How to Change Skin Colour from Dark to Light in Photoshop ” In a minute only”

How to Change Skin Colour from Dark to Light in Photoshop ” In a minute only”

Hi guys welcome back on Nitin photography. My name is Nitin. Guys today’s episode is super cool because I am telling you. how to make fair skin from dark skin This is very simple method to make fair skin in Adobe Photoshop. we have to do follow simple steps just 2- 3 clicks only First of all we have to open a image in Adobe Photoshop. Friends here i have opened an image in Adobe Photoshop And now we will make its skin fair First we need to select the skin For which we Quick selection tools can also be taken Or we will use the Lasso Tool here. We can easily select it Here our selection has been done but it has not happened How to choose from from inside is out of nowhere, so we have to select it properly Use of Refine Edge…. you can see here Refin Edge…… After going to the Refin Edge……, you will see this option If this method is not showing you then you can go to this option and go from here select on white So we will look something like this From now on we select from the side So this will look something like this And if you make a little wrong then in the selection then press ALT key and correct that ok freinds So now we select it Smartly This kind of hair will also be selected in this Which was not on our previous selection Let’s have friends selected from here Or you can choose from here, smoothening etc. Well here’s feather option But I do not have them anymore So i’m not doing this There are also some advanced features. But I do not have this work, so I am not doing Friends our skin of image is selected Now what i have to do Press the control plus J button from the keyboard This will bring the selection area a new layer Control plus J button press Look, the guys are ready to become a layer here Now there is only one simple step What to do now Regardless of whether we can make a Fair Skin at a single click or in another way So let me first say simple method Make fair skin This is normal that you have to click here. Select screen from here This way Let’s see the skin is ready for the same click here. this before and after Now here I have to do a little bit of correction. in eyes, lips, eyebrows ect Because all the side have been fair color, so I have to do a little bit of correction here. Now what I do first select the brush from here And masks from here Here’s the look of the mask on the layer Now I raise the brush size slightly, and opacity i keep here 57 and more What will happen now If I drive corrupt on this side So this color A little match will bring with old layer Is this way The layer behind which we will see We do not have to do it in the middle just in the side Little bit Where from Some hair is coming inwards Should be slightly original Have to do this ok This is done with our side Just make a little correction in the eyes Do it in eyebrows It is necessary to do it in eyebrows Otherwise the eyebrow will look white This way Has improved eyes too Even with little lips we reduce the light ok If you want you can increase some brightness in it If you want to make even more fair this way Do whatever you want to do You can make a little color correction Maybe it is from my side that there is no need to do anything Friends, we make a group of it First we select both layers By right-clicking Group from layer Which will create the group And you can make it from here Or you can make it with the control plus J button Now we look at the preview Our photo was before and it was later ok Friends thank you very much for watching this video If you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel. Thank you

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  1. Idk why people are getting hurt about him making a girl lighter .. 1 its a tutorial on how to make someone’s skin lighter. 2 why click on the video if it’s going to bother you 3 it’s not like he said “ she’s ugly cause she’s dark so I’m going to make her skin lighter to look better “ he’s just giving a lesson on photoshopping someone skin tone .. I swear people are fucking weird . * Clicks on a video knowing it’ll bother me but let me comment against it * lmfao you clicking on his video just puts money in his pocket.. hate it or not

  2. People, this is not about dark vs light skin war. It is about how to change skin colors in photoshop. I personally prefer when she is dark skin, but he gets one more view, one more like and one more subscriber from me, because he taught me how to lighten/darken a skin color on photoshop. Good job brother, don’t pay attention to negativity.

  3. Kind of a shame to mess with such a great face. I was looking for some tips on how to make dark skin more visible… not how to make it look like "not dark."

  4. Her real colour is much much much better and she looks far more beautiful in a dark skin than light. To be honest BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

  5. I am black and I love been black. Can NEVER bother to change my skin colour….Black is everything, slow in ageing and even look beautiful at old age when compare to light skin

  6. I have photoshop cs6 cracked version , but i am not able to open raw file that is in cr2 format , please help me i have tried to install camara raw filter plugin latest version but i downloaded but after installing its not coming in photoshop .please help me .

  7. Skin colour:Comedians
    Smell vision

    A comedian or comic is a person who seeks to entertain an audience by making them laugh. This might be through jokes or amusing situations or acting foolish or employing prop comedy.Wikipedia

    People also search for: Actor, Musician, Clown, Impressionist

  8. If anyone was looking for a way to make (beautiful) dark skin easier to see in photoshop, it's really easy. At least 60% of the time, all you have to do is activate the layer you want to adjust, and then go to FILTER>CAMERA RAW FILTER. From there, you can adjust the exposure, and that is usually enough. If it needs more tweaking, the Camera Raw Filter menu also has contrast, blacks, and highlights that can bring out the features of just about any subject that isn't blown out with a bright background.

  9. Forget the haters, this is really great for us Asians who really need to brighten our skin up a bit lol

  10. Hey you indian She was beautiful before and by the way Who told you white is beautiful? Go study science and how we get to have different skin colours

  11. Fair is not always beautiful. ..its mindset of fairer people that thry are superior to dark n trying to put them down. Fairness is not the only criteria to judge beauty ….i think dark community shud wake up. ..i don't know when these stupid people will change their mind

  12. Being dark is natural. …but dark people are always underestimated for der colour….dats why they think to get fair. ..but they shud try to identify der beauty even being a dark….

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  14. "becouz" "estep" "isskin" "isteps" "aal" "opena "
    thoda pronunciation theek krlo otherwise you'll be a prey of these English Hunters, Brother!
    otherwise, the video tutorial was good and knowledgeable. I liked it . 3/5

  15. Hey! That's awesome tutorial. I have learned a lot from you. Do you know I can be a best supporter of you through my work? Because I am a multi-talented Graphic and also a logo designer doing designing and lots of things which may be very useful for your business.Check out here.

  16. Looks better with fair skin than the uglier dark skin, and for some people it’s true. People just look at things differently and in the comments man I see people favouring the dark one.

  17. Why is the comment section filled with angry ppl? He never said dark is ugly… It is only a tutorial for changing skintone… Bunch of idiots.

  18. Video me kaise karre Skin fair filter Effects Nahi Only Skin Glow like Celebrate look which I want to do in my Face

  19. Thank you for the tutorial.

    So sad to see so many stupid people who find everything racist, and in the same time not having any problem with darkening or fighting tanning the skin. Also not shouting the same way that "white is beautiful", sad to see so much white guilt, that era is over. The way you people behave is disgusting.

    Sometimes you have to change the skin tone to adjust it to the background to merge the layers for example, or lightening up to make the face stand out. Stupid world nowadays.

  20. Im sorry, but THIS IS about Drk/light war…because EVERY youtube describes it as "going darl to light" never LIGHT TO DARK, unless its daking a white person to make them a black person. But among blacks, its always DARK to LIGHT…this makes it indeed an issue of pandering to yellow "pretty" people

  21. by now, changing face tones should be a snap. Due to face recognition, even detecting if youre smiling or not, we should be able to take an entire face and simply graduate every pigment evenly lighter or darker.

  22. I needed a quick tutorial on how to make dark skin lighter cause I am putting the head of a lighter skinned person on the body of a darker skinned person.

    I appreciate all the "dark is beautiful" but surely we can imagine non racist reasons for why a tutorial like this is needed? Perhaps it would have been better had he done a situational tutorial like for what I need it for.

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