How To Cure ALL Fear of Failure: Super Now Wow Episode 008

How To Cure ALL Fear of Failure: Super Now Wow Episode 008

Fear of failure is dangerous. It’s a hidden
shackle on your mind that, if left untreated, severely limits your achievements and steadily
erodes your self-esteem. If you suffer from this fear, and do not cure
it, then – it’s such a ridiculous waste of your talent, your skills… your life. But before you can cure yourself of this fear,
you first need to answer these two questions: One, what is the fear of failure stopping
you from achieving and Two, what is it your actually afraid ‘OF’
if you did fail. I explained how you could do that in the last
episode. So, if you haven’t listened to that episode,
well, then you should :)… But briefly, if you haven’t had a chance to
catch that episode, to correctly diagnose your fear of failure you complete the following
two sentences: 1. “I think the fear of failure is stopping
me from starting / or finishing …” and then just finish the sentence with whatever
the idea, ambition or dream it is that your fear is stopping you achieving. And then: 2. I fear failing….(whatever your idea,
ambition or dream is) because I fear…. then you finish that sentence with one, or
more, of these four types of fears: Type #1. Fear of what others will think or
say if you fail Type #2. Fear of proving yourself wrong
In other words we fear failing, because we wouldn’t be as good, or capable as we thought
we were. Type #3. Fear of change
Where we fear if we fail it would negatively impact our personal circumstances. For example:
Loss of wealth, or decreased income Type #4. Fear of ending your dream
The fear that if you fail in achieving your dream or ambition, you’ll have nothing left
exciting to aim for. The correct diagnosis is critical, because
you cannot use the correct remedy – if you don’t know what fear it is you’re trying to
cure. With the correct diagnosis – you can apply
the correct cure. And today I’m going to share with you THE
four powerful remedies, that will cure you from any fear of failure you’re suffering
from. So, are you ready to banish the fear of failure
out of your life, once and for all? Are you ready to free your mind from the shackles
of fear and unleash your true potential into world? Great news – here they are… Remedy One – Focus On Your Life’s Dream Use this remedy if you suffer from the… Fear of what others will think; or
Fear of proving yourself wrong; or Fear of ending your dream And if you do suffer from any of them, this
is how you cure it: Don’t focus all your attention, or attach
too much importance, on the idea or project you fear failing. Focus and attach importance on your life’s
dream. To help me explain what I mean, I’m going
to use this show as an example. So, I wanted to start this show. If I placed all my focus and attach too much
importance on to the success of this show, but I feared failing because of what others
may say – then I never would have started it. But I didn’t place all my focus and importance
on to this show. I’m focused on my one big, overall life dream
– which is to inspire and teach millions of people to live the life they want and deserve. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating this show. But if it had failed or eventually does fail
– then it’s not the end of the world. It wasn’t my life’s ambition – it’s just one of many
smaller ambitions that lead me to my overall life’s dream. It’s like going on a long car journey. You
have your final destination that your focused on – because that’s the overall purpose of
the journey. If you hit traffic delays on the way, or maybe
a diversion – you don’t turn around and go home! It’s frustrating, it may take you longer to
get there. You may have to take a new route to get you
to your final destination. But you will get there. That’s what you set out to do, that’s what
you’re focused on, that’s what you have placed all your importance on. That’s all you need to do – just focus on
the final destination. Don’t worry so much when things go wrong on the way – there’s
always, always other routes you can take. And if you don’t have one big life dream and
you would like to start creating one, then try this: Imagine yourself waking up on the morning
of your 100th birthday. You walk over to the window and look out over the beautiful garden.
As you listen to the birds morning chorus, you’re washed over with a warm glow. You start
smiling as you recall fond memories of your wonderful, fulfilled, exciting, worthwhile
life. You feel truly blessed that you achieved and experienced everything you dreamt of. Well, what is it you have achieved or experienced?
