Ep 3 Knock Knock | Top Management

It’s spring. A FEW YEARS AGO The trainees’ hearts are ablaze with love. Harder than predicting
the angle of a bouncing ball EPISODE 03
KNOCK KNOCK is romance. I was surprised. I didn’t think you’d send me a DM. I have something to ask. -Eunsung.
-Yes. -What?
-The girl you always hang out with… -Got a boyfriend…
-No. No. You know I go straight
from home to practice, back and forth. Not you. I meant Eunbin. The one who’s competing
on Promise 100 with you. Does she have a boyfriend? Eunbin. Do you have feelings for Eunbin? -She’s pretty.
-Right. Even in spring,
I couldn’t seize the opportunity. -Good job, guys.
-That’s why I have been pushing people away. I’m late for work. See you later. Eunsung! Tie your shoelaces. You might trip and fall. Does he have feelings for me? Well, if you’re not busy,
do you want to have dinner with me? I have something to tell you. Jangmi? Well, I have to work tonight.
I need to go now. See you later. What did I tell you? She won’t let anyone near her. Being able to see one step ahead -doesn’t give you the right answer.
-She’s cute. -Have dinner with me instead.
-Choosing your partner is like… I have a coupon that expires today. …a subjective question.
I can change my answer later. What? Collaboration with Hyun Sooyong? Don’t you think it’ll be great? Sooyong and you three will look good. You mean that Mongolian genius,
Hyun Sooyong? I’m in. Okay. He’s still a trainee
who hasn’t made his debut yet. A trainee? Maybe an artist. That’s why we start with one song. It’ll be beneficial to both sides. He makes his name known,
and you try something new. Still, a collaboration
with a trainee is… It took two years for Irib
to take his first step. Teo. What did you say when you came
to see me last week? -You said you could go solo…
-Well, that was… …if you continued working. You said you didn’t need them. You looked quite desperate. Am I wrong? Guys! Don’t get him wrong. I guess, as leader,
he felt terrible, taking his share of the money Yunwoo makes,
shooting a drama. I think you should grab the opportunity when it’s presented to you. No? Living together? Special order from Director Kang APPLE MINT HOUSE until they finish this collaboration. I feel bad for the members of SOUL. -What?
-Don’t you get it? Sharing a room with someone
isn’t exactly a picnic. Idol stars like us want
to relax alone at home. Is that how you feel about me? No! You’re different. Do you feel awkward? -No.
-Think of this as your home. Eunsung, it’s dripping. -Be careful.
-I’m sorry. For the Mongolian boy, living with them might feel like
being in a museum. A museum? It’s not just a house. They need to be ready to livestream
at any time, so presents from fans need to be
on display at all times. Why do the not-so-popular members
of SOUL have a fancy place? Compared to the tiny place
the six of us shared, it’s a palace. It was a guesthouse,
but it’s been renovated. President Baek wanted to gather
all the energy from the world. Once SOUL topped the charts,
they moved in there. You’re right.
They came in second on a cable show. Right. The trophy is
Teo’s number one treasure. He’s afraid they might take it away
because of plagiarism, so he hasn’t taken it out of the box yet. Sharing a place that means
so much to them, with a Mongolian boy who’s a free soul might cause some headaches. I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I’ve been telling you all along. As a team, united we stand,
divided we fall. We’re a string-up of dried fish, and Hyun Sooyong is the last one. It means he’s the first fish
that’ll be eaten. Stop being silly.
And it’s a “string of dried fish.” Is that right?
I’m speaking metaphorically. -Are you sure?
-Please stop. In my opinion, the last fish is you, Teo. You were going to cut us off and go solo. What? Is that how you understood
what Director Kang said? That I did it for personal gain? How can you do this to me? Is this what you think of me? -What?
-What is it? -Why is it so clean?
