How To Find Your True Skin Type With Renée Rouleau

How To Find Your True Skin Type With Renée Rouleau

– I’m Renée Rouleau of
Renée Rouleau Skin Care. I’ve been an esthetician for 30 years now, and one thing I know for sure, is that you can’t just put the skin into dry, normal and oily. Typically, when people
talk about skin types, they do put it into those classic three. Sometimes, maybe there’s
an acne skin type, maybe a sensitive skin type. But working with skin, I’ve realized that dry, normal and oily only determines how heavy or how lightweight your products need to be on your skin. What happens if you have breakouts? What happens if you have rosacea? What happens if you have brown spots? What happens if you were a
lifeguard when you were younger and you have more sun
damage than other people? Dry, normal and oily
just don’t address that. So, I created nine different skin types. Literally, 30 years of working
with skin, I’ve realized that there are nine skin types. And, actually, I’ve never
even once thought there was a 10th skin type. I literally have narrowed
it down to nine skin types that I think really encompass everybody, regardless of even your skin tone. Why it’s important to
determine your skin type is that you really can’t get
the best results for your skin if you’re not using products that address your personal skin care concerns, as well as how your
skin is inherently wired based on genetics, and lifestyle
plays into that as well. The Renée Rouleau line is based on nine different skin types. You can go to
and take my skin type quiz and we’ll tell you which of the
nine skin types that you are so that you can really get the
best results for your skin. The thing to know about skin types though, is your skin type can change due to hormonal shifts and age. I know for me, Skin Type 2, if you look at my nine skin types, I was a Skin Type 2 for a long time because I still had issues with breakouts. A lot of them were more hormonal, cystic acne on my chin and jawline. But now that I’m almost
50 I’m a Skin Type 6 now. Typically, your skin can
change from season to season. Meaning you can get
oiler during the summer and dryer during the winter. But you’ll notice when you
look at the nine skin types that the skin types do
address those sort of things. But I’m talking about
where you’re actually a completely different skin type. So, typically a skin type will only change probably every 10 years,
maybe even every 20 years. So a lot of people find
that once they determine their skin type they can
stay in that for a long time. The thing that will
change up your skin type, really more has to do with breakouts, or if all of a sudden with aging you’re all of a sudden getting
rosacea because of hormones. So, those kind of factors can play into why your skin type changes. But for the most part
you’ll be able to identify one of the skin types and
be able to stay in there for a long time. The important thing to know
when taking the skin type quiz at is you
want to really think about what your main focus is. When you look at the nine skin types on the nine skin type page, you’ll definitely notice that you might identify with lots of them. So my best advice to you is to really think about
what your main focus is. Yeah, you might be somebody that can still get
breakouts once in a while, but if it’s not really
your number one focus, then don’t really answer the questions based on your breakouts
if it’s not a big deal. You really just want to think about, “What is my main focus with my skin?” And that’s going to allow
you to get the best results when you take the skin type quiz. To find your perfect
skin care routine go to, take the skin type quiz. And if you’re confused and you
need additional information, you can also consult with
one of our estheticians. We are an esthetician based company since that is certainly my background. I support estheticians and I
know the good work that we do, and really helping people
identify their unique skin type. So you can schedule My Skin Rx, which is a virtual skin
consultation with an esthetician that can provide clarity to make sure you’re really understanding
what your true skin type is and help develop a game plan for your skin so that you can get the best results. If you’re somebody that’s really confused about how to take care of your skin, I definitely encourage you to come on over to Renée Rouleau. We have the nine skin types, our skin care line currently
has almost 50 products, and each skin type has
a very specific routine that’s going to address
your unique skin concerns. When it comes to skin,
it’s not one size fits all. At Renée Rouleau your skin
care will be personalized.

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