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  1. Dear,
    My aquarium get milky
    What is the solution for crystal clear water though I am using a hang on back filter.

  2. Hi great video, i have tried this Method i used a cloths plastic basket to put the pump in and wrapped the batting round as you did, it has been in my pond about 20 hours now and i see no difference i took it out and it does have some dirt on it but doesn't seem to be clearing the pond its only about 350 gallons am i doing anything wrong.thanks steve.

  3. It works!!!!
    I placed the poly fill at the very top of the filter….so all the algae gets stuck in the poly fill, then the rest of the water filters though


  4. I really like your idea here but how would you go about cleaning a 25k gallon pond? Just a bigger pump and more batting?

  5. Thanks for sharing this video, tried this on my pond, and after about 2weeks and 3changes of badding it's crystal clear for the first time ,

  6. I have a 1000 gallon pond that had not been touched in atleast 6 years when we bought our home .
    3 weeks ago we bought a BioSmart 5000 filter and also added a Aqua scape2 outlet aerator kit . The water still won’t clear and all the sludge from the bottom of the pond is filling up our filter so it’s not clearing the water.
    Hoping you have a suggestion on what we should do ? We purchased 4 lovely large Koi and we worry the muddy water will harm them

  7. Our pond was almost taken over by lily pads . Beautiful as the flowers were , we were shocked at the huge hay like bail of the root system that was taking up a large portion of our pond ! We were advised by a local pond guy to put on hip waders and enter the pond every other day and as gently as possible reduce the lily pads . We took over half of them out but the amount of soil attached really turned the pond water muddy . We were assured that by buying a great quality filter of the size we did the water would clear within a few days .
    Should we try your method of clearing the water before having to remove the Koi ?

  8. 16000 gallon pond green water turns into shining clear water about 9 days so don’t give up if the result is not quick as you expected, change the filter in basket every day. This solution save me a lot of time and money. πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Our pond is 1000 gallons and the pump is 1000 GPH. I’ll leave it over night & check it tomorrow. Lynn Mc

  10. Lol, I left it overnight & still not much change this morning. I thought the batting might have been to thick because there wasn’t much gunk on it so I pulled it up, washed it & will try again. Hubby says the pump is working well.

  11. i have my pump in my skimmer which sucks up the water to the waterfall… can i put the pump crate in my skimmer? or do i have to buy another pump and put it in the middle of my pond?

  12. just wanted to update. it worked!! i actually just wrapped the batting around my pump in my skimmer, left it alone, woke up this morning to a crystal clear pond. i was able to see everything as if it was a fish tank in my living room. i had an algae problem. i would clean everything and it would grow back in 2 days. murky/dirty green water. i did your method and wow. Enough said.

    p.s 1500 gallon pond. Thanks Melissa J. Will

  13. I have tried a simillar method but placed the pump and batting around inside the container.Should this not have the same result?After one day nothing has changed

  14. Hi hun I wonder would this help in a large pound only my dad has tried everything and it's still really great he loves his pond can you please help

  15. Vic Gardner again.Having seen all the positive comments from people using the method described in your video I am surprised and disappointed that I can't get it to work.As I have said,it doesn't seem as if the batting is filtering the algae as even after several days the batting is only showing a slight green tinge.PLEASE HELP

  16. WARNING! If you have a small barrel pond and there are fish in it do not use this method (unless you take out the fish first) I did this and lost 2 minnows and almost lost a goldfish. The minnows were stuck in the batting and poor things suffocated or drowned. The goldfish was inside the container swimming around (I used a large basket with holes from the dollar store that replicates the milk crate used here). It's a great idea, but just warning people about the fish.

  17. I have a submercible pump that connects to filter box . Box has charcoal filter 12 x 12 and poly fill coarser for top. 2 layers. The fountain attachment comes out of small pump with waterfall attachment. pond is 4 x 6 by 18 deep. 2 goldfish 1 frog. Had it for years no chemicals use 10 % drain weekly method. Everything fine crystal clear for month or so then over nite it starts to change within couple days completely cloudy. What makes it change so suddenly. Too much rain? Too hot too humid? It is in full sun til about 5pm. I pull box and pump out wkly and clean when i do water 10 % change. I have always done it this way.