-I know. Did the cleaning lady come today? The laundry’s done. Not only that, but it’s really tidy. It was a mess when we left in the morning. Who took this out? Hey. You should look at this. You’re making me nervous. About Sooyong, he looks quite comfortable
in any new place. What’s with him? Is he President Baek’s secret son? A rich Mongolian kid? I have no interest in you whatsoever. Why? Because this is temporary. Yes. If you cross the line like this,
I won’t tolerate it, Mr. Hyun Sooyong! Teo is quite obsessed with it. That’s our first trophy. And the last. I saw it in the box
and thought it meant a lot to you. You! Tell me the truth! You knew it. You’re doing this to screw with us! Why is this in my room? There was an empty bed. Do I have to share a room with him? Would you rather share it with me? Or Teo? I’ll go with this guy. Why? Share it with me. No, thank you. Are we moving this to the storehouse? You’re not from Mongolia, are you? What’s your relationship with Starlight? In Mongolia… Teo is probably being territorial. Eunsung, be done with them and join us. There’s a Korean saying,
“A frog in a well!” Whether it’s a frog or a man,
you’re not happy away from home. I don’t think that’s
what that saying means. I’m saying that you’re better off with us. I’m super nice to you. Eunsung. Turn off the light. Yes. Turn the radio on. Turn off the lamp. Good night. Good night. It’s the end of another long day. This is the last song. Eunbin? -Is there a song that makes you cry?
-There is. Really? What song? The opening song of Bono Bono. That song makes me cry. It’s like reading my mind. Never mind. Go to sleep. Why? Was there a song that made you cry? You’re naive. Sooyong, have you thought
about a song for our collaboration to show off your songwriting skills? I have a few songs.
I’ll show you at the studio. By the way, how old are you? Let’s get seniority straight. I was born in early 1997, and we’re
technically the same in seniority. What do you mean by “early”? Well, that means I started school a year earlier, so I’m technically the equivalent
of 23 years old. But you were born in May. I was born in 1998,
and we’re only a few months apart. That’s why we’re considered the same
in terms of seniority. That means I’m like Sooyong
in terms of seniority, even though I’m two years younger
than Sooyong. This is messed up. You can call me “Akh.” That’s what we call an older brother
in Mongolian. “Akh.” It’s fun. “Akh.” “Akh.” You call a senior who you respect “Agha.” It’s similar to “Dai-Goh” in Chinese. -“Agha.”
-“Agha”? “Akh.” “Akh.” Why don’t we use our first names, like Sam or Thomas, or call each other Teo or Sooyong? That’s what we do in Mongolia. I’ll just call you “Yunwoo,” “Teo,”
and “Irib.” Good, Sooyong. What do you think, Eunsung? I’m sorry. You can’t scare me like that. I’m getting out here. Teo, I’m off. Irib! You’re an exception. -You call us “Big Brother.”
-Bye, Irib. He’s getting cheekier. Mr. Yunwoo, can I drop you off at the set? Yes. Why do you call him “Mr. Yunwoo”? Aren’t you a lot older than us? Not a lot older. I’m afraid it’s time
to wrap up the live feed. Mates, bye for now. WHERE’S YUNWOO?
BUT NOT YOU, TEO. YOU’RE SO SWEET Why are you staring at me? Who are these “Mates”? You don’t know our fan club? We’re SOUL, and they’re Mates. SOUL-mates! That’s why a collab with us
means being responsible. Our fans are with us… What is it? -What is it?
-Geez. -Are you okay?
-Geez! Learn to drive. Excuse me! Hey, newbie! Drive carefully. You almost caused an accident. We were trying to park here first. Move! Icarus is in the car. Eunsung, don’t move. Why do we have to move?
We were here first. Mr. Gwon, what are you doing? Teo, we’re busy. I’m sorry. MIN DRAGON / ICARUS / SECOND MOST POPULAR
SNEAKER DESIGNER Excuse me. I’ll be right behind you. -Newbie!
-Yes? Don’t you see our front wheel
is already in? Move your car! Yes, sir! Don’t move! Why do we have to move? LJ, are you in there? Move your car! We’re further in.
It’s harder for us to move. -Move your car, LJ! LJ!
-Teo. Hey, newbie! Move the car! Now! -I’m sorry.
-Move it! Now! Mr. Gwon, you can’t do this. You were our manager.
How can you be like this? -Move the car.
-What’s all the fuss about? LJ (JOO SEUNGRI) / NUMBER ONE IN ICARUS
FORMER BACKGROUND DANCER FOR SOUL Hey, LJ! Get out of the car! Teo, I’m not wearing any pants. What? Why aren’t you wearing pants,
you pervert? I’m having a lower body bath. You can’t do that in the car. It has a spa function. -You can have a herbal salt foot bath.
-You haven’t been in this car? Maybe later. -Stop lying!
-Excuse me. I’ve been watching, and the wheel of this car
is a little further in. I hate it when he’s right. Besides, we were coming in from behind,
so it’s easier for us to move our car. He’s quite reasonable. Exactly. You heard him. Move your car. -Yes.
-Move it! Now! I’m sorry. How dare he! Hey, Sooyong! -Whose side are you on?
