GET UNREADY WITH ME | skin care routine demo

GET UNREADY WITH ME | skin care routine demo

Hey guys it’s Fumnanya. If you’re new here welcome, if you’re not
welcome back. Either way you are welcome! Today I wanted to come on and do my updated
skincare routine because I don’t know about you but when I’m stressed my skin shows it
big time. I was super stressed particularly in the fall
and my skin just started to act all the way up, all the way around my chin. I was breaking out with zits on my chin in
my t-zone area. I had weird rashes breakout around my mouth
and the texture of my skin was just really really bad. And of course I could use makeup to cover
it up but if the texture of my skin isn’t smooth I just end up looking like a crunch
bar. So it was really important for me to get the
texture of my skin looking smooth again. First things first I like to remove my eye
makeup first. That’s just so that when you remove your actual
makeup you take the oil from this eye makeup remover off with it. I use it with my Burt’s Bees baby wipes, these
are chlorine free and fragrance free and they have aloe and vitamin E. so I feel like it’s
good for my skin at least not harmful. Using an oil-based eye makeup remover is really
really helpful because you don’t have to tug and scrub too much. Then to take off my face makeup if I wear
a powder or concealer or a color corrector or whatever even if I’m wearing a full face. In order to use this I just use it with a
cotton pad the cotton pad looks like this. I go through maybe I want to say 3 or 4 pads
if I have a full face and then maybe 1 or 2 if I just have a little bit of a setting
powder for my oil skin. This is again amazing. I feel like this has made the biggest difference
just in terms of getting all the makeup off. So my solar water I definitely recommend. If you have oily skin then the mattifying
1 is good. So next this has become my new baby. This is called Natasha deep polished rice
enzyme powder and this is a face watch. It literally is a powder in here. It actually does polish your skin. This was 1 of the things that did the most
the quickest to just get rid of that unwanted texture and all those rashes that I had. It doesn’t really lather that much, you just
rub it in rub it and rub it in. It doesn’t feel abrasive on the skin, it doesn’t
feel like a typical exfoliator but it is a really great exfoliating face wash. They have different types so this is a deep
polishes for oily skin. They have a classic 1, they have one for sensitive
skin. Just go on Sephora and look for what fits
your kind of skin care. I got the oily one of course because I’m Super
Duper oily and my face feels so clean and fresh and amazing afterwards. It’s incredible I highly highly highly recommend
this guy. After I wash I like to follow up with a toner. So this is a toner that pixi sent to me 3
years ago it’s the pixie blue tonic toner and it’s not the same bottle. But since they sent it to me I have not used
another toner ever. I have used this toner for the last 3 years
faithfully, have not even considered switching. With a toner you just want to use a little
cotton pad this is the 1 I to use. It’s ribbed on both sides, so both sides
are exfoliating and I just rub it into the skin. You can also pat it onto the skin. I feel like that’s probably a little bit better
but that’s how I use my little glow tonic boom. I had dark spots around my chin on my forehead
just from breakouts that I had had several months ago and this is doing an amazing job
to just keep that skin recovering at a good rate so that they don’t ever last too long. I want to show you guys something really funny. So pixi actually sent me this amazing care
package and it has a jumbo sized glow tonic bottle with my name on it. Definitely definitely 1 of, if not my favorite
press package I’ve ever gotten. Thank You pixi. For moisturizer my everyday moisturizer is
the tarte drink of h2o hydrating boost. I find that gel moisturizers are just amazing
for oily skin, they just go together. It’s super hydrating. My skin always feels nice and supple whenever
I use it and it definitely helps to oil-control with my skin. So I love love love this, it’s very breathable
If I’m wearing makeup I will use this skin rescue oil-free mattifying gel sort of like
a primer and moisturizer. This is amazing it’s hydrating and it also
really helps to control the oil for me especially in this t-zone area. My nose will get so oily that you could literally
fry an egg on it so having this to use it’s just an amazing addition to my skincare routine. I just rub it into my skin like you would
a regular lotion and it does an amazing job of oil control. So I recommend this, this is first date Beauty
again. If you guys have any questions of course don’t
hesitate to comment down below. I also recommend that you stay hydrated of
course, water is super super duper important for skin. I feel like people put a lot of emphasis on
size when it comes to internal health that’s just how our society is. But skin is really the big tell. Your skin will tell you when there’s something
out of whack with your system like fat more than your size will. So pay attention to your skin, listen to your
body, take care of yourselves. So if you found this video helpful you guys
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ever. I love you guys of course. Comment down below your favorite skincare
routine tips and tricks. I want to learn from you guys are there any
homemade masks that you guys have tried that work really well? That’s what I really want to try as a homemade
mask so comment that down below. Again I love you guys so much as always and
I will see you in my next video. Bye

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  1. Please create a video about your hair when you have the chance! I’ve been obsessed since finding your channel lol.

  2. Omg so freaking jealous of that HUGE bottle of glow tonic!!! Lol that has to be like a $100 bottle. You look beautiful❤.Great video

  3. My homemade mask/scrub consists of brown sugar, instant (powdered) coffee, lime juice and honey. Simply forego the brown sugar for a 'true' facial mask. I absolutely love it, from one egg-fryin' oily girl to another.

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    Any questions you would like to ask me about except my name?I will send you name if you email me. On this platform I would rather not give my name. However like I said I am a Pastor and School Counselor. I am single never been married. The bible should help to govern believers. People will either go to heaven or hell based on whether or not they are saved. Eventually new earth will be setup. Christ is the only way to the Father.Again I am keeping my name concealed however I have sent message to you on "HANGOUTS" on your google page.I will give you name if you communicate outside of a public format.Please forgive me for sending message on page. I will stop if you notify. Please pray and consider emailing me or I can email you on an email that you are cool with.Have a great rest of the Day.

  6. I do not have an personal instagram,Facebook or twitter although there is a ministry page.I would not use that to communicate personally.

  7. I really just come here to like your videos even if I don’t get time to watch them.. I know content is going to be great as always , so I just give it a like anyway, and go about my day. Love your channel! ❤️

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