Evening Edition Weather News Today with J7409 Wednesday March 14,2018

Evening Edition Weather News Today with J7409 Wednesday March 14,2018

Hi everyone and good evening Welcome to the evening edition of weather news today with j7409 the name you know the news you can use and The weather picks for my thumbnails for this evening comes from Shannon Phillips say Shannon is in south-central, Kentucky about 50 miles north of Nashville Now she took this Monday I believe it was May have been yesterday. I can’t remember, but it was either yesterday or Monday, and it looks peak here She said these when the street lights came on it turned the snow where it looked pink on the trees I wonder What’s in that snow ha well? She’s got some more here to I want to share this one very very beautiful picture. Would you look at that? That’s another postcard picture Shannon. Thanks so much for sending these pics in Well, I’m not going to talk a lot about this other Nor’easter that may make up right now. I’ve gave you guys the heads up. We’re gonna watch it and see what happens I think if it does make up though it’s not going to Go up straight up the coast I think going to be more or less like from Ohio and New Jersey and Then go on up and out this way We’ll just have to wait and see I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with it, but what is happening now? Well the snow is continuing for portions of the lower Great Lakes and Northeast Active weather pattern is in store for the western United States through the end of the work week now a low will bring heavy snow to northern and central plains and strong thunderstorms to the lower, Mississippi Valley By tomorrow Friday now. I’m going to turn this on let it run and You can see everything I’m talking about is I happens now the weather conditions will remain favorable for more snow in the lower Great Lakes region and into New England behind this most recent nor’easter an additional four to eight inches of snow is possible for portions of New York as the Snow could be lake enhanced cooler than average high temperatures will remain in the mid-atlantic and the Northeast through the end of the week an upper-level located over the northwestern United States will continue to bring precipitation To portions of the western US through tomorrow now this precipitation will be in the form of snow for the Sierra Nevada area for two to three feet of snow as possible for higher elevations over the next couple of days the Northern Rockies and the Wasatch Range will also see snow with totals of six to twelve inches likely Locally Southern California is expecting some light rain now. What’s going to happen by? Tonight and tomorrow well a surface low pressure system will make its way into the central plains North of this lie heavy snow is expected for the northern and Central High Plains and spreading eastward Southwestern South Dakota and northern Nebraska are currently forecast to receive over a foot of snow with four to eight inches possible in Montana and Wyoming South and east of the lower head of the associated cold front now Thunderstorms are possible and some storms could be severe in the lower Mississippi Valley Checking out the map for the NAMM module This is the forecast map of What is going on and what should really be going on at these times? This is around 8 p.m.. Tonight? You see what it’s looking like will run up to 11 p.m.. Tonight We see everybody still got snow up in these areas and this is the snow I’m talking about in, New York It’s probably going to keep continuing for a while and you do have that good chance of receiving more snow in that area We’ll bump it up now back to 9 a.m.. Thursday morning Snow starts clear out song. Thank goodness for everybody up here over to the western sections up in Montana Also North and South Dakota All you guys you got freezing rain you got rain, and you got snow all up in here also for Wyoming in Colorado you guys got a little bit of stuff going on too as This next system begins to push in off of the west coast Okay fee p.m.. Tomorrow afternoon Everything’s looking much better up here now still got that little snow And you guys are going to still get it from the lakes as I was saying also up in Montana now What do you have for the brown is as ice pellets so it’s mostly snow with some ice Coming in Montana a little bit of snow all the way down now from Colorado All the way up to Montana parts of Idaho You can see what’s happening as we’re moving right along to 11:00 p.m.. Tomorrow night tonight rather 11 p.m.. Tonight The systems are still moving across 9 a.m.. Tomorrow morning This is what you can’t expect now. This was the system, so you can see the logo right here. This is a system I was talking about this going to bring all the nasty to the central part of the United States Now as we look here in Missouri you got lots of rain going on we have some rain in Arkansas and right down in this area all up in this area This is where some severe thunderstorms May happen in the next 36 hours or so 24 to 36 hours, we’ll have to watch that as we move on up now and we get over to Ok over here is Iowa you got a little bit of it Nebraska you guys have a freezing rain line where that pink is okay? And then of course as we move on Further to the west and north we have snow and we can’t go any farther than six them tomorrow afternoon You can see these Rain bands and the rain is marching across We’ve got to check out the Mississippi Valley make sure you guys don’t get any severe weather tomorrow I will stay on top of it for you, and we do have the ice pellets the freezing rain and The snow is beginning to move in in Iowa by tomorrow evening around 6:00 p.m. Now for all of my sky watchers we have the Clouds now these are low cloud Bay. This is a low cloud base. This isn’t the high clouds the medium Clapp? This is for low clouds, okay, and this is what it’s looking like at around 10 p.m.. Tonight Wednesday for the clouds in the us as we move on up to around 4 a.m.. Thursday morning We can see these clouds begin to thicken in these areas here also down in Eastern Kentucky this whole state of West Virginia portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania You guys got it, North South Dakota all up in this area, so what’s happening by 5:00 p.m.. Tomorrow afternoon this these systems are Continuing to move as we see the cold air come down from Canada mixing in with the winds and the lake effects Bringing clouds bringing snow bringing all that stuff you guys got clouds Don’t a little like no sky watching for anybody so what’s happening at midnight tomorrow? Some of them begin to break up the clouds begin to break up over here is more come in from the West for California and Oregon also Another system coming up from the Gulf. We got some clouds coming up into the Texas area right around in here and that’s going to wrap it up for the evening edition of Weather news today with j.7. 409 the name. You know the news you can use Thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it so much when you share my Videos to help me keep others safe and aware of what’s going on around them in the meantime. Thanks for the thumbs up Thanks for the subscribing and thank you for the comments I love every one of you, and I thank you for everything you do for me Have a blessed evening and with the good Lords Will I’ll be back and see you in the morning with the latest on the weather news across the nation Peace love and kindness to each of you

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  1. Good Evening everyone. Hope each of you have had a good Blessed day. Mississippi Valley area tommorrow you have a good chance of servere thunderstorms and heavy rain. New York you have some more snow to contend with. Everyone stay safe and with the Good Lord's will. I will be back in the morning. Please join in the conversation here. Peace Love and Kindness J

  2. Ughhh.Northern NJ.winds since yesterday,it started snowing,around 3 pm today,Wednesday, big winds,not too bad on the snow.Hope it stops!

  3. Heya, Jewel, not sure if you're aware, but the last few videos have the map graphics very small, even when going full screen – it's kinda hard to see. Thanks, darlin', for all ya do. 🙂

  4. Well Jewel, your map on temperatures yesterday was correct. At 5:30pm temp is 62 and next 2 days supposed to be 70. In NE Oklahoma this sometimes brings thunderstorms and severe weather. Will wait and see what happens! Thanks for update, much love and blessings to you! ?????✝⛄

  5. It was flurrying out before, which was surprising as I didn't know that it was going to be snowing a bit, but it's not too much but the wind started to pick up a bit and I'm thinking what kind of a snowstorm is this? It seems to have stopped now, so we'll just wait for this other one to come visit us…
    Okay stay safe and warm everybody. God bless

  6. Good evening J. I wonder if this.cycle will run itself out by mid-spring? When I was in MS at the USAF pilot training base there, these systems were always dangerous for all the severe storms. There is nothing good it this going on so long. Thanks, J!??✌️

  7. those were my 2 fav 2 !!!! sorry I sent the wrong ones in the 1st emails lol HUGGS !! IM GONNA SHARE ON MINDS* LOVE YA *J XOXOXO

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