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  1. The 7 skin care routine never made sense to me. WHY put so many chemicals to your face that you DON'T know how they react to each other EVERY DAY.

  2. i watched the video and after it ended i realized that i didnt even hear anything he said cause i was so hypnotized by his beauty eye-

  3. The acne scars on your cheeks have improved a LOT. I see improvements around your temple too but I can see how that might be more difficult to improve the texture since it's a smaller area with maybe promotes less collagen renewal? There's the possibility of microneedling once a month! I'm personally thinking of dabbling in microneedling as I'm getting older.

    I stick with a simple and gentle skincare routine as well. Sometimes, I'll use toner but I highly recommend staying away from items that are heavily perfumed, especially for those with sensitive and acne prone skin. Essential oils in the US are consider a fragrance. So long as essential oils are listed as the main ngredients (and you're not allergic to it), and fragrance/perfum are low on the ingredients list – folks should be good.

  4. Ok so what I got from this is that you should use 7 skin until your skin improves but can't go further and then you should wane off to just cleansing and moisturizing.

  5. Literally I figured I just didnt have the skin type for trendy korean skin care- even the expensive ones. My complexion was so damn even and bright but my acne and dryness came back. So I figured my skin peaked and I needed to switch but it just repeated. So I stopped everything overall and just went with washing my face and moisturizing morning and night and my face has never been better.

  6. Can you please credit/give the source of the background music in your videos? I believe it's an animal crossing playlist? I find it super relaxing. Please tell me ! :C

  7. Dear god I can see the change in your texture. Eddy saying it ain't that much and I'm here being all sh00k and shit cuz damn, this shit worked wonders.
    And oml, I need this hoodie he's wearing.
    So glad that your skin is getting better now and yes… that swollen face was kinda scary LMAO

  8. Ok but you need to make a video about how you keep your hair in such good condition while using bleach, dye and heat on it

  9. A simple fragrance free skincare routine is all you need. No gimmicks just good ingredients. Also get your skin advice from a board certified dermatologist. There are plenty of good ones on YouTube. Dr Dray is my favourite

  10. some months ago I started using a new face cream and weeks later I noticed I got red bumps on my cheeks and I've never had that before in my life so at first I thought I was alergic to something I ate but no, it was that face cream T.T I stopped using it and like 3 days later my skin started to clear up! I'm still angry that I got that reaction from the cream but at least my skin is better now. Like you said, I just used a mild cleanser and moisturiser and my skin is way better than with applying toner, serum and that cream. sigh

  11. Random comment but what is the color name of your hair? I am not sure how to get the color since I bleach my hair once, it looks really nicee but not sure how the process is either

  12. I thought i was the only one who didnt like the 7 skin method!! It really messed up my skin, made it super sensitive, red and raw. The effects of 7 skin was really good in the beginning but over time it didn’t help but worsen my skin. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong at that time but i stopped using all the “extra” skincare steps and stripped right down to the basics of cleanse and moisturise. My skin improved after i decided to use less products on my skin. Wasnt so sure which product(s) was the culprit at that time but i lowkey suspected the 7 skin method and toner. Now that im hearing your story, im almost 100% sure!!

  13. I once had breakouts and it really bothered me so I bought all these products–moisturizers, cleansers and all. I used them for months and it never helped. Once I stopped using em all and just never washed my face. YES. never.washed. my.face.more.than my skin went back to its acne-free days. It also got this barely noticeable rosy cheeks.

    I mean, this might not work for you, but it worked for me. Maybe it will work for you too. whtevr

  14. not that this is helpful

    but the reason for skin having dips as acne scars is due to a lack of collagen, collagen is what repairs skin and can make skin go back to normal from acne scars. and if your acne scars are bumps that are the opposite of dips then that means your body produced too much collagen.
    so to fix acne scars that are dips, you can use collagen, you can get collagen or tissue injected into your skin, or just put collagen on the outside of your skin, and as for people who have the opposite, i think you can get the extra collagen removed but i’m not one hundred percent sure on that.

  15. omg i have the same symptoms and i ran to my bathroom and read the ingredients of my skincare bottle i used every night and boom guess what i see, *pentylene glycol*. well i solved that problem…

  16. My scarring is worst at the temples too. That’s a spot where you tend to lose a lot of volume with age (and I’m older than 27!) – I thought about temple fillers (to help with the ‘peanut head’) and wondered if they would affect/improve the scarring in the area ?

  17. I actually wanted to try 7 skin because of you, but I guess I was too lazy to do so, so I just slap some moisturizer on my face in the morning and at night, and surprisingly I'm doing just fine, only some break-outs sometimes , but overall really good

  18. I had a rash-like breakout around my mouth and eyes in July that lasted until October. Turns out it came from caring too much for my skin. I had to stop using any kind of skincare for over a month and now I only use a serum and a moisturiser. Don't do too much, exactly

  19. Eddie this is literally what happened to me. I watched a lot of korean skincare videos and a lot of them weren’t going all in detail but a lot of the videos I was watching recently was saying how layering and going all out with ur skincare and toner isn’t the best. I was always wondering how both my friends faces were so clear and healthy and they only wash it with soap and put on regular lotion occasionally but I literally do an 6 to 7 step skincare routine everyday but my skin was always so red, sensitive and it irritates my acne even more. I even did lots of face masks while they did none and their faces were literally so clear. I decided to try it out so I limited my skincare to only 2 steps and my skin has gotten sooo much better. I was honestly shook but I’m just glad my skin is better now. I learned a lesson that more isn’t necessarily better and that also applies to not only skincare but life lolol?

  20. Weird seeing this guy blow up on YouTube. Am I the only one that remembers when he called his friend the N word in a video and got called out for it then deleted the video and never apologized/said anything about it? ??

  21. i totally agree with edward bc i copied him LOL i bought the nakeup face stress free toner and started the 7 step because he said so in his shane dawson video and ive always had oily skin. but it started drying out my skin and my skin started stinging (on the cheek area) and was super tight. i stopped 7 step because i got busy at school and my skin became so much better almost immediately

  22. Maybe you were exfoliating too much. That your skin got too much sensitive. I only exfoliate once a week. And let it recover for 6 days. But the day after exfoliating. I would use recovering and protect items. And it worked for me.

  23. I used to put a lot of skincare on my face too and my acne got worse so I had to go through some accutane and didn't finish because I got anxious from the side effects.

    Later on, I decided to find the best moisturizer, sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, and cleanser for my face and it calmed down. Also, I learned that fragrance is a NO NO for sensitive skin. It makes it worse.

    Hope this helps.

  24. yalllllll i HAD A FUCKIN RASH like that but it had little red bumps too and was so sensitive omg. I never tell people to get shit but try SKINFIX ECZEMA+ I got it from sephora. It changed my god damn life in a few days and nothing worked before. Nothing from the doctor or diet helped except this thank baby jesus seriously try this if you have any skin issues it is amazeballs.

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