Excessive Sweating Treatment from Los Angeles Thoracic Surgeon

Excessive Sweating Treatment from Los Angeles Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Mahtabifard: Hi, I’m Dr. Mahtabifard and
I’m the thoracic surgeon here in Beverley Hills. The surgery is an outpatient operation
which means the patients come to the surgery centre in the morning and after surgery they
leave. the preoperative preparation is the same and they’re leaving after midnight, and
he would come into La Peer in the morning of surgery.
The surgery takes about fifteen minutes on each side so most of the times we’re doing
the surgery on both sides so it’s really about half an hour operation. During the thoracic
sympathectomy, we use a very tiny camera and another incision so there’s two total incisions
on each side of the chest. The camera we use is about five millimeters
,so our incisions are five millimeters, so the first incision is just lateral and below
the nipple , and the other incision again five millimeter and is in the arm head and
it’s well hidden so it’ hardly gonna be seen and through one of the incisions we put a
camera, and through the other incision we put our cautery that’s used to cut the nerve
at the appropriate level. After that the instruments are removed and
we suture the skin with observable sutures so there’s no stitches to take out of the
office, and they dissolve and the incisions turn out to be hardly visible. Once it’s over,
results are immediate. In fact, most of the patients are in their recovery room and the
first thing they notice when they wake up from anesthesia is that their hands are dry.
Patient: Surgery ‘s awesome, it took about thirty minutes. I got here at six in the morning
,and it took me about a day or two days to recover ,and I was back on my feet and working
again, and scars are pretty much nonexistent .
Even after it was over he would check in on me, you know most doctors are “Okay cool,
the surgery went fine”, that’s it. He even came into the store when I was working and
checked to see how my hands were , he wanted to shake my hand personally to see if I was
sweating ,and you know I was happy to go up to him and like sure you can shake my hand
whenever you want , I’m not sweating anymore , so you know it was just amazing .
If you feel that we can help you by performing the surgery, please feel free to contact us

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  1. Please stop misrepresenting this procedure and inform your patients better:
    Several autonomic reflexes were dramatically affected after sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis 
    major effects on local blood flow and temperature are elicited by TES. Complex autonomic reflexes are also affected. The patient should be completely informed before surgery of the side effects elicited by transthoracic endoscopic sympathicotomy (TES).  

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