(ENG/SPA/IND) [#LifeBar] Yang YoseobXYoo Jun Sang Stage of Blood Sweat and Tears | #Mix_Clip #Diggle

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#LifeBar] Yang YoseobXYoo Jun Sang Stage of Blood Sweat and Tears | #Mix_Clip #Diggle

– It’s our second film together
– [Jae Hoon] Really? – What did you do before that?
I was the Crown Prince – And I was Robin Hood
– [Yoseob] So we… I was so worried at first Why? I felt like he’d be strict And super detailed But the positive energy he
gave out to all the staff… [Jae Hoon] That’s right Like a ‘Cheering man’? – Positive man?
– [Jun Hyun] He’s full of energy So you’re saying you
didn’t want to film with him? No, I loved it! I was so scared and worried on
my way to the practice room I was so relieved I had a lot of interactions with idols
First of all, they’re very smart – And they’re really hard working
– Thank you And if they don’t get their work done,
that would affect the whole group – That’s right
– I feel like that’s why… And he didn’t have much time but had
the script forall memorized All of it He not only memorized his lines, he
had the other character’s lines as well – Isn’t that because he was so scared?
– That’s actually true He doesn’t have to memorize
the other character’s lines But that’s actually a good attitude to have Because… I only participated in
an encore performance – This is his first time
– I felt sorry about that… The fact that everyone
made time to rehearse with me and try out the lines with me… Oh, I get that I have to get in perfect and
get it over with right away – [Dong Yup] You shouldn’t bother others
– Exactly Because of the thought “When he comes,
I should get it over with right away”– The staffs and actors
clapped when he was done Because he was so good You’ve been practicing boy band
choreographies for a while now Is it totally different
from acting in musicals? In musicals, the choreographies
are very elegant and beautiful The motions are big… So everyone in the audience can see So musical choreographies
have big movements On the other hand, boy band
choreographies have more swag They have to seem cool There has to be gestures individually
for members to play with They have smaller movements Like this
(Same motion) Like this
(Different feeling) (Yoseob’s gesture is full of swag) Something like this, small movements With that kind of… Anyways, swag is the most important factor I could understand better when
Jun Sang showed us himself – With boy band Choreography and…
– Oh, dance moves? … Like what’s different?
Give us an example with B2ST Um there’s something I can show you
(Show us yourself) There’s something similar I’m not sure
if I can’t still do this but… There’s this dance where I dance the first
time I meet the others inSo I go like this (Wow) (Musical choreography point:
Each step has to be detailed but big) – There something like this
– You remember after all these years? You did tap dancing too? Yes, tap dancing and waltz as well I did it like this But in the B2ST ‘Fiction’ choreography We had to have ‘swag’ like putting
our hands in our pockets Swag! Swag! – You can’t put your hands all the way in
– [Dong Yup] No, you can’t You have to leave the thumbs out These kinds of details are important If you put them all the way in,
people might think you’re scratching Yes, or rearranging underwear You put your hand in like so And look at the camera with swag Look at the camera like so (This is, not a music show…) (Stare) But you can’t look into
the camera the whole time You look somewhere else from time to time (Boy band choreographies are full of swag) But when performing in musicals (Fixed stare) You can’t do that in musicals – You can’t have swag
– That’s what boy bands do This is what boy bands do… This isn’t a Crown Prince, it’s a boy band What should a Crown Prince do? You pose like this, like a king Look at me, people of the forest I am the Crown Prince (Solemnly and seriously) – [Jae Hoon] With discipline
– “I’m a good dancer” You have to lift your chin up I’m the Crown Prince, I’m the Crown Prince – With discipline
– Yes, something like that [Yoseob] Yes, it’s got a
different feeling to it [Jun Hyun] They are different [Yoseob] I think you have
to think differently too But it’s like a live show, right? – Right?
– Yes, that’s right What if you make a mistake on stage? That’s it, you should just move on The instruments are playing but
if I forget the lyrics for my part I have to say anything,
according to the situation – Has that ever happened?
– Of course I just make things up
But this… No way [Jae Hoon] So that’s why
you’re so good at making up lyrics But really… They don’t notice I mean, the actors know The actors go like “Oh, he made a mistake” But the audience…
