How Should A Sweater Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Crew Neck Vneck V-Neck Cardigan

How Should A Sweater Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Crew Neck Vneck V-Neck Cardigan

(classical music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my
Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. All right. (beep) yeah. To see the other articles
and videos in this series, visit this link right here, or click here. (laughter) Let’s talk about how
your sweaters should fit. First, before we begin, I wanna go over what you should be wearing
underneath your sweaters when you’re trying them on in
order to get the proper fit. When trying on a V-neck sweater, make sure you’re wearing a
collared dress shirt underneath because you should never
be wearing a V-neck sweater without a collared shirt
because it looks terrible and sloppy and amateur. So that means do not wear
a T-shirt, a V-neck shirt, or definitely do not be going shirtless underneath your V-neck sweater. That’s just creepy. When you’re trying on a crew neck sweater, stick with a T-shirt underneath because that’s pretty much all you’re
gonna be wearing underneath your crew neck sweater. Make sure your sweater hits
all of the following points. It’s really important
because if it’s knitted and/or made of wool or silk
or other finer materials, like cashmere, then you
cannot get it altered. It’s gonna be very
difficult, if not impossible. Starting off, for a V-neck
sweater specifically, you wanna make sure that the point of the V does not go past your armpits. So my armpits are here,
which coincidentally, it goes in line with
this line on my sweater. You don’t want the tip
of the V to go past this, so this is where the lowest
point of your V should be. With the opening of your V, you want it to be just wide enough so that the shirt collar
tips stay tucked in. Anything wider than that
and it looks really sloppy because you could see
the sides of the shirt. You don’t want that. All right, so now for all
sweaters, starting off with the shoulders, you wanna make sure that the shoulder seams
line up as close as possible to the end of your shoulders. Moving onto the sleeves,
you want them to lightly hug your arms all the way down to your wrist and not dig into your armpit. If the sleeves are too tight, where literally you’re bulging out of it, it looks like your sweater just shrunk. But also, if the sleeves are too loose, then it just looks so sloppy and terrible. You always wanna make
sure that whatever article of clothing you’re wearing
has a nice tailored fit. Ideally, the proper sleeve
length should hit at the bend of your wrist, like my
sleeve is doing here. If you’re wearing a
collared shirt underneath, then you want to pull up
your sweater’s sleeves so that a 1/4 of an inch of
your shirt sleeve is exposed. Onto the body. You shouldn’t be able to
pinch more than two inches of fabric on either side
of your lower ribcage. Your sweater should fit closely to your torso no matter your shape or size. There is no excuse for a billowy sweater. It just looks sloppy. And lastly, you want the
length of your sweater to hit somewhere between
your lower belt buckle and two inches past your belt buckle. Nothing more than that and nothing less. So that’s how your sweater should fit. To see all the sweaters that
I think every man should own, visit this link or click here. This video is part of my
Men’s Clothing Fit Guide. Check out my website for
a more in-depth article and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this. If you like this video, make
my day a little brighter and give it a thumbs-up. All right, guys, thanks
so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. (blowing) My face feels frozen. Happy! Okay. (classical music)

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  1. great video
    great information
    I've been on a marathon of watching your videos
    but what's up with your nails here???
    they're just not the same without those red nail polish

  2. If it's impossible to get sweaters tailored, then what do you recommend for us little dudes? I like the look of sweaters, but they NEVER fit me perfectly off the rack.

  3. A decent video, except for one thing.. I do not agree with you when you say that V neck jumpers cannot be worn with t shirts. I think that as long as the t shirt is white and plain, you can get away with a smart casual look and look good whilst doing so.

  4. hi. what do you advice to wear underneath a navy blue (buttoned down v-neck) baseball jersey ? should I wear a same color shirt? i am first time going to baseball game. Thank you.

  5. Ashley, you are wrong about wearing sweaters with no under shirt. If it is nice and fitted it looks awesome. AlphaM, Aaron Marino pulls it off quite well in his fall fashion video.

  6. Great tips…I went to different stores to fit their V-neck & ended up at Men's Warehouse. I got the same fit as the model and I love it. It's time to toss my sloppy sweaters…

  7. wow thanks for this advice video..i buy vneck wool sweatshirt or sweater i dont know i called hehe..thia guide me a lot thanks again mam ashley

  8. You shouldn't pinch more than 2 inches and less then 1 inch of fabric when you are wearing a dress shirt underneath or when you are wearing just a sweater and nothing underneath?

  9. I disagree regarding a shorter v-neck with a nice tshirt. That look works with the right v-neck and a clean t.


  10. Great tips!! Can you also guide us how to wear a sleeveless sweater vest and what should be the color combination between the shirt we're wearing underneath and the vest?

