FALL Sweater Weather Glam Makeup | Jackie Aina

FALL Sweater Weather Glam Makeup | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl Jackie Aina. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. All right, you know the deal, you know why you’re here, okay. I know you see this sweater. I’m gonna keep this real quick, ’cause I’m trying to
play the role, all right. I live in Los Angeles and let’s be real, it’s not Fall and it probably
won’t be until December. Wait, what month is this? It’s actually really hot
in this thing right now. But I deliver most of my videos, okay. I told you guys was gonna give
you Fall sweater weather glam and here we are. This is from Eggie by the way, shout out to my girl Jenn Im. So I saw this look on the Gram, you guys. This girl is so sick. Almost positive she’s from Brazil. michellypalmamakup. If this isn’t a mother fricken beat down. Look at this sorcerer. Do you see this? Do you see what you’re witnessing? This is a close-up. Okay, I don’t know what
haunted lens they shot look on, but I was very inspired. I was like, ooh, for Fall? That’s definitely a banger. Today’s video is gonna be done in partnership with M.A.C Cosmetics. Shout out to you M.A.C, because I’m a day one M.A.C alumni. Those of you guys that remember the O.G. when I first
started my YouTube channel. I worked for M.A.C. I was on popping. And then I went on to blossom and do great things on YouTube and now I get to work with them yet again. Today I’m gonna be featuring
their Powder Kiss Lipsticks. These are the newest lipstick formula and collection for M.A.C. Honestly, I… I bet you money this is
M.A.C’s best work, okay, in the lip department. They have other great things. This is one of my favorite
lipstick collection formulas finishes to date. The pigmentation is insane. It’s incredibly smooth. It feels like you’re applying lip balm. They actually don’t have a scent. And you guys know how I feel about smell, but the taste makes up for them, I’ll just be, all day all right. Don’t judge. So today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to get this popping eye look for Fall and not one, but two
really cute Fall lip colors that I think will be really nice paired with this eye look. So if you want to see how
we got today’s beat down. Let’s go ahead and get started real quick. Pause, time out, time out. Stop what you’re doing right there, okay. Let me tell you something, if you’re watching this video, chances are you probably
binged watched about five until you got here, okay. Let’s just be real, why
don’t you subscribe? I’d love to see you come
back, and let’s be real, you’re gonna be back, okay. We know, honey, that’s what
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subscribe button down below and hit that bell notification so you never miss new uploads. As a matter of fact, smash that, ow! Smash that subscribe button, honey, and without further ado, let’s
go ahead and get started. My fingers smell like
popcorn, that is weird. We’re gonna refresh the skin with the Fix+ coconuts version. ♪ You’re still the one I want ♪ ♪ You’re still the one I trust ♪ Lancome Prep and Matte. It is a mattifying base, but it’s really not that matte. It’s pretty chill. Start around the problem areas and then work my way out. I like this primer, because it doesn’t dry
out my skin too much. Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers
and lakes you’re used to. To blur my pores a little bit, I’m gonna take my FARSALI Skintune Blur. We stan… (Jackie gasping) I only really concentrate this product in the middle of my face. This is where the most gang
activity occurs on my face. I’m gonna take the Hyper Real Foundation. I have no clue why they
call this foundation, it’s clearly not blends. Actually like a liquid glow,
slash liquid highlight, but anyway, that’s neither here or there. I’m gonna use a little
bit of this to highlight underneath my skin so that we have that lift from within glow. I don’t care what month
it is, I’m still glowing. This may be a Fall tutorial,
but don’t get twisted, honey. Look at our skin. So for the foundation we’re going to use the Lancome Teint Idole. And the color that I’m
using is a 520 Suede W. And this of course would not be a Fall glam sweater
weather makeup tutorial without a full cover foundation, so I’m gonna give it to you. I conceal the under eye using the Born This Way
Multi-Sculpting Concealer and then I’m gonna contour as I usually do with the NARS Radiant Creamy
in the color dark coffee. Now one thing that you’re
gonna really need to do to elevate the eyes is contour right below the head of the brow. This really makes the
eye shape look super sexy and it’s almost like cheating in your contour without
actually doing a nose contour. Glam, boom, boom, bam, shizzle, zam. Then conceal under eye, for all you demons who do your eyes first. We review all of you. In the name of Jesus. Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m surprised that the original artist who did this look didn’t
do the eyes first, because this look just
screamed eyes first, base later, but she did it. Then we’re gonna carefully
blend out the contour. Blend upwards to really
elevate and lift those cheeks. Blending down just gonna make people sad. It’s gonna make you look unhappy. It’s gonna look like you over plucked the hairline of your wigs too much. You don’t want that emotion, okay. We want to look at all times. Why do people watch my videos? (laughs) Do you see this strip game, though? My skin isn’t even done and I
feel like it looks phenomenal. I’m gonna set everything with the Laura Mercier Translucent
Loose Setting Powder. And then on my chin, needs