  18. I have done the method here when I need to add an extra pump for circulation. But I have also used the batting at the bottom of the waterfall, in the skimmer (catches most of the gunk) and in a small waterfall that is fed from the uvlight. Most important is to always clean out those filters. Sometimes its everyday or weekly. But it really, really, really, does work. I live in san diego and its almost sunny here. I have no plants in my pond and it gets full sun.

  19. if i turn the filter off or remove it once the water is clear, how quickly will it take for the pond to get dirty again roughly???

  20. It works with mine. Had a terrible pea soup colored pond water few weeks ago that I can no longer ser my kois.and then I tried doing this process. After overnight of circulating, my pond water became clear and can now see my koi. 😊

  21. tks for sharing Melissa. One question please: The lake that I want to clean has around 100mx10m. It is relatively big. What method do you suggest to use in a lake at this size? Tks a lot.

  22. Thanks Melissa for sharing such wonderful method. I was thinking how to make the water clear in my small pond. Thank you again, from Sri Lanka,

  23. I lined a small wire basket with the quilt batting and placed it underneath my waterfall so all the water ran through it. It was easier to replace the batting this way as to start with I was changing it every 2-3 hours because of all the gunk it collected. My pond water looked a soupy green, brown colour to start with but after 10 days it is crystal clear and I can now see the bottom. I can't believe the transformation. I felt I had to post as this was so easy and cheap and I am thrilled with the results.Anyone trying this please persevere as I only have a small pond (6ft x 3ft Aprox) but it did take 10 days to finally clear. Great to see my fish again (not just when they were right at the top) and all this without any nasty chemicals. Thanks for the super idea!

  24. Ok so I was super skeptical. I have a 10×10'pond that has never been cleaned. I never hoped i could see the bottom. 10h. Thats what it took. I cant believe it. This is amazing. THANK YOU

  25. The procedure for turning murky water to clear water presented in this video is extremely accurate. You only need two things, 1)the batting and 2) activ(ated) charcoal, and of course a pump to move the water through those two things. It doesn't matter where you place those 2 things in relation to the flow of water, as long as the water passes through them at some point. If you don't want to see the batting or don't have a space above the water to place the filter and carbon, choose a setup like this video shows, pull the water through the batting and charcoal on the way to the pump.

    I had let my 10'x10' pond sit for a year, no fish, no plants, and an oak tree dropping leaves and pollen all year long, it was murkier than this lady's. Not wanting to disturb my setup, I disconnected the hose from the back of my waterfall and ran the hose outlet into a temporary filter setup consisting of a broken laundry basket with holes drilled in the bottom, dropped in two layers of 0.75" generic pond filter batting and old socks full of activated carbon, tied in a knot at the end. The thing rested on a 4×4 post I laid across the pond. Same concept as what is presented here just in a different part of the water cycle.

    Took a week but the water is now crystal clear. To note: I also have a $1000+ pond filter system, it's the same thing, just with a built in UV light. All you need to do is run the water through those two things, doesn't matter what amount of water you have, all that influences is amount of those two things you go through in a year. My temporary setup is ugly and once I'm happy with the clarity I'll design a box behind the waterfall that does the same thing but out of sight. I've even seen the boxes for sale. You can even run the water through a clear section of hose and place a plug in UV light bulb next to it to get the same affect.

  26. I tried this in my pond: milk crate and batting as you describe. Left it running for 24hrs and it had absolutely no effect. On a plus note, I have spoken to a number of people who swear by the batting as a suitable replacement for their pump filters.

  27. Hello, I'm about to try your method but my pond is lined up with loose soil instead of pebbles and rocks. Will it still work? I have to try it and risking churning all the soil up and making it worse. Thanks so much!

