Glowing Skin Look ✧ Ethereal Aura

Glowing Skin Look ✧  Ethereal Aura

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  1. C'mon why all this disbelief in auras and stuff. People don't just come up with such things. I think people who say this is complete nonsense are very insensitive. Ever heard of a thing called VIBES? E.g. many musicians a very sensible and thus capable of feeling vibes. Dude. Or ever heard of Charisma? People RADIATE charisma. Or they RADIATE negative energy (like once you meet them you feel like wanting to turn around immediately). That's all, that's aura. Dunno about the colors for I see no colors in other people but I definitely won't put it down as nonsense. Jeez… ignorance everywhere.

  2. even if you don't believe in auras there really is no need to be rude about it… everyone a favor, stop being so cynical and just enjoy the tutorial….#DontBeBitter

  3. heyyy everyone sorry if im being annoying but oh well :c lol. i usually do covers/singing videos but today i just uploaded a makeup video and it would mean alot if anyone could watch it and maybe subscribe if you like it . if you have a channel you wannt me to see let me know too 🙂 thanks peace 😛

  4. I love you so much Michelle, I am also Vietnamese, my mom and I love youand you are my guide to life luv u!♡♥♡♥

  5. I've been watching your videos since you first started posting on youtube.. it is so refreshing to see how you've transformed! And i love that you're incorporating metaphysics and loving vibes into everything that you do. Keep shining, goddess! <3

  6. Hi random question but does anyone know how I can get rid of my freckles I'm only 13 so I can't get laser treatment but I would like to get rid of them or lighten them because they are not very flattering on me xxxx ??? love the video mish xx

  7. Yeah attract other people with 'Auras and good vibes', and not with the entire face of make up youve just made a video about…

  8. It disappoints me to see people give her crap in the comments. She's so sweet and just tries to make people happy. :/

  9. we studied the auras at school years years years ago …. and you are totally right … everyone have all the six auras colors around them .. except of true muslims and true belivers of God, they have all the seven auras around them (i don't remember what color it was) ….. the most strong color will appear easily for the eyes…thats why mostly you will see one color around the person … depends on what is the strongest aura to him/her ….(( who can see the auras ??)) all the kids under five years old can see it clearly … also some people have the ability to see it directly .. other people are training themselves to see it ..espically doctors … and you can also see it by using special camera … Thanks a lot for your video .. i always like your inspirations ❤

  10. please do more makeup tutorial. dont be selfish. everyone has their up and down moment. dont just giving up, just because of the critisism out there. we want more from u as youtube beauty guru. please comeback. hope this msg reach you. thank you.

  11. i am a new youtuber n i know too much up about skin care but when it comes to makeup i land up creating a mess thus videos has really helped me alotsss ?thanks

  12. It’s intriguing about this topics. I’m Christian yes but I still find it fascinating. One of my friends can actually see auras, I can’t but I have a similar thing I’m what’s called an empath it’s different from auras but I can feel people’s emotions, as well as tell if one is lying. But it’s mostly emotions I feel

  13. I feel like no one will EVER reach the creativity and editing that Michelle Phan displayed on her YouTube channel. Every video is so diverse, unique, and informative. Truly one of the OG and best content creators.

  14. Reading all the hate comments made me realise something. Nicholas Tesla and Michelle phan have something in common.. Both were way ahead of their time ❤

  15. I believe some people are really gifted with seeing or feeling things most of us can’t ..

    I personally hear high pitch frequency noise once in a while and sometimes feel sick’s like a high beep noise just faint , I ask my husband if he can hear it and he can’t .. I tried to record it recently but the beep tone was almost gone by the tike I record it however I could still hear it from my recording meanwhile my husband can’t.. it’s similar to that mosquito noise he can’t hear it at all but I can hear it from afar..I think the high frequency sound I’m hearing might be from electronics or sound waves of some radiation or cellular networks ..Idk,,I hear it randomly and we live in a military base so maybe that’s one of the factor.. I know they gave a signal blocker ..

    I searched about it and there’s one scientist who’s actually studied about it, he recorded it where people say they hear the sound and machines got it but he can’t hear a thing . He also acknowledged most doctors would say it’s just imagination I believe some people can see or feel what I can’t just like how nobody believes what I hear cause they can’t ..

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