-What? We live together, don’t we? Can we help each other out? Well, I haven’t told a lie
since I was little. No one lies when they’re little. I didn’t lie when I was little. You need to be flexible. I’ve never lied under any circumstance. Stop saying that. You’re lying about you not lying,
do you understand? What a phony! What a phony! Now! What… Cut! NG. What am I going to do with these two? More than 50 episodes have aired,
so I can’t just fire them. You can’t get the timing right. Mr. Woo Yunwoo, what were you doing? It was your turn. I’m sorry. It was my fault,
but he apologized right away. How sweet! This is why I didn’t want
to work with a singer. Yunwoo, why did you apologize? She forgot her line,
so how can she blame you? Tell me about it. Eunseo’s been full of herself
since she got cast on Mr. Seo’s new show. -No, it was my fault.
-You always take the blame. -Thank you, you two.
-Yunwoo. Where’s your manager? -Your agency is Starlight.
-Exactly. -Starlight.
-One of the top four agencies. I think SOUL’s manager ran off.
He can’t be reached. What? No. That’s not how Eunbin draws a heart. SIGNATURE FORGERY: IDOLS ARE SO BUSY
-They look the same. Wait a minute! What did you just say? It happens a lot. It’s either a sickness or a family issue. He’s burnt out. What about SOUL? Who’ll take them? -Are you making me…
-For now. Take care of them for now. Besides, they’re not that busy. Try to stay out of trouble. I’m feeling so depressed. Tears start falling
for no apparent reason. It happens to everyone. I started crying
when I went to buy kimbap. -The kimbap story again.
-The worst thing is, the schedule is mixed up
with a more popular star’s. Hold on. Did you check the studio for SOUL? What studio? SOUL is recording a demo tape. What time is it? We only have one recording studio. I’m late. Hyunjo, I have to go. She’s been absent-minded
since she was a trainee. Yunwoo. I’m so sorry. I had to book a studio. Have you been waiting long? No. -What?
-No worries. I just got here. Why don’t you get angry? I feel terrible. Really? -I’m really okay.
-I’m sorry. Should we go get Irib? Shall we? I parked the car over there. When I was little, my mom and dad always came
to get me after school. They must’ve been a happy couple. I feel like I’m that dad who goes to get his son. What? Dad? Am I the mom, then? -Eunsung.
-Yes? Are you hot? You’re blushing. -Blushing?
-Yes. I was running earlier. I turn red easily. Shall we go? Our road manager took off again, right? Yes. I hope you can keep being our manager. I mean it. Wait for me! You know our school festival
is next month. People from TV stations
and agencies are coming. Practice hard. Try not to eat dinner. You won’t grow any taller. You’re too mean! By the way, Jingeun, you’ve lost
a lot of weight. You poor thing. Preparing for a new album must be hard. I’m okay, ma’am. JINGEUN / HANSOL HIGH’S BEST STUDENT
YOUNGEST MEMBER OF BEGINNERS My teammates agreed to do
the performance you asked me about. Really? My manager will contact you
with more details. That’s wonderful. I’ll include that in the school brochure. Jingeun, you’re the face of our school. Try not to overdo it. Ma’am! He’s got to work hard. He could disappear overnight. Jang Irib!
How come you’re not on the list? You don’t have a team? If you don’t, join an existing team. Who wants Irib? Class rep, tell me when Irib has a team. Class dismissed. Work hard. Why are you packing up? You’re not choosing a team? I have an appointment to go to. An appointment? Just like that? You’re not playing hooky, are you? You should choose a team! Jang Irib! At least, be in the background! Jang Irib! That’s all they can do. Collaboration? They’re helping
the Mongolian genius’ debut. Exactly. The company is buying time
until their contract is up. I’m here to squeeze the last drops
of juice out of SOUL. It would’ve been tidier
if they’d ended the contract. Isn’t it what Director Kang wants? Teo. You came. Hello. Mr. Han. You’ve lost weight. -Me?
-Yes, you look more handsome. Well, I work overtime. I’ll see you at the studio. Yes. See you later. “SOUL Your Heart.” -Sure.
-SOUL! Did he hear us? If he had,
he wouldn’t have behaved like that. -Right?
-Sure. -Oh, well. It’s over anyway.
-Hey, stop. No one lies when they’re little. I didn’t lie when I was little. I feel bad for them. They looked promising. -SOUL’s not the only one.
-Hello. But SOUL almost made it.
What’s happened to them? You didn’t hear anything.
Please don’t do this. “I heard everything.
