HONEST REACTION to BTS (방탄소년단) ‘피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)’ Official MV

HONEST REACTION to BTS (방탄소년단) ‘피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)’ Official MV

hey what’s up Aaron ATIS how are you you know what I’m so glad I got these lights they’re they work from an outlet I don’t need to Church the batteries and those batteries you know they weren’t even that good they would take crazy amount of time to charge like around four hours each and I had three of them so I would just basically waste my time waiting while they’re charging not being able to film anything Oh guys I forgot something wait a sec I nearly messed up the video once again I had some issues with white balance in my last video it was just jumping all over the place like at first it would get greenish then reddish and it was just awful so I was like okay in this video I’m gonna set the white balance manually and it seems like it’s working out okay but this time I forgot to set my manual focus something that I always do when I feel because before I had some issues with that as well so I fixed it I took note now I was just thinking about the white balance and I completely forgot about the manual focus luckily I remembered about it only like 30 seconds into the video all right guys that’s enough of my unnecessary long intro of me just rambling today we’re gonna check out blood sweat and tears by BTS I know you’ve been waiting for it I’ve been waiting for it myself so let’s just jump into the video but before we do that of course make sure you check me out on Instagram Twitter patreon and right now I’m gonna have a little promo clip playing ok guys before we continue with this video let me just stop you right there and make your day a little bit better and you know how I’m gonna do that well you guessed it right by recommending you an awesome awesome reaction channel this guy’s name is wicked biscuit the link is gonna be in the description and let me just tell you the first time I saw his channel I thought like well yeah it’s clear it’s not his first channel he’s probably like a big youtuber and his main channel has like I don’t know 100k 200k 500k subscribers because the quality of his videos is just insane he’s so natural on camera he’s got good lighting good image and he even has the sound foam on the walls the thumbnails are just top quality you you can’t help but click on he’s just a very positive and awesome dude overall and right now stop this video and go subscribe to him check him out Aaron aiders my people he will love his videos he reacts to a lot of BTS so wicked biscuits shoutout to you man keep being awesome and guys as I said go check him out and subscribe alright done with that let’s check out the video six minutes appreciating the art [Music] [Music] [Music] yo okay first off let’s just appreciate that picture quality just look at that look at that composition you see there’s some light on the left perhaps going in from the windows and the chandeliers on the ceiling just gently lighting up the room and the ones on the floor they create this like high light lighting I want to meet the person who shot this and who directed this fantastic [Music] Jimin ah what are you doing from what I’ve already heard from BTS Jimin has a higher voice type and this part just suits him perfectly his natural Tambor combined with the light approach he’s choosing for this part just sounds amazing guys is that French I’m confused guys it might still be Korean and it’s just the way he is pronouncing the words but alright guys I I think you’ll let me know in the comments [Music] Google a pocket action [Music] alright I’m diggin what they’re doing here with the smoke and lighting and like that theme kind of carries over to this shot I’m not sure if that’s colors in a liquid or it’s some sort of colored smoke it looks very cool but I’m not sure what it is and that straight-up looks like a shot from a liquor commercial [Music] okay this is j-hope rehearsing before a performance preparing to blow our brains away [Music] let’s just talk about those vocals holy V despite having a heavier voice type he manages to make his voice very soft and light okay guys and now listen to this part if you notice how at the end of the phrase he kind of gave it a little more a little more power a little more vocal cord connection right it wasn’t as breathy anymore and here the same thing with jeonguk lighter in the beginning then a little more court closure by the aunt and okay I’m straight guys all right I I like girls I think even if I was a girl myself I I would still like girls but yeah but damn they look good [Music] okay people tell me one thing I check my YouTube stats quite often and I know a lot of girls watch me tell me one thing do you think he’s attractive even though he’s a guy that uses makeup like would you be okay with a guy using makeup like that I’m just I’m just curious hey and notice this theme in a lot of their music videos they have the foreground with some props and those are real objects and then the background is like CGI’d it’s just colors basically and that’s a very clever decision in my opinion instead of having something like super obnoxious in the background trying to create this huge scene with the foreground and the real background you just basically put some color in there it looks good like here for example look it’s such a simple shot just him very minimal lighting some CGI trees and this thing I don’t even know what to call it like water instead of the sky and again so simple but looks so good alright Jay hopes arrow was just colors as well alright wait guys I’m a little confused here is he sugah Yeah right I called him Jay ho he’s not Jake oh he’s suka yeah [Music] [Applause] my mommy guys I don’t understand this why does this shot look so good I know it has to do with the colors I know it has to do with like post-processing and color correction as well but there has to be science behind it there has to be some set of rules to create this sort of thing because I’m sure the colors they’ve used here are very carefully picked you don’t just randomly have a messy room like that and it looks this amazing if any of you guys know how they made it look so good please let me know in the comments maybe link some articles I want to do some research about it because eventually you know I want to improve the quality of my videos and hopefully make them look just as good as this and they’re just the right amount of vocal processing on his voice makes it sound just so amazing it’s more interesting it takes up more of this like sonic space it feels like more than just one voice [Music] [Applause] I don’t know guys they really nailed the mixing and mastering on this song these voice just once again sounds so beautiful [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey and once again a pretty simple visual effect just splashing some color but it works perfectly boom just brings something new to the video and I keep getting amazed by just how beautiful everything looks and with this shot I suppose they attached some sort of harness to him and maybe started road hating him slowly not completely sure how they did that but the motion was very smooth and okay he ended up like this with those like dust particles floating around guy is it is it just only me that likes the shot so much you know what I think when I move somewhere and like have a new filming place I might use some blue color it might be relaxing and nice to look at [Music] wait so was it sensor heito was a link to the second the evil world with which I no longer wanted to have anything to do guys what what is happening [Music] June that was me [Music] this watch um so wait that’s gin right and he kissed this statue and that’s gin as well that’s so what but the statue had wings right yeah and and here gin has these cars perhaps from the wings so gin is kissing himself I’m not sure what’s going on here I need explanation guys please please someone explain to me what just happened [Music] okay listen um Jim kissed the statue and it had the the paint instead of tears and here Jimin has the same kind of pain I don’t wanna stand I’d rather stand guys all right you’ll explain it to me in the comments you you have to okay now as far as the song goes really enjoyed it you know one of my favorite song by them is Mike drop and I believe I like it so much because it’s just so high energy with this one it feels high energy as well but it’s it’s like high energy tuned down a little bit just enough where it’s you know like soft and touching and intimate but at the same time it makes you want to move and it’s just such an interesting combination of vocal qualities that I don’t think I’ve heard that before so I’m very glad that I chose to react to this one today definitely learning something new okay Erin aiders thank you so much for watching now you know what to do you leave a like you subscribe and you click the bell I will catch you and the next video take care keep listening to great music and peace out [Music]

