#HeartYourKidneys sweat-monitoring patches at SXSW 2017

#HeartYourKidneys sweat-monitoring patches at SXSW 2017

A couple weeks ago we were approached by the National Kidney Foundation to see if we were interested in partnering with them for their upcoming ad campaign at South by Southwest (SXSW) where they’re really interested in promoting hydration technology. We in the rogers group have been really interested in analyzing sweat, specifically to get a sense of your overall health. And our goal was to develop a new kind of technology, a thin, skin-like soft device platform that can integrate directly with the skin and capture sweat as it’s released from sweat glands. And so our paper came out back in November and since then we’ve been working on the next iteration of the device to basically push that technology forward. So as part of our participation in the SXSW event, we’ve made a custom form of our device that measures the amount of sweat lost during about a 30-minute period of exercise in addition to the saltiness your sweat, so the amount of chloride lost. So in the configuration of device that we’re showing at SXSW, we have two channels: one is this outer blue channel and then the inner heart channel with a little dot in the middle. And so the other blue channel will turn white as a person’s wearing it during exercise that allows you to measure how much sweat you’ve lost during an exercise session. We’ve also integrated the artwork by the tattoo artist that the National Kidney Foundation has partners with after you get a transplant, people will typically tattoo the scar from the transplant. And we’ll be giving about 50 or 60 devices out to these influencers, or basically people that are very interested in hydration technology. So it’s kind of like a partnership between art, science and then just you know overall promotion of awareness of hydration.

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