Folding Clothes in a Suit Case : How to Fold a Sweater for a Suitcase

Folding Clothes in a Suit Case : How to Fold a Sweater for a Suitcase

Hi, I’m Melody and on behalf of Expert Village
I’m showing you today how to fold clothing to put them into a suitcase, both to save
space, so you can get more stuff in there, and keep them somewhat wrinkle free. We have
a big cowl neck sweater here, and during the winter you’ll probably have a lot of sweaters
to put in, so what I would do with this sweater is leave the neck hanging down, fold these
arms back towards myself, lay it flat and then I would just put one fold in it, cause
this is bulky, its going to create, take up a lot of space, so I would just make it as
flat as possible, as thin as possible, and then I’d put it in a nice flat area, if
you have a bumpy area, put something smaller into the bumpy, if you have a little hole,
put something underneath, a flat item to fill the little hole. In our next segment I’ll
show you how to fold another garment to put into a suitcase, to hopefully keep it wrinkle
free and smaller so you can put more stuff in there.

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  1. why seperate these videos? how to fold a t-shirt was exactly the same but with less useless crap, i probably hafto waste about 20 seconds going through videos to find them all

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