We don’t do that in Mongolia.” -They’ll be devastated.
-I don’t understand. Is it worth sticking around
while putting up with that kind of humiliation? Every time… If they keep staying here
while lying to themselves, is it really a good thing? Of course. This is Starlight. Starlight doesn’t represent just anyone. You’re not the person I thought you were. What? What the heck? Why does he act like
he’s disappointed in me? Did I say anything to him? How ridiculous! I moved the cassette tape
to this wav file. Will it work? Connect it to the cable from the deck. It’s vintage. So retro. Why don’t we listen to it? Okay. -No.
-Please don’t. -Don’t open it for me.
-Stop. What? Is SOUL recording? The sunglasses earlier. I came in right away, thanks to you, Mr. Hyun Sooyong. Do you know me? Of course I do, Mongolian boy. I heard your song’s awesome. -Let’s work together sometime.
-Hey! What are you doing here? What do you think?
I have some recording to do. What do you mean?
We booked it for three hours. That’s terrible.
I’m busy. I need to use it now. We’re busy as well. We don’t have time. We need to use it now. Who’s in charge of scheduling
the recording studio? Look what you’ve done! Did you check the entire schedule
when you booked this studio? I followed protocol, and it was available. Do you know LJ came back early
to work on his solo album while leaving his team members behind? He’s trying so hard! You should’ve left the studio empty. -You know what?
-What? SOUL is trying really hard, you know. -What?
-We’re not here to mess around. “We”? Unbelievable. I’m tired. When did you start caring so much? -Well, we’re trying…
-Are you talking back to me? Kim Hyunjo’s being too soft on you. -Why is he yelling?
-Who do you think you are? It’s not like that. Get it together! -I’m sorry.
-Do you think you’re a trainee on Promise 100? -Not at all.
-You think you’re a celeb? She’s the one. A manager who used to be a trainee.
That’s going to be awkward. Hi. -Hey!
-What? Why did you do that to SOUL’s manager? It’s technically our fault. No. It’s taken care of. We’re going to use the studio. You should’ve taken care of it.
I feel bad for SOUL. I know. I made a mistake. Are you going to be okay?
You can use it first. We can come back later. Are you okay with that? Can we use the studio now? Mr. Hyun Sooyong! We can find another one. Come on out. Why? He said he could come back later. That’s a relief. Everything’s set up.
I was hoping that I could stay. Sure. If it’s set up, you should use it. Unless you volunteer. Sure. You’re not forcing us. You’re so considerate. Mr. Hyun Sooyong. I know what you’re doing. You want me to listen to your song. Right? You don’t get a chance like this
often, right? No, that’s not it. You’re a funny man. Why is he provoking LJ? I’m with them. This is my team. What are you doing? Stop him. Sooyong, let’s go. We need to talk. He’s letting us use it. Please come out. Is that because of him? Don’t worry about him.
He listens to this guy. Come on! Have you been lying to me? -Come on.
-He let us use it. -Why…
-Come on. Newbie! How dare you? -I’m so sorry.
-Tissue! How’s your shirt? No, no. It’s okay. -Tissue.
-I don’t care about the shirt. -It’s okay.
-Oh, my goodness! My socks. My socks! These are $1,300 Valencia socks! Thank you, Auntie. How can LJ wear 1.3 million won socks? I guess they can last 100 years. I’m with them. This is my team. He said, “my team.” There. I finished deboning it. Enjoy. This fish means a lot. Agha Dai-Goh Sooyong. Thank you, but I can’t handle fishy foods. You know what? SOUL is trying really hard, you know. “Trying really hard”?
Are they doing as well? We’re trying really hard
to contribute any way we can! Good. I think you’ll like it.
It’s a dried giant yellow croaker. We have another string-up of them. I told you, it’s a “string of fish.” Whatever. You’re one to talk, Mr. Donkatsu. -Let it go already.
-You started it. They’re not the same.
Forget it and just eat. Okay, let’s eat.
Let’s eat 20 yellow croakers. -We’re not exactly Ha Hyun Woo.
-If we lower the key… The intro melody is awkward. Please understand us.
This could be our last chance. Please don’t fool around. Give me the real thing. Give me a song. What do you think? -Kevin lost his touch.
-I’ll be responsible. Do I have to dance? What else can we do? Just stand in the background for you,
like a chorus? Toe and toe. Go ahead and do it! Shoulders… Poor kids. Too bad. The Masked Girl cursed them. Are you happy with your performance? I’m not happy with it.

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