– Your answer will be your overall life’s dream. When you focus on your main dream, it helps
you get other ideas and projects into perspective and you no longer fear failing them. Remedy Two – Realise if You’re NOT Failing
– You ARE Failing Use this remedy if you suffer from Fear of what others will think; or you
Fear proving yourself wrong If you are not failing, to varying degrees,
regularly – you’re not trying to progress, learn and develop in your life. Because to achieve anything remotely significant
to you, you have to have failures. And you shouldn’t just accept that you will
have failures. You should embrace them and get through as quickly as possible. Why? Because all areas of your life will work
on a failure to success ratio. The ratios will change through life, depending
on your rising or falling skill levels, your self-esteem, your habits. But, realise, all areas of your life are working
within a failure to success ratio. I will probably dedicate a whole episode to
this in the future. But, briefly, here’s a few examples. If you cook – your meals are working with
a failure to success ratio. If you’re good, you could be making 300 meal
to every bad one. Your ratio: 1 failure to 300 successes. If you’re a good cook, do you throw your oven
gloves away as soon as you burn or undercook a meal? – No, of course you don’t. Rows in your relationship. They are also working to failure and success
ratios. Great relationship – you may have a ratio
of 1 row every 100 days. #More fiery relationship, 1 row every 3 days.
Poor relationship 1 good day out of every 7. But whatever your ratio is, it will stay fairly
consistent unless something happens to affect it. And you could work out your ratios to everything
you do or experience in your personal life: Days feeling well to days feeling ill ratio,
miles driven to points received ratio. The amount of days you don’t tell someone
you love them, to the days you do ratio… and so on. And the failure to success ratio carries on
into work life. And normally, the higher and more rewarding
the result you’re aiming for – the more failures you’re going to have to get you there. As you become more experienced and learn from
your mistakes the failures needed to succeed will decrease. But they will always be there. As an example, here are a few of my failures.
All of these have happened within the last few weeks. My ambition: To publish two episode of this
show each week Result – Failed. I did one week, but since
then I’ve failed every week. And have now accepted I was wrong and it’s
now a weekly show. Another: My ambition: To have 1,000 show listeners
and facebook fans to become FREE members of my Dream. Trust. Achieve Academy. Result – Failed. Only just… I
have 38! And it’s FREE! Final one: Ambition: To have 1,000 youtube subscribers
within the first 4 weeks of launching. That’s only 250 a week, easily achievable I thought. Result – Failed: I only achieved 250 subscribers
for the whole month. And they are just a few of the failures I’ve
had. Believe me, you haven’t the time to listen
to the complete low down on my failures over the past few weeks – let alone months or years. Nearly everything I do is wrong to some extent! But amid all my failures – within the past
3 to 4 weeks, starting from scratch, I have had some successes: My facebook fan page, despite me not having
a clue what I was doing, has grown from two fans to over 8,000 fans in the first 4 weeks. And my posts have reached more than 137,000
people. This show made it into the top ten in the
US itunes store under the self-help category, after just the second episode. It got to number one in the UK store, after
4 episodes and has reached number one for the past 3 weeks. My videos have been viewed over 93,000 times
– despite a few flops. 16,500 times on facebook and 76,500 times on youtube. And I say none of that to brag. Imagine what
I could have achieved if I would have known what I was doing! No, I’m sharing this with you to prove there
are going to be failures to reach the successes. Or, to put it a better way. Failure is just
an attempt, that’s all it is. So, you will need a certain amount of attempts before you
receive the result you ideally want. Just like a football team trying to score
a goal. They know they’re working to a ratio of ATTEMPTS on goal to the result they ideally
want – which is to score goals. Next remedy,
Remedy #3. Write Down The Worst Case Scenario Use this remedy if you’re suffering from Fear
of Change. And if you are, this is what you do: Write down the worst case scenario to the
project or idea you’re afraid of completing or even starting. What would does it look like? What would your
life be like? Focusing on the worst possible result, will
do one of two things: First, it will either prove to you that even
if everything went horribly wrong – then so what? No one died… there was no result so
bad that you couldn’t cope with it; or Second, it may unearth a genuine and understandable
fear. For example, if you have plans to start your
own business and your worst possible result is: You lose all your savings, you’ll have no
