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  1. HOLAaaaaAaahhhahh!! lol hey Zoe great vid! and I ???? You're Unicorn-Onsie!! I'm so jelly aaweh!! ??????????????????????✋?????

  2. It's cold, rainy and all the basic girls aren't gonna be judge for wearing pink, Ugg boots and drinking pumpkin spice lattes all day every day… I'm a Toronto girl?❤️

  3. For us, the mornings are cold, so then I wear jeans and a sweatshirt, but then the afternoons are really hot and I regret my outfit choice. Though I'm in Arlington, Virginia so there is a lot of leaves on the ground.

  4. never wish it cold. i live in chicago. the windy city. the city where you think it hot so u wear shorts and 30 min later u freezi g ur ass off.

  5. couldnt waot till get home to watch ir video. so am watchimg on my lunch period. love your vidoes. keep up the a,azing work

  6. Your front door is red;)
    Fall is amazing in Pittsburgh (usually lol)! Lol one year it snowed for Halloween. It's in the 60's now and it feels amazing!??????
    How's school??

  7. Sometimes I wish it would be warm all the time but then I would miss all the leaves and snow we have here in Pittsburgh, Pa. ily Zoe❤️

  8. Fall time in Alaska happened weeks ago. We are now patiently waiting on snow. We havent had much of it the past few years.

  9. Hi! I live in Slovakia and I realy like your videos! They can allways fill me with positive energy and make my day :). I rather watch videos with not so many dificult words because I dont understand to all of those things what you talk about(sometimes)… 😀 But I like this video so much!!!!♡ It was funny, it had idea and your acting was perfect too??. So keep making videos if you love to do it and remember one thing: We all love you too!??? BTW if there were some mistakes i am sorry for that. Bye!

  10. I live in New Mexico and our fall is I guess your "typical" or "stereotypical" Fall. The levels change, it's chilly, foggy yet sunny. Lol it's nice tbh! And loved the vid!! I started a new channel now that I've gotten better editing skill it's called Sparkles INC.

  11. lol in Australia it's spring right now… but our autumn starts off hot but by the second month it starts getting cold

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