  11. Thanks! I'm far too poor to make uninformed choices swayed by fashionistas and advertising about men's clothing styling. Your videos are useful in upping my dress sense!

  12. These stylists need to teach this stuff to sweat shops where your $400 brand name sweaters are made. The sweaters are never made to fit your body properly. They're always cut in a generic pattern so all body types can fit into it. It is especially hard to find a sweater where the torso section is cut lean so you don't have bunch of loose fabric.

  13. Wait a second. Should I wear a button up with my crew neck sweaters or does that make me look like a jackass? what if the 1 inch collar on the crew neck is different than the rest of the sweater? Would that make me look like more of a jackass? Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a well dressed guy and some times I can't tell if it looks right or not. I'm too straight, and when I ask my girlfriend she questions my sexuality, so button up with a crew neck or nay?

  14. I think a v sweater with a white T under and jeans is a cool casual look. The office I worked at for one branch of my company in a suburb was very casual all week. However now I work at our headquarters in a sky scraper with executives and other higher ups. Everyone dresses up and wears the dress shirt under sweater with slacks too. I like the look better but I always get too hot with all of the layers.

  15. Hi Ashley, thanks for the video. I have just purchased a Cobalt Blue / Indigo coloured V neck sweater which I intend to wear mainly on nights out. What would you recommend to wear with this? should I stick with a white shirt? or is there anything else that you would suggest? many thanks

  16. About the length: should we chcek it when the sweater lies flat, which hardly happens in real scenarios, or after we raise our arms up and down again, so the bottom moves up a little and crinkle, which is actually how it stays most of the time…?

    Off topic: you move your body as if you were going to start dancing, not talking 😉

  17. Impossible to find a t-shirt that abides by her rules if you have a beer gut, they'd have to be taylor made, and looking at the images she uses, where are the larger figured guys? goes for all her videos, so lets see a larger guy video for her styling tips!

  18. Lmao for the last couple of years I've been wearing v-neck pieces of clothing without anything under it. No wonders why people consider me a weirdo.

  19. What about crewneck sweaters? Do you wear a collared shirt under it. If you do then collars out or collars in. Secondly if you don’t wear a collared shirt what about a white tshirt and have you found one where the neck doesn’t look all ragged or frayed ? A tight collar tshirt would be best but I’ve yet to find one

  20. I have a question. What kind of shoes do you recommend to put on this outfit. I'm looking for sneakers but in a fasion style.

  21. Here are the rules for looking good in a V-Neck sweater.  1)  Casual – t shirt or dress shirt without tie  2)  Dressy – dress shirt with tie  3)  Edgy – no shirt   *Note:  Sweater must fit properly, and you need to have a muscular physique to wear a V-Neck sweater without a shirt underneath.  How the sweater hangs off of the shoulders and fits through the chest determines how well it looks.  If your waist is bigger than your chest, wearing a V-Neck without an undergarment of some type will appear less flattering.

  22. As if any self respecting man would listen to information from this bimbo. Watch your language and use some deodorant next time.

  23. You remind me of Kristen bell, A half Asian Kristen Bell. I meant that last statement as a compliment, she's gorgeous and so are you. 😃

  24. Sloppy, it just looks sloppy. All men should do as I say, or they're just gonna be sloppy. I'm Ashley. Girl, puhleeaaaase…

  25. Completely wrong imo about wearing a t shirt underneath. I see lots of men wearing t shirts under a v neck sweater and they look really good. As long as it's not a deep v or such an old sweater it's more like a U neck lol. There's nothing wrong with a small simple v neck with a casual tee underneath for a modern laid back casual look.

  26. Celebrity menswear stylist. ROFL, that's a really umm….optimistic description of yourself. You come across as a really out of touch valley girl who is more than a little annoying and very needy. No thanks.

  27. I will say that a low v neck sweater (super v) is a good conversation piece in several ways. Get a lazor hair removal of body hair it costs of coarse but it was well worth it. Using vitamin E lotions and skin toners I keep mu skin young looking. I had a woman in a restaurant commented about my sweater and my chest then she took several pictures of me in different poses a couple of which I tucked it in pulling v lower and widened it at the neckline and really liked those the best. She goes to that restaurant a lot. She thanked me shaking my hand and said when the weather gets warmer temperatures and you come in here in a tank top I want to take more pictures. I said No Problem ok see ya.

  28. The guy in the orange sweater needs to take off that t shirt. Wearing a t shirt with a low v neck sweaters is a super turn off.

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