money to pay the mortgage and then you’ll be homeless… well, at least you now know! But, in all seriousness, at least you do now
know what you’re actually fearful of. Now you know that, you can address it. Focus in on your major concern. Would it actually
be that bad? Could you start the business in your own time
– to test the idea out – before leaving your existing employment? Or, could you explain to them that you have
a business idea you want to test. But if it didn’t work out, would they be happy to have
you back? Or maybe, at the end of it all you decide
your idea isn’t worth the risk. But at least then you can get the idea out
of your mind and move on with your life. Move on to your next idea which could work. And the good news is, if you do decide against
starting your idea – you are NOT suffering from fear of failure. You’ve just given your idea some careful consideration,
weighed up the pros and cons, and made a decision. A normal and sensible thing to do. With one caveat. After deciding not to press
ahead with the idea you had – quickly get a new one. And if you’re next idea still doesn’t
excite and motivate you enough to go through with it – then get another new one. And keep going, until you get to your idea
– your dream – that gets you so passionate that you’re almost bursting with excitement
and so motivated, you will overcome anything to make it work. Remedy #4: Create A More Ambitious, Exciting,
Bigger Life Dream The number one strong antibiotic remedy for
all four fear of failure types I covered this in the last episode, but in
short: In most cases, the easiest way to overcome
ANY fear of failure in your life is to create ideas, dreams and ambitions that excite you
more. Because any new endeavour creates, to varying
degrees, these two strong emotions: Passion – the excitement you have for wanting
to achieve and experience the result; and Fear – not just fear of failing, but also
fear of the unknown, or the work ahead of you, of the new skills you have to learn and
so on. Now, this is what happens… Your passion creates motivation. The higher
your passion for wanting to experience the outcome, the higher your motivation will be
to achieve it. Your fear creates a wall, or a block between
you and what you’re trying to achieve. So, this is the key: If your passion for what your trying to achieve
is low, that will create a low motivation to want to achieve it. Low motivation maybe alright if you’re experiencing
low fear, because low fear doesn’t create much of a barrier for you to overcome to achieve
what you wanted. But low motivation will not overcome high
fear levels. High fear levels create a high barrier between you and what you want to achieve
and you just won’t be motivated enough to overcome it. If fear is blocking you from achieving, simply
create new ideas, ambitions and dreams that create more passion. The greater your passion,
the greater the motivation it produces. And you need your motivation levels to be
higher than your fear level. Succeed in that – and the fear of failure cannot stop you
from achieving your dreams. Put another way, I would not stand in front
of one million people and dance for �10.00. I don’t know why I said a million – I wouldn’t
do it in front of two people. But anyway – same principle. Dancing in public is a large blocking wall
for me. The result of �10.00 does not create much passion in me. The lack of passion for
the result, produces little motivation for me to overcome the fear. So I wouldn’t do
it. However, I would do it for a million pounds. Same fear of dancing. But now the result is
one million pounds. I’m passionate about earning �1 million pounds. That creates a huge amount
of motivation in me, which is more powerful than the fear. So I would do it. So, don’t concentrate on the fear. Concentrate
on creating dreams your more passionate about. So they are the four remedies that will cure
you of any fear of failure you may be suffering from. Start using them today and break free from
the hold fear of failure has on your life. And if you find some of the tasks or projects
you have to do to achieve your dream, just too scary to do – then just find another way.
There will be another route to your overall dream. If I feared flying, but desperately wanted
to go to Italy the fear of flying wouldn’t stop me… I just go by boat instead! Don’t look back at your life with regret that
you didn’t even try to do, what you truly wanted to. Free your mind free from the shackles of these
fears and unleash your true potential into world Go and grab yourself an enriched, fulfilling
life that makes you and everyone who knows you proud. Get started today… go out and fail, fail,
fail, fail…. because that’s just accelerating you towards your unavoidable success. And this week, these days this ‘NOW’ is going
to pass anyway. So make this now a super ‘NOW’ a super ‘NOW’ that makes you go ‘WOW!’ Hi it’s Grant J Marsh. I hope you enjoyed
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make this now a super now a super now that makes you go wow!

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