EXPECTATION VS REALITY || Funny Relatable Situations by 123 GO!

EXPECTATION VS REALITY || Funny Relatable Situations by 123 GO!

Life is jam-packed with expectations. But, like many things in life, sometimes you just have to embrace reality and remember that things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. Try not to cringe! We’re exploring expectations vs reality. Waking up in the morning is easy as long as you get a good amount of sleep. Wow Vicky, you look fresh as a daisy this morning. Ah, I feel so well-rested! Don’t forget to put on your tiara, princess. Perfect fit. Well, I’d better get my beautiful day started! Vicki! Wake up, girl! You’re gonna be late! Ugh, if only all this trash weren’t in the way. Whoops! Woah, you don’t look so good Vicky. Someone get this girl some eye cream, STAT! Ooh, sweet! Candy for breakfast! Alright, I’d better get up now. Okay, just one leg at a time… And up we go. Woah!! Note to self: don’t ever eat candy in bed again. Check out that smokin’ workout gear! Let’s get our fitness on, girl! What a great time of morning for a jog! Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine… Ooh, nice sneaks, Sophia! Geeze, do you even sweat? You still look amazing! Yes! I can see those triceps bulging already! Either Sophia drank ten cups of coffee this morning, or she has the strength and energy of a super hero! And she just keeps on going! Wow Sophia, we gotta say, that form is impeccable. And this is just the first round! After this, I’m doing it all over again… twice! Once your workout gear is on, nothing can stop you from having a fabulous fitness session. Unless the weather is less than ideal. Aw man, it’s so cold out here! Hey, you’re not exercising! So take a second to subscribe to 123 GO’s YouTube channel! Ouch! This cramp is killer! I’m heading back to bed, people! Woah! This girl’s makeup looks incredible! Just think of what my life would be like if I looked like that! All I have to do is follow this online makeup tutorial and I’ll look just as gorgeous. Sounds easy enough, right? Okay, step one, done! Wow, Amy, are you sure you’ve never done this before? Blending…blending…. Eyeshadow’s next! Right in the crease! Very nice! Okay, looks like the lips are next. Ooh! Look at that sultry hue! Time to see the finished product. Looks good! Wah!! This looks NOTHING like the girl in the video! Aw man, no I gotta start all over. Woah! Is this a fashion show runway? Because Vicki is looking like a full-on super model in those heels! Ooh! Ow! I should’ve broken these in before wearing them out! All girls know that wearing a brand new pair of heels feels more like a form of torture than a fashion statement. Oh thank goodness, a chair! Ah, what a relief! Thank goodness I remembered to pack these bad boys! What an easy quick-fix! Okay, now we’re talkin’. I gotta throw these heels away. It’s Friday night! You’ll totally have energy to go out with your friends tonight, right? Yeah, this looks way more realistic. The idea of going out seems great! You can listen to great music, dance with fabulous friends… But these chips were just calling your name, weren’t they, Kevin? You’ll show off your killer dance moves and be the life of the entire party! Don’t fool yourself, you’ll end up in this exact same spot, playing the exact same video game you play every Friday night. Studying for a big exam isn’t that hard. All you need to do is sit down and focus and you’ll retain everything you read. You’re gonna ace this test, Sophia! I wonder why people say studying is so hard. It just takes a little brain power, that’s all! Smarty pants. Okay, I can totally ace this exam. Whops! Ok, I’m focused, Im focused. Okay, seven times four, divided by negative nine is….um… Oh man, all this math is making me so sleepy. Aaaand we’ve lost her. Ahh! I dozed off again! Focus, Sophia, focus! Everyone knows that once you pick up your phone the distractions are endless. Hey, what’s that amazing smell? I could really go for a little mid-study snack! Wait! Where are you — Okay, just one little snack then you have to get back to studying! Man that’s good stuff. Oh no! In all honesty, I wasn’t really reading it anyway… Yes! It’s the weekend! That means hours of laughs with friends in beautiful weather! Wrong. Sure, you could go out on a stroll or to get a fun treat. But that would mean washing your hair and putting on real pants. On the weekend, you’re expected to have fun. Ooh! Nice win, Lily! But hey, eating snacks are fun, right? It’s easy to envision getting some excursive on your days off. But gossiping while siting in a stationary position feels soooo much better. Of course, you could chat with a friend about current events! Or talk about how hot Jared is from Spanish class for the thousandth time. Oh my gosh, this photo is going to be so cute! When was the last time you washed your hair? Is there really anything more fun than a shopping spree with your bestie? Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to wear this new stuff on Monday! Aw, looks like Lily fell into a food coma. Hmm, what am I in the mood to wear today? I know! Ugh, I just have so many fun outfits to choose from! Yes! This is perfect! Definitely going to make sure to match from head to toe. Watch out, world! This fashionista is comin’ through! Another day, another stupid outfit I have to wear. Okay, let’s see here… Ugh, I hate all my clothes. Nothing’s cute! Ooh! This could work! Oh, shoot, I totally forgot pants! When did this sweatshirt get so itchy? Okay, can we get this thing OFF ME?! What am I trying to be, a picnic table? I have no clothes and I’m the ugliest person in the world!! Why do the fashion gods hate me so? Ever fall asleep from the gentle vibrations of public transportation? Aw man, maybe I’ll just rest my eyes for a couple of minutes. No one would notice, right? Yes! Sneaky nap time accomplished! Uh oh, I know that look! This sleepy girl is about to enter dream land. And she’s down! Falling asleep in public is embarrassing. Ooh, see what I mean? Close your mouth, Vicki! You’re gonna catch flies in there! And unless you like cuddling with complete strangers, you’d better grab a coffee before heading onto the bus from now on. Hey, wake up! Huh? Oh my gosh! I’m so so sorry! Oh man, I’m totally mortified! If you’re having a “meh” hairday, a quick bun can really save the day. Why wear boring, dirty hair when you can don a sassy updo? Simply perform a little twisting action just Amy’s doing here… And BOOM! You’ve got an adorable little bun! Hey, where’d you learn how to do that so perfectly? Why go to a salon when you can do this kind of stuff yourself, right? Oh yeah, lookin’ good. While tossing your hair up into a bun should be super easy… Okay, that ponytail looks alright… Let’s just do a little twisting action, here… And just pull it around like this! Okay! That wasn’t too bad, was it? Aw man, it looks like a monkey did my hair! Well, that does it. When you’re exercising with a workout partner, every move is super smooth. But in reality, working out with a buddy may actually make things more complicated. C’mon! Work with me, Kevin! Ooh, careful, Lana! You’re gonna give yourself a hernia! Cant. Push. Up. Ugh, this isn’t working. I guess I should work out by myself from now on. Woah! This move looks straight out of Cirque du Soleil! Folks, don’t try this move at home! Who thought this was a good idea? I’m not gonna make it!! We really should’ve laid down some pillows! Oh!! That’s definitely gonna leave a bruise! I think I sprained my wrist! That looks easy enough, right? Ok! Here we go! Aghhh! Okay, second try! Um, you’re supposed to hold onto Lana not drop her… Grab onto my hands! While this may look terrible, but at least this stuff gets your blood pumping, right? Ready? One…two… Three!! Okay, sometimes reality sucks but there’s nothing wrong with having high hopes in life! And when in doubt, a little laughter helps, so enjoy these hilarious bloopers! As always, share this video with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, 123 GO! for more fabulous videos!

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