center of my forehead. I then will really pack the powder onto the sides of my nose. The sides of my eyes, and then we’re gonna reverse contour. So cut those cheeks, cut it, cut it. Granite and dark brown for my brows. Okay. Here’s where it gets a little sticky. All right, so I brought you up closer so you can basically see
my brain and my thoughts. Using the Too Faced
multi-sculpting concealer. Gonna pop this on as a base. Blend it out with my beauty blender. So I’ve got two shadows that I think could work for this look. So I have NARS, I’m not even gonna pretend
to pronounce this name. It’s called that. I have DJ from ColourPop,
which is slightly more orange and this one is like a true copper. I personally prefer the NARS one, so I’m gonna go with that one, but I wanted to show you guys
an inexpensive alternative. These two are the
closest that I could find that could really work with this look. All right, we’re gonna take
the M.A.C Pure Passion palette and we’re gonna take this
middle shade at the bottom our transition color and start working it. Literally working it,
putting our thing down, flipping and reversing it into our crease and really heavily blending and smoking that out for sculpture. I have a feeling this is
gonna get way more messy, so I’m gonna lay down a bit
more transferring powder, just to be safe. Really gonna concentrate that
color right below the head of the brow, right in that area. And this is a full on blown out eyes, so don’t be afraid to really pull it back. We’re gonna go to the darker
brown in the pallette. This one here. And then start stippling
that into the outer corner in a side ways V shape. Also bring it really
close up in the corner, right in there. And what we also want is
along our bottom lash line is for the dark brown to go
from thin all the way to thick, just like it does up here. So start really close to the lash line. Really close and then start thickening as we work our way out. And this should connect
with the brown on top. Then with a clean blending brush, this is from The Makeup Shack the T33. There is no product on this brush. This is just gonna be to soften and diffuse it all a bit more. Now with Milani Pure
Passions, she’s really cute. She’s a cute contender. Unfortunately there is no matte black and this look thrives
on a matte black, honey. I’m gonna grab the Soft Glam, but literally you guys,
it’s not that deep. You can use any matte black, if you’ve got matte black singles or any dark matte black you have got in any pallette at home, just use that. So using Noir, which we have right here. Let’s get close to the
lash line as possible building up that black to my lash line. And then start feathering it out. Get real close, ’cause we don’t
want to drown out the brown. Okay, the brown is still significant. The brown must still be heard. The brown must still very much
so be present in our lives. Now take a black eye
pencil and get as close, again, to the lash line as possible and start lining that top lash line. Back to black shadow just
to stamp that liner in. Now looking quickly in the Milani palette, this color is kinda close
to the NARS one too. It’s not dent one, but
close enough, close enough. So I’m gonna pop that right above where we got our magic here. Gonna add a little bit
more liner just here. Really close to the inner corner and then blend that out. And we’re gonna go back
to this color right here, she’s real cute and was
kinda neglected her earlier, but she’s back from out of space. So just sneak that. Just to make her presence more up here. Get a brush and blend a bit more. All right, we need a cute
little banging grab on color. I think I have just the thing. This color form NARS, her
name is Rio de la Plata. She’s cute, she’s really cute. Very shimmery, but I
want to go matte first, and then see what shimmer
on top, just to be safe. So we’re kinda use this as a
base, this color right here and I’m not gonna pack it, I’m
actually gonna just sleek it. All right, just kidding,
going back to Rio de la Plata. Gonna pop her right in there. For the lashes, by the way, we’re gonna use this Baddie B Baddie lash. We need something that’s long at the ends, to pull the eyes out. But you guys like to multitask so I just wanted to put it out there now and then put the glue on the lashes so by the time we wrap up eyes, which we’re going to shortly, these will be ready to apply. Okay, this next part is the
most important part hands down. MUFE makeup Diamond Powder. These are really intense,
very fine mill like. I feel like glitter is even
blasphemous to call them. It’s glitter, but the highest grade that I’ve ever come across. It’s amazing. The color that I’m gonna
be using is number five. I’m not gonna, I don’t speak French, okay, it’s like the orange copper one. And we’re gonna apply
this right at the top. Instant anger. Where the crease and lid color meet, right up here as we’re applying it. And into the brow bone. Leave this area alone and just really concentrate
it right in the middle. And as you can see I’m really
carefully placing this. I don’t want it to get out of hand. So now you’ve got this really
pretty, wet, sparkly effect which, to be honest, does not
look that great on camera. ‘Cause the camera be lying, but in person it looks
just absolutely gorgeous. All right, and mascara and then the lashes are just about done cooking,
so, I’ll be right back. ♪ La la to you baby. ♪ Now I haven’t even added my falsies yet, but I wanted to show you how stunning, this is the eyebrow mascara. Look how it produces on brown eyes, if you have brown eyes, hazel eyes, anything in that mix, even green, this look is going to
look so stunning on you. That’s also why I opted for my black hair so I can just keep the focus on my eyes. All right I love it. Before I forget, we want a really light matte dusty in our corner. I think I’m gonna take this
