Hello mes poules! Happy to see you again today for a new special video about fashion tips.
It’s been a long while since I didn’t talk about that, for those who don’t know about this concept I invite you to click here on this video where I talked about how to wear a sweater dress So the concept is simple, basically I propose three different styles Actually, I propose (…) I’m going to propose three different styles to wear a sweater easily A Street style
Comfortable and cozy and a more sophisticated on Today the sweater is really stylish and you can find it everywhere in the shops.I bought this sweater from Stradivarius I made a video Haul for those who are interested i n knowing what I recently bought for the winter, you can click here And for those who want to watch a video about modest fashion and trendy clothes of winter 2017/2018 you can click here on the 7 trendy coats of this you can click here on the. 7 trendy coats of this season Then, let’s go… (…) Let’s see the first outfit that is… BLABLABLA…..It’s enough!! Let’s see the first outfit of the street style So here you have the Stradivarius sweater and then I added the street touch thanks to a pair of Vans, it’s basic but you can put other sneakers on but I like Vans ! and in the end , the main clothe is the oversize denim jacket, this one is from LEVIS man version you can wear whatever oversize jacket either for men or for women, then I added this little touch just because it’s cold, a scarf that you’re not forced to wear, I personally prefer without scarf so here is this look, that is more likely to be a mid-season one,but you can adjust it for the winter thanks to the scarf or whatever you put over the sweater. There you have it! This outfit for the winter is adjusted for the extreme cold, this time I changed the hijab colour that refers to the main color of the outfit, the camel. As you can see I wear boots from Bershka with short heels in in order to make me look a little taller, and I’ll wear the hottest clothe of the outfit the oversize coat from Sheinside, but it’s the old collection that you can find in other shops, and finally the oversize scarf from ZARA so soft and made of wool, here you are safe from cold with elegance and style. Third outfit! I changed the hijab colour again they’re all from my shop , I am going to put a cozy and feminine touch with these tied boots that you can find in any shop, these ones are from Primark, and finally the cozy touch with the oversize coat from Zara in wool super soft and cozy that really fits with this kind of sweaters a little bonus with this oversize coat from Bershka in the same cozy and comfortable vibe so you can adjust this style the way you want to feel free to switch ! So the video “fashion tips” finished I hope it would helped you, so to sum up, I proposed a trendy oversize sweater that I found in Stradivarius, but you can find them in others shops as Bershka, Newlook… Many shops propose this kind of sweater, feel free to go there! if you’re interested I’m going to put in the description some sweaters of the same style if you want some piece of advice directly you can follow me on snapchat “ANLYAMF” and if you want to see my daily looks I suggest you to follow me on Instagram as well as on Facebook where I give some examples of outfits with the hijab and the turban Do not forget, do not, especially forget it!!! to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to click the notification button… you know very well all of this blabla because all the youtubers say it, but it’s important !! it’s important otherwise you wouldn’t know See you very soon for another video, while waiting be yourself be proud of what you aaaaaaaaaaaaare Kisses mes poules

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  1. Coucou Anliya! On adoreee 😍😍😍.
    Moi mon look pref est celui avec le long manteau mais faux pas oublier que je les kiff tous 😁😘.
    Bonne continuation 💪

  2. Asalam anlaykum ma chérie !!! Je met double pouuuuuuce ! Gros bisous 😘 merci 😊 bcp! J'avais trop hâte de te voir !!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  3. Je viens de découvrir ta chaine, j adore j adore et j adore 😊 ton style de vidéo tes lookbook rien à dire, continue a nous faire tes lookbook 🙌👍👏

  4. S'il te plait quel outerwear me faut pour une longue robe pour tous les jours .
    Est pour un dinner romantique , je porte une robe longue avec manche mais avec dos nu je veux quelque chose à porter en dessus mais pas une coat de fourrure .
    Merciii ❤

  5. Tous très jolis. Merci :). Je porte souvent (pour ne pas dire tout le temps) des jeans slim. J’aimerais changer un peu et porter des pantalons moins serrés et qui galbent moins ma jambe. Le problème est que je ne sais pas du tout assimilés d’autres styles de pantalons à mes tenues. J’espère trouver inspiration dans tes vidéos 😘

  6. I love you sense of style ! ❤ Plus thanks for putting up the translation makes life a bit more easy 4 me.

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