Exfoliation | Gentle Facial Exfoliation | Glowy Skin | Simple Skin Care

Exfoliation | Gentle Facial Exfoliation | Glowy Skin | Simple Skin Care

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel
this is Gadgetlily for those of you that have watched a few of my skin care
videos you probably already know how I approach skincare it’s quite simple and
very basic I share with you what I know what I personally use and I also
encourage my viewers to listen to your own skin like everything in life the
best thing is to strike a balance and to maintain that balance sometimes I get a
little philosophical when it comes to skincare
I understand skincare is science but I always like to temper it with a little
bit of art so I just want to share some of my thoughts with you as an opening
for this video today we are going to talk about exfoliation so this video is
about exfoliation and how I personally exfoliate I think it’s a very important
step in my skincare but I belong to the school of gentle skincare so I have
never used acid peel or micro dermabrasion harsher or more intense
procedures so I hope if that’s what you’re looking to to learn today you
probably would be disappointed so now I’m going to show you a few exfoliating
products that I enjoy using I treat my exfoliation as part of my cleansing
routine in my cleanser video I’ve shared this product it’s Murad Age Reform
AHA BHA exfoliating cleanser I really enjoy this product it’s very
gentle you can definitely use this every day if
you need to this has a blend of three acids salicylic acid lactic acid and
glycolic acid and the physical exfoliant is jojoba beads so it’s very gentle and
it actually melts away once you start exfoliating on your skin it’s very very
gentle I enjoyed this product a lot so another
one that I’ve tried recently maybe a couple weeks now it’s this Fresh Sugar
Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash and this is quite gentle as well it has
sugar crystals as the physical exfoliant but it also has strawberry extract and
it also have has grapeseed oil as the cleanser so I tend to like gentle
exfoliating products so this is another one that I enjoy using in a clip that
I’m going to show you after this I actually blended my Murad cleanser
exfoliating cleanser with my Shiseido White Lucent Foaming Cleanser together
you could definitely if you feel like you need that extra cleanser too you can
mix them together another product I enjoy using when I feel like I need that
extra exfoliation and it’s this this is the Natural Aqua Gel Cure it’s a
Japanese product it’s very well known in Japan and probably by now around the
world and this is a very gentle exfoliating gel it actually unbinds the dead skin cells that are
still adhering to your to your top the top layer of your skin so this is
instead of using harsh chemicals it actually has rosemary and ginkgo and
glycerin and aloe vera so it’s very gentle on the skin but somehow this
blend can dislodge the dead skin cells that are still binding to your to the
top layer of your skin so it’s very effective and I enjoy using this what is
exfoliation to me and how do i exfoliate I will explain and show you here I think
of it as a helping step to the natural skin renewing process I incorporate it
into my regular cleansing our skin is made up of skin cells and new ones are
produced in the dermis or the deeper layer and rise to the top the older and
dead skin cells drop off replaced by the cycle of new skin cells some dead skins
are stubborn and are still holding on to the top layer creating texture dry
patches dullness and uneven skin tone we can help in removing them or sloughing
them off by exfoliation regular exfoliation will improve skin tone
create a smoother and a more even appearance on the skin and will also
help your makeup to apply more smoothly and your skin care products to work more
effectively so how often is regular it’s hard to say you just have to
you determine it yourself by listening to your skin there are chemical and
physical exfoliants you probably have heard of AHA and BHA or even PHA these
are some forms of chemical exfoliants these acids mainly have the ability to
break the bond of the dead skin buildup there are lots of information online for
you to find out what is best for your skin I personally use both chemical and
physical exfoliants in the form of a cleanser I feel it is important not to
over exfoliate the new skin cells won’t get a chance to establish and
exfoliating too hard or too often can weaken the integrity of the skin and its
protective function stay away from harsh chemical exfoliants and scratchy
physical exfoliants like hard grits or shells that can create micro scratches
on the skin the scratches cause irritation and can encourage breakouts
if we over exfoliate our skin can become sensitive or thin and harm the pH
balance my favorite physical exfoliation is simply using a gauze washcloth it is
another gentle and effective way to loosen up the dead skin cells after
using the cleanser I run the washcloth all over my face and work on areas that
I feel like I have more dry patches or texture a very thorough rinsing is very
important I had mentioned that in my cleanser video where I feel like many of
us don’t rinse well enough nothing intense or aggressive here I am
from the school of gentle exfoliation that’s my approach I don’t believe in
overdoing anything in excess and that’s the balance that I mentioned earlier in
my opening finding the perfect balance and what suits your needs so if you
never exfoliated you might find it helpful to start I think we often forget
that skin is an organ it protects us we should remember to protect it too at this point I am distracted because my
two cats snuck into the bathroom somehow and I am looking to see what they are up
to the unpredictable life of a YouTuber I like to moisturize immediately after
I wash my face to prevent any transdermal water loss and the
moisturizer now seal in the moisture and keeps the skin hydrated so a couple of
times a week or as needed I use this Natural Aqua Gel Cure as an extra
exfoliating step and if I have dry skin or dry patches because I use retin-a
sometimes there are dry skin so I would I’ll now show you how I use this and
it’s very gentle like I said the ingredients are not harsh at all they’re
natural there’s rosemary rosemary leaf extract aloe vera extract and glycerin
and also ginkgo leave extract so you take a few pumps and basically your
face just remove your makeup this is you do this before you wash your face so I
got a few pumps and you just apply it on the skin and what happens is that when
you apply it it’s clear but as you work it into your skin it’ll turn milky white
so if you have like this area right here I always have dry skin so I would work
this area a little bit more and you just kind of just work this in and you don’t
have to be rough or anything just gently and as you
kind of work it into the skin you’ll feel you’ll feel dead skin being
lifted off and loosen up it’s very satisfying as the dead skin is pulled up
from or loosen up or lifted it up from your from your top layer of your
skin so you’ll see that it’s see how it’s getting a little gritty and that’s
the the dead skin coming off it’s very gentle it there’s no burning or anything
like that and like I said you start out with just removing your makeup if you
have makeup on but this is something you do prior to washing your face because
you are going to now wash your face so see how see how all the skin is loosen up
Right here so I always have the dry skin okay and now I’m gonna rinse it up
so what I did was I washed my face i rinsed it off first and then I washed my
face like normal and then now I’m just drying my skin and this extra step of exfoliating is
done and this dry patch these dry patches are the skin is now gone so if you
find the some of the other exfoliating products are too harsh for your skin
this is something to try I this is not sponsored i I paid for this myself it’s
just something I’ve been using regularly and I just want to share this with you
so that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed this topic I will leave some
product information that I described in this video in the description box thank
you for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

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