Excessive Sweating Now Has Less Invasive Treatment: HyperHydrosis (WUSA 9)

Excessive Sweating Now Has Less Invasive Treatment: HyperHydrosis (WUSA 9)

Hello and welcome to 9News
at Five, I’m JC Hayward. There’s new hope for people
who just can’t stop
sweating. A twist on an old procedure
is helping many people who suffer with excessive
sweating stop the drip. We followed one woman who
had the surgery 2 weeks ago and tonight, Lesli
Foster has an update on
her quest for drier days. The simple act of packing
to head back to school wasn’t always this easy
for Eileen Meyer. Because her hands were
like a running sink, she’d often lose her grip on
anything she touched. But 2 weeks ago, she
underwent a procedure at Georgetown University
Hospital called ETS to
stop the drip. I woke up and just was
shocked that my hands were
finally dry. Eileen wondered if she’d
ever dry out. For years she suffered
from hyperhidrosis or
excessive sweating. There’s the nerve right
I just divided it. In a 15-minute procedure,
doctors divided and cut the sympathetic nerve,
that’s the nerve that causes
the hands to sweat. And now, I’ve already had
to shake people’s hands that I’ve met for the first
time, and I had no problem
with it. So, I was kind of like,
wow, this is new. So, you’ve got something
new in your purse now. A little bit of lotion
(laughing). The nursing major at James
Madison University says it’s the little things
most of us take for granted that she’s looking most
forward to. Yep, now I can use a lot
and just rub it in. Just rubbing her hands
Touch my hands, they’re dry. And extending them knowing
they aren’t soaking wet. Your hands feel different
from the first time we
met. Yes, definitely.
Lesli Foster, 9News. The surgery dried out
Eileen’s hands and under arms, it did not work for
her feet. And she has some side
effects. She now has slight sweating
along her back, but she says that’s minor compared
to what she has endured
for years.

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  1. Please stop misrepresenting this surgical procedure:

    Several autonomic reflexes were dramatically affected after sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis 
    major effects on local blood flow and temperature are elicited by TES. Complex autonomic reflexes are also affected. The patient should be completely informed before surgery of the side effects elicited by transthoracic endoscopic sympathicotomy (TES).  

  2. "return of sweating in the hands is common occurrence in patients followed up for sufficient length of time" 

    Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (1989) vol. 7.1

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