First Time Watching BTS – Spring Day / Blood Sweat & Tears / Fire KPOP MV Reaction German

First Time Watching BTS – Spring Day / Blood Sweat & Tears / Fire KPOP MV Reaction German

Welcome Armys to a new video today, BTS has released a new MV Im looking forward to see this video today, olgun support me in this MV Hello Guys I hope you are well I am excited to see the Video We should start yeah, but I have to say BTS is my favourite group they have really good music thats why I took olgun and I will show him, BTS at first we watch SPRING DAY after that I want to show him their last comeback “Blood Sweat Tears” and “Fire” Im so excited, what he will say about BTS we can start we start with spring day V His name is V what is his name ? V V in the snow I hate snow i love snow I hate snow and the winter he put his head on the rail i think the song is depressive do you think the song is sad? Yeah Is that Jungkook? he looks so sad they are looking veery sad he has blue contact lenses In a hotel ? remembered me to “RUN” they made a party too he remembers to the old times You never walk alone, thats the tilte of the album The scene with the snow is so good i prefer the beach look, the scene is awesome The three rapper Getting used to Jimins pink hair they are looking soooo sad he is remembered to the old times, isn`t he? jimin has pink hair – omg Coool that is the rapper ? Yes they have 3 rapper he is one of them The group has 7 members 3 rapper and 4 vocalists That looks so relaxed The snow is so awesome Remembered me to my home in bavaria That looks great that repeats he is in the washroom they are united now / they are one now they are ´happier that loooks to extreme looks like my room now they are all in the train This mv is new? yes, its released 15 minutes ago They will release a new mv next week its more to dance This song is so beautiful – a peaceful song its different in last times, they had more Pop songs and now a ballade i think they can do ballade well do you think so ? i will show you other mvs, i think you will change your opinion that looks beautiful with the sunset bts has one of the best dances Beautiful wasn`t it? What will you say i want to see the other mv Say something to the spring day video they made the video very good I wonder how they can make this they had many performances – and v played on drama They made a good job the music is good too everything is top the scenes – the locations were wonderful they had winter than spring and now , i will show him blood sweat and tears i wonder if he will like it that is a other musicdirection they released it on october that is the same group 😀 that is the same group? *.* are they in a museum?? Yes i don`t know what can I say – I watched it 1000 times 😀 do you know how this group is developed? no i think, they debuted in 2014 They have the same hair cut – but other colours the different colours are good, than you can differentiate the members Don*t be a racist XD the mv has so much style they have the same trousers earlier, they had white where ??? Look maybe the scene will come the green smoke looks so fantastic that looks great!!! they had the same trousers good to know, that you see that i know that is not interesting, but i have to say it i have showed him the last two mvs of bts should I say something to this ? you can say your opinion in our last reaction at first, the kpop stuff was strange for me He means the bigbang – fuck it reaction but now – it is a Accustomed i think i got used to the hair colours, styles The Music videos were super it was visually good made its true! I have to get into this Korean Music the last song is more west style the first mv was 1000 times better really? from the locations and the drama it was emotionally interesting i think they can do the emotional songs better that is your opinion what is your opinion? my opinion is other than yours i think this kind of music is better in songs, where we can dance and they can Dance!!! they have always perfect choreography that is why i love this style more than ballade we will watch a video more 😛 i will show him a mv more – the last one I thought, we will watch only two music videos 😀 you have not said it * I want to make Olgun a ARMY * I will show him FIRE maybe he will change his opinion I am excited that music video has many views the other mv (Blood sweat tears) has 93 Million Views that must be good Otherwise it would not have so many views and yes, that is still the same group called BTS they have the same trousers , again that have to match with the style that is why, i like this kind how old are they? they are at the same age, like me some of them are born in 1995 i think Jungkook, the youngest, is born in 1997 like you i wonder how they are so successfully If their debut is so good and promising for the future and through the internet, they become more success you can tell me this later in every mv they change their hair colour Jin had in the last MV , brown hair It is so difficult to differentiate the members they look a little bit alike the guy with black hair (jimin) had in the newest mv pink hair it is always colourful they change it always that have to match with the style and concept of the videos I wonder how the colour their hair is that colour that is easy washable i don`t know, maybe do you know their nature hair colour i think black I guessed that I really guessed, I swear say something visually is that perfect very good but I have to accustom to this music its very difficult to say my opinion You have to tell if you like the song or not? I have to listen it more than one time – than I can say more In the last videos, they dance very well their dance was perfect but i like the first MV I like the first video more the two other MVs was good too but the first, was the best We want to know your opinion to the SPRING DAY MV what you like in this video I want to say Thank you to Olgun you are welcome I am always happy to be here and your welcome, that I bring you more to BTS Yeah, I will watch more from this group Like this video Subscribe and comment Share this video won’t you say something for the end If you have other ideas for the next videos, you can share this in the comments. instead of KPOP Reactions other themes what we can do in the future share your opinion with us Are you satisfied ? BYE