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  1. It's normal for male/boys in south korea to put make up. My cousin said its because they are conscious and take extra care of their skin they constantly use lipstick or lip balms because of the whether. hehe.

  2. If l'm truly the makeup make them more perfect than they are, and for us wasn't a problem.
    If you see, that doesn't have an effect on their masculinity and we're okay with that, we like it.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  3. i find them attractive and its okay for me if they wear make up and they also so good without make up.

  4. I love how people freak out when they don't know about the storyline and see this MV. This Mv is art! I was confused like you couple of years ago hahaha but I've been able to figure it out. I read the coments and looks like ARMY is here to help you to understand, there are good coments about the storyline! I like your honest reaction Aaron!
    It's not bad to say that a guy is good looking if you are aslo a guy. It's ok. It shouldn't be a problem. About the make up, I don't see any problem if a guy wear make up. In this Mv they look really good ??

  5. Idk but i think just korean handsome man who will looks attractive with make up and contact lenses.. Haha cause men in my country will look damn weird with that things

  6. Honestly I don't care if a guy wears make up or does his nails or whatever. Also you specifically said that you like girls and still complemented their looks. One thing I really like about south korea is that men aren't afraid to complement each other, say they (other men) look good, have good body or whatever. They just do it and no one would question their sexuality, same with wearing make up, when men do it no one really pays attention to it that much. And it is natural for idols to wear make up, especially for shoots or broadcasts. So in conclusion: I don't care what the guy does as long as he doesn't have the 'fragile masculinity' complex. Like literally the most annoying thing is when people say someone is not masculine because he complements other guys or is gay or likes to wear make up. Those are not the traits that define masculinity, but how they act and treat others (not only women). Yeah that's all I had to say

  7. "I'm straight guys, im normal, i still like girl. But, but, daamn.. They look good.." hahahha.

    Sorry for my english

  8. All kpop artists wear make up even males since thats their culture in korea guys wear make up and some of them well not some but most of them are being and they may look gay for some people i dont know why they think their gay but tell u what their perfectly straight.

  9. Bts looks good with and without makeup and the reason why they put on makeup is to make sure that their skin is protected

  10. As a makeup artist myself, there’s a thing that I wanna say about guy wearing makeup. Everyone has to wear makeup (at least foundation) especially for the music video or film. The reason for that is because the camera can see everything including any imperfections on your body and it will look 10 times better when people have makeup on.

    Korean have their own style of makeup, and wearing makeup is part of their (idols) job.
    I saw some people noticed the makeup on BTS members and seemed a bit confused to them. I would like to tell you that guys wearing makeup in front of the camera is common and normal, even in the western country. The differences are every culture has their own beauty standard and trend. That’s it. : )

    Do I like Jungkook with makeup ? Yes.
    Do I like Jungkook without makeup? Yes.
    Do I wanna put makeup on Jungkook? My dream job omgshshjsidkjs

  11. Actually they are conceptualized songs kinda deep meaning sometimes they refer psychology concept like map of soul. Persona yes it's hard to understand but they are amazing you'll get to know them

  12. It's so crazy to me that you asked if it was French. I've studied French and lived in Paris for a while and I'm learning Korean now and I have always thought there were so many surprising similarities both in the cadence and in the vowel sounds in particular!

