FINALLY unboxing all 4 versions of BTS ‘Love Yourself: TEAR’ album

FINALLY unboxing all 4 versions of BTS ‘Love Yourself: TEAR’ album

I had Jimin’s photocard in You Never Walk Alone I had Jimin’s photocard in Love Yourself: HER And here… are probably 8 Jimin’s photocards Hello! Welcome to Unbridled Buffalo YouTube channel This is your main theorist – Carol And, for people who don’t know, my name is Ann It took us some time but we finally got our Love Yourself: TEAR albums As you could notice, we have 8 LY: TEAR albums All 4 versions twice All the versions It’s the first K-POP album we bought in all the versions You probably wonder why Sometimes we also wonder why The truth is – those photobooks are beautiful! So we couldn’t choose only one version Those albums were also quite cheap so we decided to buy a whole set If you wanna know what, where, why, how much and how – we recommend watching our Gmarket unboxing video (you’ll find the link below) And we’re gonna start the unboxing now We are gonna open those albums alternately I open one album and then Carol opens the next one This is a good way to open those albums faster We hope you’re not gonna get bored We are very excited! We’ve been waiting for a long time for this package We cannot wait to open it So… Let’s start We chose our parts and I start the unboxing Love Yourself: TEAR has 4 possible versions: Y, O, U and R Of course, we’ll start from the beginning From the version Y Albums are new and packed It’s time to tear the foil off It’s already second BTS album in this form It’s very similar to LY: HER But this one is black Personally, I like the black version more This one is more photogenic because it’s hard to see anything on LY: HER album cover And the thing that fell out first are… The Notes! This time The Notes are greyish The previous version was peachy Of course, everything is written in Korean Right now, I understand nothing But the time to read it will come one day Because you probably know that we publish BTS THEORIES serie on our channel But let’s focus on this album We wanted to do it fast! This is the photobook And here is the CD This CD is really beautiful This looks exactly like the previous BTS album But the thing that is the most interesting is the photobook We already mentioned at the beginning that we loved those photos so much that we couldn’t choose only one version So we bought all of them Those photos are just beautiful I wanna tell you some story We are not sure whether you like unboxing videos where we comment each picture or maybe you prefer the videos where we tell you about everything and about ourselves Of course, it’s related to a K-POP group I really don’t wanna mix unboxing video with theories but I can’t help myself when I see this picture Look at their t-shirts – innocent and guilty? How am I supposed not to think about the theories? It’s stronger than I am! Even though I am not into theories as much as Carol does I just can’t help myself And of course, there is one more important thing – photocards! I wanna get Yoongi’s photocard the most Because I am Suga-biased But… I get my biases’ photocards very rarely So I already lost my hope Those writings are fascinating Let us know in the comments whether you prefer story-telling unboxing videos or you prefer us commenting each picture And we are in love with those photos! We can do both versions at the same time I really wanna tell you one story, though For us, it’s a really funny situation Even though I am a YouTuber, I am also a fan of many other YouTubers I spend a lot of time on YouTube I think I spend all of my free time here I watch various videos Many videos From many YouTubers With various themes Cosmetics, game plays… I watch everything on YouTube I think I am a bit addicted to it We’ll stop here for a moment because I wanted to tell you that the colors of this photobook were the inspiration for today’s unboxing video Our backgrounds are the same color This album is made perfectly And here is a photo of my bias and he looks… Beautifully But let’s get back to topic I am a fan of many YouTubers and I watch a lot of channels I watch various vlogs and videos and those YouTubers speak about meeting their fans They say that people approach them And they say… It’s a card! I didn’t see anything I’ll put it aside I don’t wanna see it I noticed it’s a front I don’t wanna see it yet Where should I put it? WHERE SHOULD I PUT IT?! We’ll see the card after I finish watching this photobook And here we have more things Big Hit flyer And a standee I saw this standee in other unboxing videos I thought it’s a plastic thing I imagined something different But this is… It’s just different, I like it! I thought the quality would be worse But it’s really… And we’ll