How To Care For Your Underarms, Brighten Them & Reduce Sweat Puddles | Skin Care & Home Remedies

How To Care For Your Underarms, Brighten Them & Reduce Sweat Puddles | Skin Care & Home Remedies

Dealing with underarm issues can be quite an ordeal. So, if you’re at your wits end when it comes to finding a solution for the discolouration, odour or itchiness, this video is just for you! Exfoliation is essential not just for your face but for your entire body, especially before you wax or shave. Mix a spoonful of sugar, orange peel and coconut oil to form the perfect concoction to exfoliate your underarms. This will get rid of unwanted dead cells and reduce discolouration leaving you feeling clean and fresh! Our tropical climate brings with it body odour and rashes caused by excessive heat and humidity. Luckily we have Nivea’s Pearl & Beauty Roll On which is an absolute saviour as it keeps the odour at bay and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Your underarm skin is extremely delicate and can easily feel dry and irritated if not taken care of. One of our favourite natural remedies for this is aloe vera gel. It penetrates deep into the skin and hydrates and moisturises it from within. We all have those favourite dresses that we avoid wearing because they leave us with embarrassing sweat patches. Well this hack is a solution we’ve all been looking for. Just take a panty liner in your underarm area on the inside of your clothes and keep those sweat puddles at bay. We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your underarms clean, fresh and problem free through the day. Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

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  1. I’ve used Nivea roll on for years !
    It’s really good 🙌🏽
    As always great videos !!!

  2. This video is so so helpful for me
    These tips are just superb
    Gonna try these hacks
    Love this
    Love glamrs 😘😍😅😄👍👌

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  4. Just wanted to know one thing. Is it compulsory to shave ur underarm to keep it clean and hygienic?

  5. Oh the panty liner hack is superb! Discovered something new there, thank you team @glamrs ❤️

  6. Thanks 👍
    I always worry😖 about my underarms
    Because it becomes dark🤢 but alhumdulillah I haven't body order😁

  7. I do shave my underarms but now my skin is became so dark.. should i apply orange peel mask for brighten colr?

  8. I sweat alot in underarms whether it winter or summer or rainy season😣 all the time I can't wear sleevesless or fashionable clothes due to this alot sweating ..feels so embarrassing 🤐

  9. Well here is a more economical hack…
    For getting rid of the sweat stains or to avoid sweat try Alum…In the same way you would use the roll on !!
    Yeah… Thanks me later …☺️

  10. Using nivea pearl and beauty for more than 6 months!
    Basically i m a sweaty prsn! And this one is like water ( as essential as water)
    Definitely recommending to all ladies

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