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  1. omg ich liebe spring day xD ich saß heut die ganze zeit am computer und hab reloaded um zu sehen wann es online kommt xD
    was ich aber schade finde , ist das jhope nicht singt bzw keine line hat pwq .
    hab auch schon wieder recht viele Theorien die mir einfallen xD naja das wars von mir ^^

  2. omg ich habe so geheult beim ersten Mal xD noch dazu jetzt an die 20 mal geschaut xD
    ich find es auch erstaunlich! immerhin hatte Kookie auch Schule und V Hwarang gedreht!

    sie haben nicht die selbe Frisur xD! und wie du einfach mal die Geschichte aus Blood Sweat & Tears heraus genommen hast~

    wie ihr einfach mal den Deutsche Satz bei Blood Sweat & Tears überseht xD

    so und zum Schluss … bekannt wurden sie erst richtig mit I Need U ^^

  3. Kannst ihn ja das nächste MV zeigen also BTS Not Today ist ein echt cooler song und könnst ihn auch von BTS das Debut Song zeigen oder einen von denen halt no more dream / Bulletproof usw. ;D ARMY <3

  4. Hi! I'm from the US and don't speak German(?). I was enjoying the reation but then there were no more subs at the end. Did your friend, Olgun, like BTS? Thanks!

  5. BTS gibt es seit 2013.-. und sie wurde von BigHit geründet (ich hoffe ich liege nicht falsch._. Wenn doch mir einfach bescheid geben xD)
    Und zu deren ALlter
    Jin= 24 (4.Dezember)
    Suga= 23 (9. März)
    J-Hope= 23 (18. Februar (er hat bald geburtstag*-*)
    RapMon= 22 (12.September)
    Jimin= 21 (13.Oktober)
    V= 21 (30. Dezember)
    Jungkook= 19 (1. September)
    Sollte ich mir gedanken mach, weil ich das auswendig weiß? ;-;

  6. I recommend you to watch their theories.. their mvz have an interconnected story that can help you better understand the message they want to convey

  7. I am an American and I love your reactions to Bts…I am an Army and Army is all over the world…the guy in black is very handsome and you are very cute too.Keep reacting and I will keep watching from America…😀👀👍❤🇺🇸

  8. Vielen Dank für die englischen Untertitel. Ich benutze Google Translate so verzeihen Sie jede Grammatik Fehler, wenn es irgendwelche. Vielen Dank für diese Reaktion <3 Army

  9. Weil ihr darüber geredet habt, wie BTS entstanden ist: Der CEO von Big Hit hat Rapmonster entdeckt als er noch ein ungerground rapper war und wollte eine Hiphop/Rapgruppe rund um ihn herum aufbauen. Am Anfang gabs nur Rapper, darunter auch Suga und Jhope (der übrigens als Tänzer dazugekommen ist und dann entweder Rapper oder Sänger hat werden müssen, um dabei sein zu können), davon sind dann ein paar ausgestiegen und mit der Zeit kamen die anderen Mitglieder durch Castings dazu, bis schließlich das fertige BTS das wir heute kennen 2013 ihr Debut gehabt hat 🙂

  10. you should show him bangtan bomb, funny videos of bts. the other reasons why people became army because bts dork's moments. 😂😂😂 and i really love them.

  11. hi fams.. i'm an ARMY too from another continent .. I dont know if u have done it before? How about you react to BTS Dance Practice (Dope, Danger, Bou in Luv, Fire, ect) ???? You'll get more hype than before. Trust me, it works ^^

  12. Hi! Please read my comment, I will explain the meaning of Spring day mv! This MV tells about a lot of things. One is suicide among young people (big problem in korea), and another is 2014 ferry Sewol's tragedy.. 300 people, most student died in the sea 🙁
    It's a confort song for people who lost someone and for people that have rough times.
    Before this comeback, BTS DONATED 100 MILLION WON to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council. Every member contributed 10 million won and the agency added 30 million won to the total.
    They kept the donation private because they believe that you don’t make donations so that you can tell about it.. in the end this news was leaked, but at first they didn't tell anything more that confirming donation. At WINGS press conference Namjoon said: "I'm CAREFUL to talk about Sewol tragedy but as a citizen of the country, I do believe we should feel responsible. We thought we could send our condolences if we could. We donated because we want to help the Sewol tragedy project, consultations for the victims families, etc"
    Their donation is especially meaningful because there exists a government "ARTIST BLACKLIST" on figures in the arts and culture industry.. and supporting families affected by the Sewol Ferry disaster was one of the reasons why people were placed on the list and discriminated against. In january, korean ministre of culture was ARRESTED because of this, so (I think) BTS was able to do this kind of mvs without censure. But the President Park, daughter of the former dictator, is still in the government..