  13. Hi Aaron I love your videos and your voice is soo confortable relaxing and that you love BTS especially that your bias is JK he is mine too but most of all that your voice is amazing because when i fill mad or emotional hearing your voice relaxes me and I fill a lot better your good love your honest reaction hope some day you would say hi to me in your videos my name is Edith Incase you wanted to know and thank you

  14. I would.like to tell.u this abt wht since i love to make theory so much. But first if u want to understand the storyline , u hv to watch all their mv vcr perfomance and u hv to read this books

    Harry potter
    Alice wonderland

    Yeah i watch all.of it and read it. U asking why jin kiss tht doll? Its because he playing the role as demian. Which his mother is eva. And tht doll was eva. Meanwhile tae role was sinclair . Sinclair is known as someone who is kind but has a dark sides just like V. Every member playing one character

    Jin- demian
    V- sinclair
    Rm-herman hesse

    Its hard to explain because one another connecting to each other. Wht i can say its abt DID . And too many things i hv to explain if u want to know act.

  15. 헤이~ Aaron~ 'fact chek'의 한글 번역 영상을 보고 인사 하러 왔어. 리액션 영상 고마워. BTS의 MV는 하나의 큰 세계관이 있어. 그래서 MV들끼리 연관이 되어 있어. 피.땀.눈물 MV는 선과 악에 관한 이야기가 녹아 있어. 노래와는 좀 별개의 세계관을 갖기도 해.당신이 할 수 있다면 BTS의 '화양연화' 앨범의 MV들부터 해석영상을 보면 더 이해하기 쉬울꺼야. 그리고 당신은 마지막에 Jin과 V를 구분하지 못했어. 석상에 키스를 한 사람은 Jin이고 등에 날개 상처가 난 사람은 V야. 차분하고 꼼꼼한 리액션 너무 고마워. 많은 K-army들이 당신의 영상을 'fact chek'의 번역으로 만나게 될꺼야. 당신의 더 많은 BTS의 리액션을 기대 할께. 다시 한번 고마워~ '구독'과 '좋아요' 누르고 갈께

  16. Yes I would be ok with a guy who puts effort in his looks. It's not what's outside anyway. It's the inside that matters. That's why we love the boys, they are stunning but not obnoxious. They know it all but are not know it alls. PS it's SHUGAH not SOOGAH

  17. 보게되면 많은 남자들이 성정체성혼란을 느끼게 되는 바로 그 뮤비ㅋㅋ
    점점 애런얼굴빨개지는거 같은데 내 착각임??

  18. Do you know 'Demian'? This MV motive novel 'Demian' You know well the mv read the novel 'Herman Hesse <Demian>'.

  19. Yes off course jungkook and all the other members are so handsome with and without makeup .I love them a lot

  20. Don't celebrities from other countries ever wear makeup on TV except Korea?

    I'm really curious

  21. Aaron :
    …and, okay, im im straight guys, alright? I like girls, I think even if I was a girl myself, I would still like girls, but ehm, huh, errr but DAMN they look good!

    Aaron questioning his own sexuality is by far the most hilarious reaction ever ?????

    Congrats! You just had a new subscriber!!! ??

  22. Well usually I think cameras does something to our features when we're in the other side of it, so they tend to put makeup on to accentuate features they already have and so we can see their facial expressions too. So yes, I'm okay with guys wearing makeup on.

  23. U looks so funny aaron…look ur face when u confuse.
    Read the book Demian.
    Cause…every BTS album are conection and have the stories.

    Good luck

  24. I started seeing yur videos just coz of bts?i would love to see yu reacting on jiminishi's focus video on the song dimple…..btw lov yur channel…?

  25. Hi! So I guess I'm watching this a month after you postes it but still, I like it! I think with or without make up, I would still like them. They all have such a beauty to them. Also, The one kissing the statue is Jin and the one with the broken wings is V. I'm guessing it's signifying that Jin has lost or is loosing his innocence and has fallen into temptation.

    BTW: suga is pronounced as Shuga ??

  26. I’m a girl and not straight so I dunno if my opinion really counts but BTS look hella hot with makeup. Honestly I think more guys should since they look better. On stage they wear heavy makeup however when they’re like just going about it’s usually just some foundation and maybe a lip product. Maybe I’d be straight if more boys looked like BTS.

  27. 10/10 ok with a guy using light makeup like a bit of eyeshadow, foundation or concealer, and lip tint but not like a full baked faked- I mean this personally ofc for me to b attracted to him
    SIDE NOTE: jungkook is fine as wine with and without makeup same goes for jimin and the rest BADDIESS

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