. [The rocket must be put back
for the alarm to stop ringing.] The crazy little brat… Why does my stomach feel like this? How did I get back last night? [The Angel Bridge Conte Book.] When did he draw all this? Excuse me, Ha-na. Don’t touch! I really hate men that try to
get grabby with me when I’m drunk. I can do this! I can…do this! Come with me to the workshop. Workshop? One Night Two Days! I have to come back before the night. What do you mean, you have to? I’m the one in charge here,
and you’re on my team now. Okay, I’ll take you there. What a sweet boy… and you’re so adorable, too. Hello? Why aren’t you down here yet? It’s time for your appointment
with Dr. Yoon Tae-joo. Yes, I’m coming. Ugh, what am I going to do? I think we have to go to
Hankyeol Hospital. Dr. Yoon has
a morning session there. Why does my stomach feel like this? I feel nauseous. Could it be indigestion? You drank last night. How much? All night. With whom? With Jang Ha-na. I’m sorry for being late. Sure. I’m sorry. Ugh, she reeks of booze. How much did she have to drink to
reek of booze like that? Ugh, what do I do? Robin probably
remembers everything. She really is a piece of work. Excuse me… Did you happen to see me
come home last night? Shut up. Get going. Yes, Sir. What? Hang on. Seo-jin was wearing
a hooded sweatshirt? Yes. That doesn’t make any sense. He didn’t even wear that
when he was a student. He’s a real man. A real man? Yes. He got smacked around
by two women last night. Smacked around? And he was the victim of
an arm bar submission. Arm bar submission? The arm bar that I know? Yes, he was smacked around
by the first woman for wearing his hooded sweatshirt
and smacked around by the second woman
while suffering from the arm bar. He works hard during work hours
without dropping a ball then he also knows to play hard,
and allows the women to beat him. He truly is a real man. He must’ve lost his mind. Keep on his tail. That’s why I’ve already
got someone on it. You’re looking well this morning. Really? Are you dating someone? Dating? Oh my… No, I’m not! Well… if I must tell you about it… Something has happened… Oh my, what am I saying? I must’ve lost my mind. You’ve gone crazy. I didn’t say anything. Are you feeling less nervous now? Yes. Shall we get started? First… Don’t get scared, and just watch, okay? That’s the suspect. Just like you stated in your testimony
this footage was captured from the scaffolding in the Venetian Room. Okay, from this moment on… focus your concentration on the screen. Mr. Ahn Sung-geun? I’m here from Gangnam Police Precinct. May I speak to you for a moment? Sure, is this regarding Dr. Kang’s case? Yes, it is. Right at this moment,
you are at an art gallery. There’s no one else in the room,
and it is very quiet. You are safe here. In this room, you’re capable of
doing whatever you want. You can see everything you want. Okay…stop here. You’re going to focus. Very slowly you’re going to remember. You’re safe. Take a slow breath. Don’t worry. I created this world and I wouldn’t take you to
a dangerous place. Never. Trust me. Open up your heart to me. All those awful memories… I’ll erase them for you.

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