    In the MV Jimin finds shoes in the sea (reference to people dead in the sea, both victims and people that killed himself). Pile of clothes is reference to art installation "Personnes" by CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKY that represent dead people.. clothes in washing machine represent people who died in the ship (the ship capsized and people were trapped), the portholes of washing machines are the portholes of the ship and there is written on them "don't forget"… The clock, in the laundry wall, marks the time when comunications were lost with the ferry. The shoes put on the tree is a traditional way to symbolize people who passed away.
    The symbol of tragedy was a yellow ribbon and the symbol of BTS album "You Never Walk Alone" is composed by 4 yellow ribbon. Title of album itself is a reference to "You'll Never Walk Alone", a show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "CAROUSEL'. In the musical the song is performed to comfort and encourage Julie when her husband commits suicide. In a scene of Mv ( 3:13) there are fluttering yellow ribbons linked to the carousel, just like people did back in 2014 for the tragedy, and over the carousel you can read "You Never Walk Alone". This song was dedicated by Liverpool football team to commemorate another tragedy, Hillsborough disaster, were 96 people died.
    There are also references to film "Snowpiercer" and short story "The Ones Who Walk Away from OMELAS" that criticize society by telling that there are rich people because there are people who live in misery and have to suffer and die. It's a similar theme of "Not Today".

  13. Just FYI-Youtube has your upload link etc to your upload even if on mute or low volume it has it, so copyright strike can happen so TURN THE VOLUME UP!

  14. Du hast ja gesagt das BTS so berühmt geworden ist wegen dem Debüt song und Internet blabla,aber es stimmt nicht so ganz,Bts wurde hauptsächlich mit dem I need you so richtig gefeirt mit Dope noch hinterher plus bighit promotet die echt gut,es gibt da aber so eine gruppe die einpaar monate vor Bts debüt gemacht hat,ToppDogg,mit ihren Debüt say it hat ToppDogg sehr viel annerkennung bekommen,aber das traurige ist das sie nicht so berühmt sind weil in 2013 und den folgenden Jahren so viele Gruppen ihr Debüt gemacht haben ist ToppDogg immer weiter im hintergrund geschoben worden,und auch noch ist das deren kack entertainment die kaum promotet,die tuen es selber,und jetzt haben sie nach langen endlich wieder ein MV gebracht,der aber erst nach Monaten 1millionen aufrufe bekommen hat.Sie haben allgemein nur do um die 1-3 Millionen aufrufe auf deren MV's,kein wunder das 3 leute geleavet sind….

  15. Jimins Haare sehen nicht gewöhnungsbedürftig aus sondern wie Zuckerwatte !!! 😅 War bei Spring Day unter den ersten 30 die das Video angeklickt haben laut YouTube 😅😍

  16. Wem ist je aufgefallen das in Blood Swest & Tears über dem Spiegel, wo Jin vor steht ein Deutscher Satz steht ? "Man muss noch Chaos in sich haben um einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können". In diesem Video ist es bei 10:51

  17. When a video turns out to be in a dif language, but you watch it anyways cause you're used to reading subtitles via Anime, Kdrama, Youtube

  18. The rechte Person wirkt auf jeden Fall sehr intelligent und offen. "Sei nicht so rassistisch" aus Spaß gesagt, zeigt aber, dass er niemals so sein würde. Seine Reaktion und seine Sympatbie machen mir es wert mir die 20 Minuten zu benutzen.

  19. Ich finds echt toll das es nicht nur weibliche A.R.M.Y s gibt und fand das Video geil erst mal linken 😊❤️und es gibt sie seit 2013

  20. Hab dich erst vor kurzem entdeckt. Es ist so schön mal nen deutschen Fanboy zu sehen der 1. Allgemein kpop hört 2. BTS liebt 3. Anderen zeigt was er daran so mag.
    Machst das echt so angenehm! Und auch aus Bayern Yay! MunichARMY here!

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