Fresh Water is Running Out Worldwide! We are running out of drinking water!

Fresh Water is Running Out Worldwide! We are running out of drinking water!

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  1. why its good to research urine therapy… as that will defuse any fear, in any situation of death by dehydration…. research "Andrew Norton Webber" on youtube… and online…

  2. We can tell the weather patterns but we do not know the signs of the times?

    And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

  3. Wasn't fresh water just found under the ocean salt waters.oe maybe wait for planet Ceres.with all that fresh water on it.

  4. Aquifers have limited recharge rates that are on 10,000-year time scales so we pump and wells go deeper until you now need double pumping in most areas where single pumps sufficed since they began pumping.

    Catch-22, after you go deep enough for double pumping it's costing big time in money, price of crops goes up, with a drought the groundwater isn't getting recharged either so local sources dry up.

    Desalinization is expensive and you have to pump the water to where it's needed from the source, that's uphill, it won't happen, not too likely to supply the corn fields of Nebraska from the Gulf of Mexico and no, it's becoming a drought zone from human-caused hyper-heating of the planet back to the Pliocene Age so the rain is not recharging groundwater or aquifers..

    Slam, it hits the fan faster than new supplies can be found and the whole system of agriculture based on pumping water from natural resources goes with it, something Fremont warned Congress of before the Homestead Act of coming true all over the midwest and western states where he advised homesteads be double or triple the size to accommodate dryland farming and now the thirsty beast is home to roost forever, too bad nobody listens to wisdom, eh?

    Same story on "the new weather" all over, mostly from Arctic Amplification, search on that one, helps make the drought get worse, did you know that during the Altithermal Period 8k-4k years ago the midwest had a strip of desert from Texas almost to Canada running up it from a warming of 1C?

    Looks like we'll pass that record no problem, we're going for 5-6C of warming right now before anyone can stop it..

  5. Just watched the trailer Markus. It looks like a great movie but sad horrible facts huh!? 

  6. I don't understand how this can be so, when the earth's surface is covered by 2/3's water.  The process of evaporation as the sun evaporates the ocean waters and turns them into rain water is a natural filtration system.  And water no matter how dirty and contaminated it gets on earth by this very process of evaporation and decomposing it to vapor is cleansed.  This is my understanding. 
    I'm not judging anyone. 

  7. If this true why has Agenda 21 outlawed rain tanks and the collection of water. And want to tax you or fine you for doing so

  8. They know we can only last 3 days with out water! The Georgian Guidestones tell us their agenda..depopulation. ?

  9. I read an article about the drought in California and how coho salmon are at risk because the rivers and streams are dry and the salmon can't go upstream to reproduce. 

    I think I will set up rain barrels this spring.  My goal is to install gutters on the barn that drain into the horse troughs so I don't have to water the horses very often.  Save water as much as possible and reduce mud.

  10. You are the Man. This is what I preach along with my buddy Gary Null but Markus you are much more inspiring to young people so I'm pushing YOUR SITE because it seems you live the life many wish. Excitement, Drama, entertainment but mostly I lOVE the HEALTH REGIMENT

  11. the water isn't running out, we are using the ground water and preventing it from being replaced with drainage systems that divert rain water from land and into the nearest major river and into the ocean before it can even sink into the soil and down through the subsoil and into the aquifers. Deforestation is the number one cause of global warming not just because the ground is no longer shaded in most of the world as apposed to most of the world shaded by flora, they produce the oxygen that becomes ionized into ozone. Add that with the heat that radiates from concrete and asphalt and steal and you know why all cities are "ozone hotspots". Most of all, trees connect the aquifers to the atmosphere, plants will switch between taking on water and letting it go just like the gases, they maintain soil and air moisture, clouds are moisture they don't create themselves out of nothing. As the glaciers melt, naturally there should be more trees and not fewer trees to absorb the excess methane CO2 and water etc. The combination of speeding the melting with less and less trees globally results in global warming. CO2 is fertilizer for plants, that's why people feed it to their crops in greenhouses and grow operations! The accessibility of the water is the problem we face now, cause if the trees aren't keeping moisture at a hundred feet below and tens of feet above the ground, the water ends up in the oceans through storm drains or it remains suspended in the atmosphere not hitting the ground as often and when it does its a big bang. They are seeding clouds over south western ontario because we have the same winter/summer/ climate as parts of the world that have already been known as deserts for centuries because of deforestation. The Middle East is the future great lakes region if they don't let the forest return like they are always trying to and being killed off by landscapers and city employees and dumb home owners who are selfishly and ignorantly engineering their land into desert instead of mixed deciduous forest. sorry for the rant just got inspired to tell truth 🙂

  12. Simple solutions work best – recycle your bathwater/bathroom sink to the toilet – the average toilet uses a massive amount of water that does not have to be potable.

    I recently produced this short film – Elwood's Ark – about the origins of water, its journey through time and space, and how we need to preserve this precious resource. It's told through the metaphor of a child releasing a cloud that builds to a storm.

  14. Thanks for making some short ones, too. I just saw this and have 2 minutes before I must go back to work. It's an issue that's been pressing hard on my conscious for a long time. Gabriel Cousen's has a great chapter on how to make blessed water in Spiritual Nutrition.

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