How to choose the best moisturizer for your skin

How to choose the best moisturizer for your skin

It’s a question dermatologists like Dr. Neil Shear hear everyday: what’s the best moisturizer? The skin has its own natural what they’re called humectants to keep the moisture in the skin. But there are many reasons that that skin barrier gets broken down. It could be from a skin disease, it could just be from age, it could be weather, and you do need to do something to keep the moisture in the skin. But he says there’s no one magic product, or time of day to apply it. The best moisturizer is a moisturizer. Sunnybrook dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon agrees. There’s no such thing as the perfect moisturizer for everyone and I think picking the right moisturizer depends on the patient’s skin type, it depends on their preference for consistency and it depends on what they are comfortable spending on a moisturizer too. She says price does not dictate quality. Generally, people with more oily skin may opt for a moisturizer that’s oil-free or lotion based, and those with drier skin may prefer thicker creams or ointments. She adds that everyone should be using a sunscreen everyday. Moisturize first and then use sunscreen, or you can opt for a combination product. Just make sure you use enough. For a whole body, we recommend two tablespoons of sunscreen. And don’t forget that for sunscreens you need to reapply if you’re out for prolonged periods of time. A few other tips: remember that serums add nutrients to the skin but aren’t moisturizers, so follow them up with your other products. In the winder time, place a humidifier in your bedroom to combat dry air. And keep in mind that while drinking water is important for overall health, it won’t keep your skin hydrated. You want to put stuff on the skin to keep water in. So whatever stuff you choose, the important thing is to use it regularly. With Sunnyview, I’m Monica Matys.

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