Yooo what’s poppin loyalist welcome back to
the channel this is Dimez ENT AKA glitch guru and this GTA 5 online video i’m
gonna be showing you guys how to make a really dope already mighty trying outfit
it’s gonna have the red joggers and we’re gonna put the helmet on it at the
end as well so it’s gonna be really dope sadly is gonna be for our female
characters so we’re gonna be doing male to female transfer glitch so to get this
glitch started the very first thing we’re gonna do is come to our female
character and we’re gonna put on a deadline outfit and save it to slot 19
once we have that safety slot 19 we’re gonna swap over to our male character
and we’re gonna put on these following components so for the shirt we’re gonna
go to designer t-shirts and we’re gonna put on the blue stripe the capra t-shirt
once we have that we’re gonna back out go over here to the pants section next and we’re gonna go down to shorts and
you guys want to put on the white heart boxer shorts once we have that we’re
gonna go over here to the sneaker section and we’re gonna put on the paint
plain high-tops now for the gloves we’re gonna put on
our merch gloves which are the light woodland tactical gloves the very last
thing that we’ll need is our transfer mask so if you guys got the Krampus mask
you can use that or if you have the stock and you guys can use that as well
but once you guys have your mask on and all of these components make your way
over to the tom trout and we’re gonna start that up or if there’s an event
going on in your session you guys don’t even need to come over to the Tom trout
all you have to do is just swap characters once you’re wearing all of
the components but since there’s not an event going on I’m gonna use the time
trial this is the only way to do it so hit right on the d-pad to start up the
town trout once we’ve done that we’re just gonna press Start bring up the
options menu and then we’re just gonna swap characters now when you load them
with your female character you’ll see that you have on the red joggers we want
to now merge this with the red tron type in order to do that we need to start up
the job crooked cop you will need at least one person to join you for this
job so we’re in a public session so I’m just gonna invite everybody that’s in
this session and put it on auto invite as well once you guys get to the confirm
setting screen of the job set the clothing to player owned from there you
guys want to set the matchmaking to open and I suggest you guys Auto invite once
you guys get here you want to go down to owned outfit and switch it once to the
left and switch it once back to the right and the outfit will merge from
here just ready up when a mission starts all you guys need to do from here is
open up the interaction menu go to style accessories put on the earpiece
rebreather glasses something like that back out of the interaction may you open
up your phone and quit the job now you should be back in the public session
with the outfit on from here we’re just going to go down to the clothing store
and save this outfit now I’m gonna show you guys how to put the tran helmet back
onto this outfit so what we’re gonna do is make our way over to our apartment
and we’re gonna do the telescope glitch you guys just need to make sure that
sure where’d the outfit with the helmet so go over there back to the outfits
section and put on the outfit deadlines the red one from there all we have to do
is make sure that we have ran this outfit and we’re gonna run past the
telescope so when we run past the telescope
we’re gonna hit right on the d-pad and then we’re gonna press and hold the
touchpad down what should happen is the interaction that you should pop open
from here we’re gonna go to style outfits and we’re gonna select the
outfit that we have saved with our red joggers and our Tron top boom once you
guys walk away from the telescope you’ll see that you have
helmet on this outfit now is really built looking so this is how you guys
get this outfit all rent mighty trying outfit real dope looking let me know if
this is a try her outfit guys down in the comment section below
trying to start making some really dope try our outfits for you guys so let me
know what you guys think our really try hard outfits alright so that’s it for
this video it’s always I’m trying to get this channel to 100,000 subscribers and
I need each and every single one of you guys watching – do me a favor hit that
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next time this is your boy glitch guru fishel II yeah please remember stay low
or you click one of those videos on the screen bro

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