probably get 8 things like this It’s just wonderful! I am really excited What a pretty picture of Hobi So pretty I really, really like Hoseok in this era He ruined my bias list a bit I also wanna get Hoseok’s photocard Any version! Because he looks… Amazing! This is Jimin I adore this picture of Jimin I saw it everywhere on the Internet And it’s beautiful Exactly! Those YouTubers speak about meeting their fans When people bump into them on the street, they ask about their health… They talk about their pets… They speak about their private things They also ask how is the boyfriend or girlfriend And the most frequent sentence is “I love your channel, I love watching your videos” And if someome meets us on the street… And this person approaches us By accident If YOU meet us The most frequent sentence we hear is… I mean, Carol hears it becaue I am just standing next to her It’s… Carol ‘I feel sorry that Jimin refused’ Or ‘I hope he won’t refuse next time’ It’s so funny for me When I watch other YouTubers, it’s always “Oh, I love your videos!” And we hear… ‘But why did he refuse?!’ Ending this story YouTube life story and the thing that people connote us with My photobook also finished Here are… The lyrics I will tell you about my favorite songs next time And it’ll happen after… One more photobook Here are the lyrics Thanks to… And this is it Let’s check the photocard! Okay! I think I know who will it be I didn’t see his face but I think I know I just saw there is someone… Yes! I knew it was V I noticed his hair It’s my turn to open a photobook! We decided that I’ll check my Y version first And we will see whose photocard I got And maybe we will exchange them We will see if we can exchange anything Ann just got my bias’ photocard I hope that I’ll get her bias’ photocard Ann is crossing her fingers behind the camera How am I supposed to live on this planet? I also got V’s photocard! It’s the same photocard I’ll put my album aside And I’ll move to the unboxing of ver O Of course, more Notes fall out And… Another CD I can listen to both of them! Each day a different CD Why not? This is the version I like the most And the way of unboxing those albums… I mean, who opens each version The sequence turned out to be a bit magical Ann opens the two version she likes the most And I open… 1,5 ver I like the most Frankly speaking, the ‘jeans’ version is the last one we like But we will see and maybe change our minds I cannot focus This is beautiful It is beautiful And… I forgot what I wanted to say But I wanted to refer to what Ann said She said that she can’t stop thinking about theories when she sees those photobooks And people believe in theories I don’t mean that I’m taking the information out of nowhere Everything is checked and you know it! But… The fact that people… The fact that people believe in it… These are my 2 biases on the same picture They shouldn’t do like this! So people believing in theories… I CANNOT FOCUS I WON’T EVEN FINISH ONE SENTENCE He shouldn’t do like this! You cannot look this way at people who stan you People really believe in those theories, anyway And… Okay, it’s a foot, it’s okay So there is a proof for that Every time… Below every theory video… I am not Yoongi-biased but I can’t stand this People ask the same question all over again And these are the questions: Is Jin really dead? My favorite quote: is Jin really dead because he was seen on stage one week ago? Second question is… Did V really kill his father? Another one… Was Hoseok really abandoned by his mother? Has Jimin drowned? Is Jimin terminally ill? They don’t ask questions about Jungkook There shouldn’t be any questions about Namjoon There is only one possible question about him: Is Namjoon really working on a petrol station? He doesn’t do anything else in theories This standee is awesome Right now we have 3 identical standees Once again… I’ll put one in my car I’ll put another one on my desk The 3rd one will be next to my bed I’ll put the 4th one in a living room because why not? They look beautiful here I have a photocard I found this thing in this album This is the best photobook ever THE BEST PHOTOBOOK How can one has such a perfect face? I wanted to say that you have to be careful when you watch the BTS THEORIES serie Because… No, wait I’ll finish the sentence first and then watch the rest of the photobook The things I say in theories are true… At least, for me they are true I believe in it because I checked it But be careful! Because the characters were created by Big Hit Nobody is dead! Nobody killed anyone Nobody was abandoned Namjoon is not working at the petrol station Jungkook wasn’t hit by a car I hope so… Never and he will never be So… Be careful! Don’t believe in what blonde girls say I will just watch it in silence This is pretty But But this is Jin already Why so little Jimin pictures? 