GHOST SWEAT for Halloweentown (Drunk Disney Libation Studios #28)

GHOST SWEAT for Halloweentown (Drunk Disney Libation Studios #28)

Hi everybody! Welcome to
Drunk Disney Libation Studios where I, the disembodied hands of Practical Folks, once again craft a delicious cocktail to pair with this month’s Drunk Disney Tomorrow James, Chelsea, Dave and our special guest BethBeRad are watching Halloweentown, the very first Disney Channel Original Movie featured on Drunk Disney yaaaaayyyyy That’s right, it’s a very special Halloween episode so I have a very special Halloween cocktail James [in a weird voice]: It also looks like you have a very special ring on your finger Yes I do. This is the first Drunk Disney Libation Studios where I have my wedding ring on James: Oooh scary!
DH: (laughing) Hey! For this cocktail we are going to be
putting a treat inside of a trick I’m gonna be doing a mojito riff inside of a pumpkin, yeah! So I didn’t have a name for this drink and Beth while we were shooting dubbed it Ghost Sweat Is that a thing from the movie?
James: Yeah. In a Ghost Sweat is peach, mint, pumpkin spice simple syrup, spiced rum, grand marnier and we’re gonna top it off with some orange fizzy water, lets do it! Alright, I’m gonna cut off a piece of peach here, drop it into the shaker I’m gonna take a few sprigs of fresh mint, drop those in Been awhile since I spilled something Gonna do about a half ounce of pumpkin spice simple syrup, this was made with turbinado sugar that’s why it’s a little bit darker, and we’re gonna muddle Gonna combine the peach, mint, and the pumpkin spice all in the bottom of our shaker To this we’re gonna do 3/4 ounce of grand marnier is an orange flavored cognac Next, an ounce and a half of spiced rum, a shaker full of ice and gonna mix these together Give it a good shake Now you might have thought that this pumpkin here was just to hold the mint but it’s not it’s actually our cup! Whaaat! I’m gonna dump the whole contents of our shaker into the pumpkin Alright I got some orange-flavored sparkling water that’s gonna take the place of the club soda that would normally be in a regular mojito, I’m just gonna top off our pumpkin with it Plop in a couple straws, plop! And now we have our trick and our treat, it’s not just a pumpkin it’s a fun cocktail This one’s really great, it’s nice and light and refreshing and I think everyone’s gonna really like it as they enjoy Halloweentown this week on
Drunk Disney! Be sure to tune in for a surprise Halloween episode tomorrow! Be sure to subscribe to Practical Folks for all of our great content, check out the links in the descriptions below for our Patreon page where you can make a small contribution to our channel it makes a big difference in the quality of our videos I’ll be back next month with a regularly scheduled
Drunk Disney Libation Studios but until then I have been the disembodied hands cheers

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  1. not having cable when I was growing up, I didn't get to see many Disney channel original movies, so this is all new to me, lol. that being said, can't wait, and I'm totally excited you're doing another Halloween special!

  2. YES! This takes me back to the times when Disney Channel was actually good! I can't believe this movie is almost 20 years old. Maybe next year you guys could do Don't Look Under the Bed. That or Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire or Phantom of the Megaplex. This is making me super nostalgic. Good times. Anyways, can't wait to watch tomorrow and congrats to Mr & Mrs Disembodied Hands! 😀

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