Ford’s Sweaty Robutt

Ford’s Sweaty Robutt

This is Ford’s sweaty bottom test a robotic bottom that mimics
a person sitting in a car after exercising to help ensure Ford seats are built to last A dummy bottom is attached to a Kuka robot The bottom is heated to
approximate human body temperature The average person can produce up to
1.4 litres of sweat per hour when exercising About a half litre of water is fed
through the dummy to mimic perspiration The sweat test ensures the seat
stays free of surface damage over time The sweaty “Robutt” sits on the seat 7,500 times representing a decade of use The test takes three days to complete

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  1. Inaccurate test, people don't sit down in seat like a robot, there's a steering wheel in the way. They slide in over the bolster which is what gets ruined over time, not sitting directly in the middle.

  2. My Focus ST Recaro ST3 drivers seat collapsed on one side, just 3 years and 18,000 miles , still on the original break pads Ford are telling me this is normal wear and tear and not warranty.

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