(So into the performance) So what happened duringis… I get into a sword fight,
because I’m Robin Hood There’s this scene where
I have a sword fight When the opponent tries
to stab me, I have to block him But the opponent went overboard
even before I could block him And hit me right there like that “Turn around” and… But the conductor was conducting and (What…!!) Went like this Did you bleed? I looked and I was bleeding so much The audiences’ faces were like
“that must be makeup” – But the conductor knows
– [Eric] The audience wouldn’t know The conductor kept crying He’s already… The conductor– (The person who’s bleeding and the
people watching are all in a shock) He’s going like this,
and we’re going like this But thankfully that scene
was where I had to sing while wiping off my blood and telling
everyone what my blood means to them – Oh, the lyrics?
– Yes, the lyrics So as I was wiping off my blood,
I sang ‘Do you know what this blood is’ ‘This blood is so precious to all of us…’ And I started tearing up as I sang Thinking, ‘Oh, this is it for me’ He had a scar on his face… Because I was bleeding so much But thankfully the theater was in this big building and there was a… plastic surgery hospital You know, the intermission is 20 minutes I had to get stitches but the doctor asked
me if I wanted to get anesthetized “I don’t have time” “You have to get more than 10 stitches” “Alright” I couldn’t think about anything
I was getting stitched up and… All I could think about was that I had to
go sing the second half in 20 minutes I told them not to tell anybody It was the forehead… They asked me if they should delay it
but I said the flow would get messed up And I said “I can go in 5 minutes” And I went right in at
the start of the second half So I just performed like that I couldn’t think about anything because
I was bleeding so much on stage And after it was all over I just cried alone I was so thankful that I could
finish the performance safely [Dong Yup] You’re amazing Was there a memorable line that
you did while you were injured? Yoseob played the king that time And Yoseob had to start panicking Because he didn’t know
what to do with the country He didn’t know how to deal
with the people of the country So, the Crown Prince was very immature – So immature
– So when the people of the forest praises him, saying “Our Crown Prince” To the people who don’t even
know politics, he would say “You be the Culture Minister!” “You be the Minister of Defense!” – [Jae Hoon] He did whatever he wanted?
– Really? Yeah, he was so immature The Crown Prince wanted to start
a revolution without any plans but Robin Hood was wise and said “If you don’t want to die,
keep your mouth shut” And there’s this line after that That line is… – If I played Robin Hood now…
– Yes, exactly I’m not saying it didn’t go well that time But if I played that role now, I feel like
people would be more into the act… Because I always cried during that line – Yes
– I was so desperate Show us!
(Whining) Yes, you sing for us but… – I have to look at the line
– Because it’s from a while ago Yoseob’s acting is great here – If you watch from here
– The Crown Prince♬ [Jun Sang] His facial expression is amazing Looks so real If you want to be a good king, leave the politics to the
ones who are good at it, leave the law-making to who know the world, and give power to the ones who are honest Gaining power isn’t what we want What we want is hope that we can live with humanity That’s all we want (A line that exceeds time and nations) That’s chilling! – Wow, Yoseob–
– Yoseob’s expressions are really good Are you alright? Let’s go I think I’m done for today – The immersion…
– [Jun Snag] Amazing, right? … At that moment He kept acting along even when
there weren’t any cameras on him But it’s basic manner for the other person to react to his acting… (It’s a must to act along
for the other actor!) [Jae Hoon] Yes, that’s right In the next scene, the people of the forest start thumping the ground – The storm is coming
– ♪ There’s a storm coming ♪ – And sing
– ♪ The ground is getting soaked ♪ ♪ The blood that we sacrificed ♪ This is it, I just remembered ♪ The blood that we’ve been bleeding
separates the sea ♪ It goes something like this – [Yoseob] And then I
– That’s when my blood… …It was enlightenment ‘Oh, right’ That part strangely gives me the chills – [Jun Hyun] Makes you tremble?
– Sure, sure – I get it
– [Yoseob] That’s what happened These kinds of people should be
in politics and making the law And so these lyrics keep
coming to me these days

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