Excessive Underarm Sweating on The Morning Blend – Dr. Christopher Khorsandi – Las Vegas

Excessive Underarm Sweating on The Morning Blend – Dr. Christopher Khorsandi – Las Vegas

[Shawn Tempesta] Welcome back to The Blend. Finally a solution to what can be an embarrassing
situation. Under arm sweat affects many of us, some excessively, miraDry treats the problem
with lasting results. [Dao Vu] Here with more is Dr. Christopher
Khorsandi of VIP Plastic Surgery. Good Morning to you and welcome. [Dr. Khorsandi] Good morning guys, thanks
for having me today. [Dao Vu] There is medical term for this condition.
What is it known as? [Dr. Khorsandi] Axillary hyperhidrosis, it’s
a condition in which the arm pits produce too much sweat. It affects a lot of people
in this country. About 4% of the population has clinical hyperhydrosis, and about one
in five people actually complains that their under arm sweat bothers them or causes social
awkwardness. [Dao Vu] Yeah, it’s embarrassing. [Dr. Khorsandi] It is. We see a lot of sales reps coming in and out
of our office. I’m sure many reps that go in and out offices in Las Vegas, by the time
they make it to the office from the car, there’s a pit stain. That doesn’t really work well
in a social setting. And then just going out, you go to a club, and you’re having fun and
… [Shawn Tempesta] All of sudden your raising
the roof. [Dr. Khorsandi] You’re raising the roof, and
you want to put it right back down. [Dao Vu] Ew, put it back down yes. [Dr. Khorsandi] You don’t want to see that. [Shawn Tempesta] I hope our very often fill
in host here, Jeff Civillico, is watching. [Dao Vu] Oh, are you outing him? You just
outed him. [Shawn Tempesta] Big time. I’ve outed on TV. [Dao Vu] Oh, that’s terrible. [Dr. Khorsandi] That’s the interesting thing
though, most people suffer in silence. They don’t talk about it, unless they have a great
friend like you, Sean, that’ll point it out to them. [Dao Vu] That’ll out you, yes [Shawn Tempesta] Arose it in the forefront. [Dr. Khorsandi] Exactly. [Dao Vu] Obviously, it can be contained. There
is help for you, if you have this. [Dr. Khorsandi] Yes, most people who suffer
from axillary hyperhidrosis, at this point, are using several different treatments such
as medical grade deodorants. Even going as far as putting pads on everyday with their
shirts. [Shawn Tempesta] Wow! [Dao Vu] Pads? [Dr. Khorsandi] Pads. They’re almost like
absorbent pads that are stuck to the inside of the shirt, to prevent any sort of embarrassment.
These people have to put this on everyday, and they absorb the sweat. Now it becomes
very costly to do this. [Shawn Tempesta] Of course. [Dr. Khorsandi] A set of a dozen pads on Amazon,
last time I checked, was about $25. [Dao Vu] Mm-hmm (affirmative) [Dr. Khorsandi] So it doesn’t go very far.
Plus there’s the cost of all the ruined clothing. You get pit stains, and you do it over and
over again. Even the dry cleaner can’t help you. There’s ruined clothing. There’s the
added cost of medical grade antiperspirants, sweat pads. Plus that embarrassment of going
out and having to be embarrassed by it. When the sweat comes through you don’t. [Shawn Tempesta] Yeah. [Dr. Khorsandi] Okay. [Dao Vu] Mm-hmm (affirmative) [Dr. Khorsandi] You’re not your best. That’s
what this treatment is about. So that’s why we looked into something alternative. And
this is the technology right here, miraDry, that’s been out for about eighteen months.
It’s a really well developed, FDA approved treatment.
[Shawn Tempesta] This is the actual device? [Dr. Khorsandi] This is the device that we
use, yes. It’s a beautiful device, well designed. It’s easy to use. It’s a painless procedure.
It really is a miracle, thus the name miraDry. [Dao Vu] We have a model, a gorgeous model.
We want to bring Katherine, and you’re going to demonstrate how to use this on Katherine. [Dr. Khorsandi] Okay. [Dao Vu] All right, so let’s bring her in. [Dr. Khorsandi] Let me setup the system here.
We’re just going to bring it up to speed here. [Shawn Tempesta] This actually looks a little
bit like a gas pump now that I see it. [Dr. Khorsandi] It’s pretty cool. We’re going to lock in a new hand piece. For
each patient there’s a new hand piece that’s used every time. I’m going to see if can get