shade from the palette. It’s more peachier and this
one is a little more yellow. I think the peachier
one will look less ashy. That’s what I’m betting on. Way too pink, it looks like yogurt. Back to the drawing board. I’m gonna use this color instead. I’m gonna start in the inner most corner and then we’re gonna blend it up, ’cause it really, like, really
stands out in this look. And then blend the
orange back a little bit so that we don’t forget about her. Whenever I’m performing makeup surgery I wish I could just be like, bring the mascara, bring me the mascara! And now the secondary
person in the background, like screams, you know, like, okay. That’s enough. I swept off the excess shadow. Oh my Chipotle is here. I’ll be right back. For my cheeks I’m gonna take this Charlotte Tilbury Cheek
to Chic Swish blush in the shade Pillow Talk. I’m not really crazy about this super light
color in the middle. Oh, that’s cool! Just kidding, never mind, I take it back. You know what, switch it up kids, I’m actually not that bad at it at all. All right, last we’ve
got the lips, finally, just kidding, no, false alarm. Lets do one more spray of the coconut. Okay so to finish this off, as I told you guys earlier, the main star of the show are
M.A.C Powder Kiss lipsticks. I just honestly feel like
M.A.C has always been the O.G. best formula
out there for lipsticks and I can confidently say, no matter how much new stuff
is out there right now, this still has some of the best formula, the smoothest application,
the best pigmentation. They are not uncomfortable,
they don’t build a ton, some of them do, but not like, they’re just really comfortable to wear. I like the fact they give
you different options. So anyway, this new Powder Kiss option is almost like this
clean to powder finish. Absolutely stunning, but not dry. Not dry, chapped, parched at all. So when you look at the
lipstick you can see in the package how matte it is. The back of the hand. The back hand, honey. So I’m gonna show you two
lip options with this look. In my head I like to
call them greedy lips, but they’re more like a gradient. It’s not very revolutionary, I’m just trying to be innovative, okay. Don’t judge me. As per M.A.C, they call this a light weight balmy
texture with softer edges. And the whole concept was like something that can be used back stage
and makeup shows and stuff. So the first option is gonna be a nineties chic very contour, think Khalia, think TLC, that kind of fire, okay. As I usually do, I’m gonna have links to all the lipsticks we feature today. In the info box, check them out. I swear to you, this all, by the way, one of the lips is one that I featured in
a recent Instagram tutorial and you guys were like,
what lipstick was that? What lipstick was that? It was Impulsive, that purple one. I re-filmed the tutorial, so don’t worry, that will come later. First you wanna trace your
lips with a dark brown liner and it has to be really dark
compared to your skin tone. So just trace over. And then hit the top. So basically what you’ll have is this. Oh and I told you that’s
the wrong lipstick earlier. My Tweedy was the lipstick that I used in that Instagram tutorial. The lipstick I’m gonna
use now is Impulsive. This is a flesh tone nude. It’s like a flesh tone terracotta nude. Terracotta nude on me, girl. And I love the fact that M.A.C gave us different new options. I guess on this one is going
around the outside of my lips. Just cute like that. But we’re gonna really elevate her. Just a little bit, nothing crazy. My Tweedy is going to go in the middle. These lipsticks go on like pillows. So soft. How M.A.C? Give out the sauce, what is it? Now get out some Impulsive
round the outside. And we’re gonna finger pat. You can add gloss, you can skip gloss. I don’t feel like this look needs it, but that is lip one. Okay, you ready for lip two? I don’t think you’re
ready for this jelly man. I’m really don’t. I’m gonna take a Revolution lip pencil in the shade Prime. It’s like a burnt orange. Terracotta, I like
terracotta better, actually. We’re gonna line our lips Prime. We’re gonna take a darker
brick terracotta-ish orange. Actually, this is quite red. It looks even more red on camera. This was called Devoted to Chile. And I’m, again, going to
distribute this outside of my lips. Soft and creamy. All right, then in the
middle, we’re gonna add. This lipstick tastes good. Now, M.A.C, why would you
add flavor and not scent. I just wanna know, the Prime
smells good, that’s fine. Mull It Over, which is more pinky-nude. Pinky-mauve actually. Gonna put that in the middle and start going over the Chili color. And take a little bit
of pitch, a darker brown and go around the outside of my lips. And that is lip number two. If you wanna spice it up, if you want to do something different, you could even go a dark red with this. You can go a dark, (lips battling) You know what would be really
cute and Halloween-ish? If you can do a black lip. A black would look cool too. There’s so many different options, just, you know, it’s a
warm, smokey, brown eye and it’s bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. So have at it. Thank you for M.A.C for being
a sponsor in today’s video. I really hope you guys
enjoyed today’s look. Very wearable. It’s gonna look amazing on
pretty much every skin tone. You can do the same style
with any color scheme. You really can. (Jackie coughing) All right, I am done. The Botox in my underarms
are starting to wear off. It’s hot, it’s sweaty. Look, I really hope you enjoyed the look and if you want to see another video after this one, I’m putting it right here. I’m putting it right here. I’m putting it right here.

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