Heartfeldt Adventures – Episode 28 | Going Loud An Sweaty With Jeremy Renner

Heartfeldt Adventures – Episode 28 | Going Loud An Sweaty With Jeremy Renner

Look…It’s hot, it’s LOUD and it’s sweaty That’s how I like it! What’s up Salt Lake City! My name is Sam Feldt and if you’re ready to party get those hands up! Alright guys, we’re here at Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas I have GoldFish with me… Just kidding! I’m playing a show right now at Toyota’s Music Den A quick underground warm-up set and then we’re off to the Fremont stage for a Sam Feldt live set with the one and only Jeremy Renner Are you excited? ’cause I am! Life is beautiful, I’m about to go on stage with my homie Jeremy Renner peforming our new record Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) live for the first time! That’s right! Give it up for Jeremy Renner! Thank you! and give it up for Sam Feldt y’all! We’re in San Fransisco, one of my favorite cities in the world Tonight it’s going down in 1050 Folsom, together with the live band, who juts arrived at the airport I’m very excited, ’cause Justin Ward is gonna join in as well! See y’all tonight! So we have Tariq and Justin playing sax Quirijn playing trumpet… And Jordi is playing Tinder! Show me your tat man! That’s so epic man! How many times have you seen Sam? This is the 5th time! 5 times Sam! From Portland, all the way to Salt Lake City… All the way to San Fransisco Perfect man, thank you! Okay guys, first time in Israel, first time in Tel Aviv! We’re off to eat some shoarma right now… Then we’re off to DGTL And then it’s time for the big party at my own show! Nice, nice! Good good goood Shoarma!? It’s very good! Of course it is!

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  1. OMG! Never thought I'd end up in one of the Heartfeldt Adventure videos. Such an epic weekend! A big thank you to Sam and the live band for sticking around after the show to talk to all the fans and grabbing some awesome videos and photos! This really made that weekend magical! 😍🎢🎺🎷🎸πŸ”₯πŸ’™πŸ™

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