this to … Okay. [Shawn Tempesta] There we go. [Dr. Khorsandi] Now we’ve locked on, basically
we’re going to go ahead and run this. Now we’ve gone ahead and measured Katherine’s
arm before the … [Dao Vu] Awesome, [Shawn Tempesta] Oh my goodness, whoa, she’s
bionic. [Dr. Khorsandi] She’s … This is not a tattoo.
This is more like a Cracker Jack tattoo. It’s a little transfer that we use. We’ve measured
her out. I’m going to put this down for a second. The whole way this works is that I
have a little measuring tool, and we find out where her armpit sweat is. [Shawn Tempesta] Okay. [Dr. Khorsandi] And with this tool we have
a little template. We select the tattoo that fits her armpit, transfer it on like a old
Cracker Jack tattoo. That gives us the game plan. It’s basically our plan of attack here.
The way the technology works is that it delivers electromagnetic energy into the sweat glands. [Shawn Tempesta] Okay. [Dr. Khorsandi] The skin is not affected.
It actually cools the skin while heating the sweat glands. [Shawn Tempesta] Okay. [Dr. Khorsandi] I think we have an animation
about it. [Dao Vu] Let’s take a look. [Dr. Khorsandi] We’ll take a look. [Dao Vu] We have less than two minutes too,
so … [Dr. Khorsandi] Sure. So here we see a typical
sweaty armpit, and it’s developing sweat. This is device going on. What it’s doing is,
there’s a suction that occurs, and it pulls the skins out. It will heat the sweat glands
to the point where it actually destroys the sweat glands.
[Shawn Tempesta] Wow. [Dr. Khorsandi] You can see it right now.
It’s sucking the skin up, cooling the top layer, and then it’s delivering heat to those
two types of glands. One is the Apocrine gland that makes sweat that smells. The other one
is the Eccrine gland. You can see the energy waves going through. The heat being developed
while the cooling of the skin occurs. What you did is actually destroying the sweat glands.
I always get this question, “Is that safe?” [Shawn Tempesta] Yeah. [Dr. Khorsandi] Absolutely. [Dao Vu] Mm-hmm (affirmative) [Dr. Khorsandi] This has been tested over
fives years by the FDA. No untoured side effects, other than some minor itching, some redness
which is temporary. Everybody asks, “Don’t I need my sweat glands?” You have about four
million sweat glands in your body. [Shawn Tempesta] You can spare a few. [Dr. Khorsandi] You can spare the 2% that’s
in your armpit, and get away with it. I don’t think sweaty pits are ever going to come into
Vogue. It’s not one of those things where maybe in a couple years it’ll be cool. [Shawn Tempesta] Maybe in France. [Dr. Khorsandi] Interestingly enough, I think
this has been banned in France for being too effective. It’s unpatriotic to use this in
France. But in some countries it’s actually been culturally boosted by the fact that … For
instance in Japan there’s a very high acceptance and use rate of this device. [Shawn Tempesta] Wow. [Dr. Khorsandi] Because of the culturals of
cleanliness and high level of hygiene. [Dao Vu] Yeah. [Shawn Tempesta] Yeah. [Dr. Khorsandi] So, people in Japan are doing
this just for the odor more than the sweat itself. [Dao Vu] Very quickly, you were named the
top … One of the top … Top doctors … [Dr. Khorsandi] One of the top docs. [Dao Vu] By Las Vegas Life magazine. Tell us about this and a little bit about
yourself real quick. [Dr. Khorsandi] I’m a plastic surgeon by training.
I studied at a couple different institutions: U Penn, and Philadelphia and Cleveland Clinic.
And I came out to Las Vegas after completing a fellowship in cosmetic surgery and hand
surgery. So to come here, bring some good care to the valley. [Shawn Tempesta] That’s awesome. [Dao Vu] Doctor thank you so much. [Dr. Khorsandi] Thank you. [Dao Vu] Katherine, thank you so much. [Shawn Tempesta] Loving the temporary tattoo. [Dao Vu] VIP Plastic Surgery if offering 10%
off thought the end of September, the miraDry. Just mention Morning Blend. [Shawn Tempesta] They are located on Spring
Mountain Road. If you’d like to learn more, just head to the website or call the number
on your screen. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be back.

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