[Eng Sub] Yan ZiDong (晏紫东) Till Death Tear Us Apart [Character Intro Trailer] 愉此一生-人物预告 YIFC

[Eng Sub] Yan ZiDong (晏紫东) Till Death Tear Us Apart [Character Intro Trailer] 愉此一生-人物预告 YIFC

Our bond shall not be disregarded, our life is too short for me to hold you in my arm As long as I’m here you’ll not be harmed by anyone Hoping to meet you someday, a young man with extreme charms A nation strengths along with its youth generation A nation frees along with its youth generation The chaos in China is nearly at its end YanZiDong as ZhouYaoHua When the nation is at its crists, everyone has the responsibility to save it JiangZiLe as LiuYuSheng Are you really a communist party member? LuZhuo as Yan I have no qualms about LiuYiChen as LiuYuShao ZhouYi as ZhouYaoMin ChenPeng as Feng director ZhangYiChang as ZhouJiaLi JiangChao as Sun director LiangTian as ZhaoDingSheng ShengBaoPing as ZhouZhongFu JiangShiLan as ChangYueEr The same cast fromthe spy war between schoolmates during the Republic of China You’ve wasted so much energy on the Japanese Just only for such meager profit? He doesn’t know anything! Don’t worry, I will save you ChenPeng Director Production Get out! I know who the traitor is He is a communist! Hand me over to themYuSheng are you alright? What did you talked about when you contact them I think this is a trap Adapted from NanZhi’s best-selling novel LiuYuSheng get yourself here at once! Are you a communist or not? 2017.02.14 Rising wind changes the cumulonimbus clouds Executively Broadcast by Tencent Video

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