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  1. Hey man, nice video. So I've made a new video, you told me I should edit more on the editing software. By the way, can you check it out and help a fan out by giving me a feedback, that would be appreciated bro 🙂

  2. Super useful tutorial as always (despite the lack of farts!). Seriously, I've always struggled to get my characters to look great, so thanks a bunch! It's really helpful. I'm already looking forward to your next tutorial.

  3. sometimes when i make multiple Mp skins the face of one transfers to the other basically ruining some of the skins i made do you know a way around that?

  4. BRO I have a question do you think you could make a translation video so to speak with Skin Control in Comparison to the GTA Online Character Creator so people can recreate their personal character from online to the exact detail? I understand the scaling wouldn't work because the format but being able to tell which Father and mother was chosen is essential to recreating a character. I would love you forever if you could do this in a Part 2 or continuation type video!

  5. Hi, can you give me new link for skin control? I download from your link at description but that folder not give me .asi file.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Can you do missions or story with this mod? I meant I used other trainer to swap character models and it ended up all the missions or world interaction were disabled.

  7. enhanced Native Trainer is better you could save custom ped and no need to use ped selector everytime just selecting favorite saved skin saves time even menyoo is good but still enhance is easy and fast to use

  8. everytime i install this mod its a bit cliched. my hair is pink, no beard and other weird stuff, anyone knows a solution?

  9. Because I'm so used to it being just there, I forgot to mention that you need ScriptHook installed for this to work:
    Also, you can change the hotkey for Skin Control in the file "skincontrol.ini" in the main game directory by using this list:

  10. Hmm… Can you go into the Rockstar Editor, pick out the Multiplayer Character you own and then save it in this mod?
    That'd be good of a template.
    EDIT: No, you cannot, you cannot access it when modded. 🙁 Time to find a new mod…

  11. I select free mode character but it doesn't do anything just freezes the character and gets rid of the skin control menu

  12. Hello, big question. I need to know the names of mother 9 of 22, and father 1 of 24. I created a really nice offline character, but i don't know how to do it in online.

    I also really don't understand the numbers in the "face shape" tab. For example, Nose width 16:4. What does 16:4 mean, and how can i apply it to online.

  13. Please help
    I buy and install gta v and i open gta v online to make characther but is write i can t join gta online without characther
    sorry for bad english

  14. Hey, your videos are really helpfull. I also downloaded the skin control source code but the extracted folder does'nt have the asi file

  15. When I try to download this game from the gtaall website it asks me to add a certain extension to my Google account. Is this legit? Any help? :/

  16. So can I play through the single player story as custom characters?
    Basically I want to turn Michael to Walter White, Franklin to Jesse Pinkman and Trevor to Tuco.

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