Every Office Ever | Meme-ish | HelloGiggles

Every Office Ever | Meme-ish | HelloGiggles

Hi, good morning. That could have been an e-mail. What is wrong with you? Hi, who do we have on the line? Sorry, I think you cut
out there a little bit. Could we get your name one more time? On the wifi. That looks great. Every time. I think the next person to die is gonna be the little one- He’s a season behind. Oh, OK. Yeah, that’s fair. Did you get the doc I sent you? Felicia? Felicia? Did you get the doc? The doc? Did you get the doc? It’s in the e-mail. Is that my lunch? No. I’m pretty sure that has my name on it. No, it doesn’t. Okay. Wow. Sorry, guys. Can I help you? I booked for the 11. Oh, we actually, we have the
room booked for the hour. For our weekly. Oh, did you book the
reservation on CalShare? Because I don’t see– Well, we’re using ShareCal. Oh, ShareCal, no we
don’t use that anymore. It’s CalShare. You have to get it approved by Litty. Do you have the dates mixed up maybe? No, I have my calendar right here. If you look here, though, we have– Maybe just like a refresh? Look, refreshing– Are you using the app? Or are you using the web browser? Both. That one definitely could
have been an e-mail. Excuse me. Sorry. It’s the keto diet. So as you can see- Oh, mute your screen. Mute your screen. Mute. Oh my God. Ah. Okay, so, I think the
numbers actually look really good this quarter,
but I think for next quarter, the best thing we can do is
really come together and– What? I don’t have any sick days left. That one could have been a Slack. Hey, guys. What? It’s casual Friday.

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