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  1. Living Luminizer is genuinely life. For my pale skin I like doing a bit of a blend between that and the glazed super shock highlighter from Colourpop. Looks so fresh!

  2. This is skin and makeup goals! I suddenly want to drink a gallon of water to look this hydrated. Can you please do a video on your favorite highlights that you mentioned! I’ve been looking for a balmy natural cream highlight ✨

  3. I was watching your favourite video which led me to the skin gym IG video and I ended up buying a gua sha.

  4. Let's be honest I can achieve this look by doing my regular skincare routine, waiting 3 hours and letting my oily skin do its magic ?? btw your skin looks dewy girrlll

  5. Yess please share your favorite cream products! I’m just dabbling into the cream and liquid blush/bronzer/highlighter world so it would be nice to get some suggestions ✨

  6. Beautiful! A video on your favorite wet look highlighters would be awesome. I’m thinking of buying something like that, but not sure what to get.

  7. I would LOVEEEE to see the “glowy” highlights!!! That would be sooo helpful for me to be able to pick out which ones to buy!! ????

  8. Have you tried the Frank Body Illuminator? It is wonderful, so natural and super dewy on the this. Perfect for when you don't want to wear makeup but this want to beam ?

  9. I freaking LIVE for your skincare and glowy videos…so LEGIT!!!!! Thank you for being so informative and knowledgeable!!

  10. Be careful with acids, they give fine lines if your dont wear sunscreen daily. They look pretty innocent but girl I have fine lines on my forehead that I didnt have few months ago

  11. I love this so much! Yes! I definitely want to see a video of your favorite highlights. Please.

  12. Hi, may i suggest you wear more sunscreen? Because the amount you are using is like placebo, you need a lot more to get a decent amount of sun protection.

  13. I loveee this look ? idk if youve posted any videos on favorite hydrating products yet, but pls do if u havent ?

  14. Im glad i can watch a channel that doesn’t have drama. ☺️ why cant this channel be in trending. ? love Amy

  15. have u tried anything from the brand called Nabla? I think u would really like it especially their eyeshadows and highlights ?

  16. WOW this looks amazing! I was wondering, do you wear sunglasses with this look? If so, how do you manage not getting weird lines on your face where they sit? My glasses always take off bits of makeup or slide it around when I wear them, especially with dewy looks like this 🙁

  17. Your skin is so good❤️ and you look like camila mendes like you have the beautiful features like her and also low key camila Cabello I guess coz if black brunette hair ?? and I love it❤️

  18. I feel like when I attempt this look it just maximizes my pores even with a pore primer ? but great video I love when you film anything beauty related.

  19. Love this look Amy ?def nailed it with the tiny amount of foundation and thoughtful highlight placement, even though you still want an overall glow- I think that's the key to looking more natural!

  20. whats the difference between the supergoop you used vs the unseen supergoop? I know the one you used is cheaper just curious to what the difference is!

  21. Amy! Me encabtaría un vídeo de cute Spring manicures!!! I'm sure you can do original yet wearable stuff 😉 thanks!

  22. New subber here! Just had to say, your boy beat got me hooked on your vids, & you now have a new fan! ❤️

  23. I love your videos but. you never post regularly or you post 2 videos in a week and then we have to wait another month for the next video

  24. Glow girl, just glow! I love your skincare routine, really well organized! And this makeup thou! Glowing like a glace donut!!??

  25. Eyebrows…? girl, it’s too much. You look like people who just chase trends. You are beautiful, just look yourself objectively.

  26. Love watching and rewatching your vids? we both have dry skin, so I usually love all skincare and makeup products you recommend. I loved the Tatcha essence until I tried the Laneige cream skin refiner and the I'm From rice toner. I know you are a skincare guru and have probably already tried these Korean products, but I thought I would recommend either way ? bought them on Amazon and are holy grail products for me now!

  27. Hi I'm a guy who's stepping up his skincare game drastically, I have always done very basic things but the most basic after living in Korea I started using last packs and some creams now I'm trying to step it up and get the full process but I have no idea how to do it really I'm following step-by-step guides online but I'm still not getting it certain things like toners I don't even know what toner does is it important and is this one of those products where I could just get a drugstore brand and it's almost the same cuz for the other" glass skin products I'm using a very high quality ones Like Peter Roth Hyaluronic FARSÁLI " glass skin no that's probably my favorite one those are very expensive products but 10 or 11 of these very expensive products I definitely can't afford I have to substitute with a few low-cost brands so is it important what you kind of toner you use really , like
    basically the question is how important is toner and do you actually need a good brand like what I use Neutrogena that's a cheap drugstore brand because I just started this Korean glass skin product process oh I am a guy by the way I should mention bunny even for guys here it's so important to look great what products are the ones that I can go a little bit cheaper on? last thing when they say c with a mask at the end to be mean like a sheet mask or like one of those leave on gel masks like water Mellon glow of laneige sleep mask sorry to use brand names it's just that I don't know how to describe it these are the products is going to be at the shop . the glass can one is an awesome product but it's kind of expensive for me to buy it again I would love more recommendations for some cheaper options like Tony moly Skin food Etc what can be a substitute as cheaper or even a drugstore brand that could be drugs drug store also eye creams as well which are really the most important ones in the most important steps I really appreciate it if you could take the time to tell me also as far as the process it's really confusing so after each step cleansing , exfoliating and then going right into the next steps like toner or essence Etc am I supposed to do one and then the other immediately or am I supposed to let the one dry and then go to the next one because if I do it immediately I feel like I'm just missing everything together. I know it's a lot to ask but even my female friends here don't do this process they only do a few steps so any help is appreciated thank you. thank you veruuch . sunned and liked /upvoted

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