  28. Thank you for your video. We have a large pond with koi carp and the walls of the pond are covered in a stringy green slime, would the method in your video work to remove this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  29. Great video! Can you share what is the brand and capacity of the pump you used in the video? Our pond is under 1000 gallons. We have tried several different pumps and would like to know your recommendation. Thanks

  30. Thank you so much! I tried this method and my pond cleared overnight! I keep a whole bag of quilt batting in my bio filter now. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  31. You can save a few more pennies by recycling your unwanted cushions for this – 9 times out of 10 they’re stuffed with polyester batting

  32. Madam im from sri lanka i dont know from where i can find this batting what are the shops that you buy this from?

  33. Hi I have had a murky pond for years and I took your advice and after about 4 changes of the padding a miracle happened and i can see the fish!!! Yippee. Thank you very much. Surrey. England

  34. Quick question….. how do you get the batting out without letting the sludge back in the clean water. It worked great but I can't remove the dirty one

  35. I am going to build this today. A few questions. In the video, you did not put the batting around the bottom of the crate. Should the batting also be wrapped around the bottom as well to completely cover all holes of the milk crate? Can I use a submersible sump pump for this? I already have one and can attach a small garden hose and then adapt a larger hose to it? Thank you. Great video. I hope it works.

  36. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ its worked..😍😍😍from India

  37. This worked my pond Is so much cleaner… I can’t add photos but I used an old pump and a hamster cage to build an independent unit that I can use anytime separate from my pond pump.

  38. what about the algae and gunk on the bottom? And, can you advise on how much plants can/should be in the pond? I have water reeds and lillies – they look beautiful but they cover half the pond.

  39. Thank you for sharing this idea! I have been struggling this entire summer with clear water. Within 2 hours the water was completely clear!

  40. Madam what can I say after spending a small fortune on chemicals ..I bought a box with holes in and a bungee cord some wadding and it worked, thank you so much, am just about to change the wadding for some fresh stuff, my wife thinks you are the bees knees x

  41. I have a 1500 gallon pond and I just set this up today and put some in my water fall too hopefully it works thanks for the help πŸ‘Œ

  42. Hello Mellisa , thanks for taking the time to show this simple yet effective solution. Once the pond is clear it would be great to connect this up to some sort of murky water switch (maybe optical) and then it'll come on and clear the pond automatically if it starts to murk up again.
    I have a couple of questions that you may know the answer to.
    I've been told that keeping a good sized colony of Daphnia in the pond will keep it healthy and will help keep the algae growth down. Have you tired this ? does it work and if you do have Daphnia does this type of filtration also filter out the Daphnia?

  43. Thank you for the video. I saw a frog in your pond. Do they stay in your pond? or do they get away and you need to keep buying new frogs?

  44. Great idea. You inspired me to build my own micro filter using a tiny waterpump inside a vase stuffed with filter medium. Now i have a tiny pond spring that filters the water and no pipes or hoses visible. Thank you!

  45. Found you on the net. having recently had my 1500 gallon pond relined and a new Eazypod filter system installed I was disappointed to not be able to see my expensive koi because of green water. Pond experts said that it could be the weather, too many fish, poor water quality or bad filtration. Made up a unit using an inexpensive pump and within two days I was seeing some change in the water colour. After 3 days I decided to lift the unit and change the material around the crate. The amount of green algae collected on the outside of the unit was amazing. I'm thinking that within the next week I'll be able to see the bottom of my pond and all the fish therein. Thank you Melissa

  46. Wow great idea. Heading to the store now to grab supplies. We are trying something a little different. We're hoping your great idea helps keep our ducks bath clean! Can't see why not! Thanks…..

  47. The very best and NATURAL way to combat green water in my opinion after
    fighting it now for years. IS Freshwater muscles, I have 20 large ones
    in my pond, i have never had green water again. Just make sure you have
    enough sand to cover them during the cold @t pumps, no filters. Just, Fresh water muscles.

  48. The very best and NATURAL way to combat green water in my opinion after
    fighting it now for years. IS Freshwater muscles, I have 20 large ones
    in my pond, i have never had green water again. Just make sure you have
    enough sand to cover them during the cold @t pumps, no filters. Just, Fresh water muscles.

  49. The very best and NATURAL way to combat green water in my opinion after
    fighting it now for years. IS Freshwater muscles, I have 20 large ones
    in my pond, i have never had green water again. Just make sure you have
    enough sand to cover them during the cold @t pumps, no filters. Just, Fresh water muscles.

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