1, 2… 3, 4… 1, 2… 3… 4… Okay, 4 photos per person Jin on his bed With a fan! We need it! We have one already but it’s not enough I totally agree Man There is no shoe size, I won’t find out Jin with a microphone I must admit that this photobook… Doesn’t have any theories! My photobook has nothing to do with theories FINALLY I really love it Ann’s photobook had a lot of theories inside So if you wanna listen more about the first photobook, let me know in the comments The rest of the photobook are the lyrics And thanks Whose ‘thanks to’ part is the shortest? I always wanna know V! This time it’s V Here are the credits and this is it This is my album Now we will find out whose photocard did I get I forgot that I have a photocard for a moment I wanted to say that we will see whose photocard did Ann get And I forgot that I still didn’t see mine Okay Oh my God, it fell down Ann won’t be happy I don’t complain This is my card and it’s another V! Are we going to get 8 Vs?! I wanted to say that my photobook was more… Theoretic But Carol’s photobook was… Full of feelings! Exciting! So I wanted to say sorry that I wasn’t that excited during my unboxing But she had a better reason to scream And Hoseok’s photos in this version… Breathe… But let’s check my photocard! I would be happy if I get the same V’s photocard Because this photo and this card is very pretty But I am wondering if it’s possible to get 8 V cards… So okay, let’s check Membership Card… And… V! I am shocked Really, I didn’t expect this to happen Is it really possible to get 8 V? However, I am glad But it’s time to open the next version U! This is my favorite version if I had to choose only one I’m gonna open it and maybe become even more excited But I really wanted to tell you our funny story! A YouTube story of ours Yes, this sounds right And the standee is right here I love this standee, really We’re opening it The photobook starts with a photo of hands…? Okay And And my favorite gentle, white BTS photoshoot How they say it on the Internet these days? Soft Carol’s photoshoot was a bit… Rebelious Mine is innocent and soft And they look… Natural Beautiful Innocent Oh no It’s becoming worse Worse! This photobook is a proof for the fact that there is nothing better than natural beauty The O version which Carol opened a moment ago… I am also in love with it! And this is the difference Do you prefer the bad guys? Or maybe you prefer angels? Compare this V He looks… Just innocent here This is the only word I can think of right now I wanna scream I just wanna look at him… And admire it It is really hard to describe it The zooms are fascinating If we speak about this album… I couldn’t really fully like this album at first Everything was different And I was surprised Everything is different, every single song on this album ‘So what’ is more… Electro… Club-like… And then we have ‘Magic Shop’ and we also have ‘Outro’ It’s like Cypher but not really Because Cyphers’ era is already gone Everything is mixed on this album And after listening to Anpanman and Airplane pt 2… I just started to wonder How to mix Spanish vibes with Fake Love which sounded a bit gothic to me I was a bit shocked And overwhelmed by my feelings And I didn’t really like it at first But now… Okay I saw it I’m gonna see the card right now And this is… It’s Kookie! It’s Kookie! We’re not gonna have 8 Vs Kook is staying with me He is my first bias So Kook will stay with me I am so happy But I am also happy with V’s photocards! V is… For me… A ray! Let’s stop on Hoseok’s pictures for a moment Okay, it’s Jimin My favorite song from this album will probably be Fake Love But I listen to Outro the most often I love Hobi’s and Suga’s voice in Outro For me their rap… RM’s rap… It’s really hard to say it in a sentence, RM’s rap Yes, exactly No, the three of them did a great job with this Outro! I can listen to it non-stop All the time I think Outro will be my favorite song then But it’s not really a BTS’ song When it comes to BTS song, it’s gonna be Fake Love And the 3rd place will belong to… So what And… I have another piece of paper! I am so happy like it’s Suga’s photocard I hope you also see that this photoshoot is just… Beautiful This is the word! Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL We have one more photobook left? Oh no, we’re finishing the unboxing soon Here are the ‘thanks to’ and the lyrics And let’s see what Carol got in her version! Let’s see whose photocard did I get in my ver U of this album Standee at the beginning… It’s the same, right? Seriously, you got to be kidding me A moment ago… Kookie I just said that we’ll have 4 Vs and 4 Jungkooks And I think it’s true Dunno how is it even possible It’s time for an unboxing of the very last photobook Version R! Version… The Notes CD For my car And the photobook Another pretty standee Everytime I see it, I think it’s different but it’s still the same standee Something is wrong with me This is the photoshoot we call… We call it jeans photoshoot This photobook seems the most… Neutral for us? And we didn’t like it that much But maybe I’ll change my mind in a moment Ann told you about… Oh God, V looks amazing Ann told you about her favorite songs So it’s time… For… Time for… What’s going on here? It’s time to tell you about mine… WHAT IS HAPPENING? Why are they together again? Suga is with Jimin again I saw it already I SAW IT IN WINGS They’re doing it again But this time in jeans Ann is making some weird noises right now She suggested warning you that we slept like… 2 hours It’s so early… But the light is good! And we wanted to record this unboxing Because we got this package yesterday After a month! But it took 2 days to come to Warsaw from Korea If you have no idea what I am talking about, I recommend you watching a different video You will find a link in a description box We didn’t take anything Jimin’s jawline is perfect I wanted to tell you that… Jin’s foot is also perfect I wanted to say… V looks like crying I see an emotional crisis here V, don’t cry I am also crying We have 4 photocards with you We are crying of happiness I wanted to say that besides Fake Love, I listen to Singularity all the time And it’s a kind of… I don’t know how to describe it Ritual? I am in my car… Singularity, Fake Love Once again! Singularity, Fake Love… Over and over again Sometimes I listen to the whole album but then… Singularity, Fake Love, Singularity, Fake Love Fake Love, Fake Love, Fake Love BASS IS GOING UP I am on my way! This photo looks like the criminal ones they take on a police station Jungkook, I don’t know what you did You are not the one who caused the car accident Don’t feel guilty Everything’s fine I love J-Hope but those… Cequins? Dunno what it is Those deco parts are just weird This is pretty Seriously He looks beautiful here What did I want to say? I wanted to say that those are my 2 favorite songs But besides that… I also like… The whole album The truth is, we didn’t really like this album at first But after listening to it 5 times in a row I must say that this album is good! Good album, good belly! These are the photos I saw EVERYWHERE on the Internet Zoomed at Calvin Klein’s boxers Don’t break down Paper I don’t wanna know Membership Card One more time And another Jungkook Really, we’re gonna have 4 Vs and 4 Jungkooks It’s… It’s just impossible But it’s gonna happen! It’ll be a fact How is it even possible? Tell me! How can we have 4 Vs and 4 Jungkooks… In one set! In 2 sets HOW Let’s see what Ann got I am a bit surprised If I have the same Kookie here then it’s… A bit weird But I’m gonna be very happy if it’s Jungkook Let me check and look for my photocard It’s not here Omg Really? Really But it’s a fact that for the first time I didn’t get Jimin! We don’t have Jimin But I am happy with Carol’s happiness Because she finally got her bias She never had V She always had Jimin from me Exactly! I wanted to say that my bias is V, hello! It’s so funny We have the same cards Seriously, we’re friends for too long already This is my card from Y ver. My card from O ver. My card from U ver. and my card from R ver. And let’s compare… Carol’s card Don’t tell me it’s not funny For us, it’s very funny And a bit surprising But personally I am very happy Especially because I have the whole set Because the photobooks… Are… Just beautiful I still didn’t change my mind about it We hope that you liked our unboxing video It’s always like that! We don’t want videos to be extremely funny but it just happens! We always want to entertain you and make videos more interesting But it’s always like that! Something happens that changes the whole idea For example 4 Vs and 4 Jungkooks It’s not normal But we are really happy because… I have half of my bias and half of her bias? She has two cards with my bias and two cards with her bias We noticed that you like our unboxing videos! And that you ask for unboxing videos more often! It’s really surprising for us We hope you’re happy about the fact that there will be more videos like this one More and more… Not only BTS We’re gonna record cosmetics unboxing videos… And other gadgets… So remember to subscribe to our channel so you can be up to date And click on this little… Bell It’s the first time I said it on this channel But click it! So you will get notifications about new videos and so you can write… FIRST! Bye bye! See ya!

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