How to Fold Shirts & Pants : Folding Sweatshirts

How to Fold Shirts & Pants : Folding Sweatshirts

I’m going to show you now how to fold a sweatshirt.
Now this basically falls as the same principals as shirt. But sweatshirts a lot thicker so
people tend to be more sloppy with them. But you shouldn’t be because they take up a lot
of space. So face down as we do with all our other ones. And sweatshirts are tough too
because there isn’t a lot of seaming to go by. Like here it’s gathered at the bottom,
I can’t really get it much flatter than this. But still what you want to try and do is get
it as flat as possible. And then you do a fold in, and then you’re going to fold the
sleeve straight down because these are so bulky that you don’t want to make two folds
on the sleeve; you want to keep them as flat as possible. So we’ve folded the sleeve straight
down, flatten that out and then you want to do the same thing on the other side. Got a
little fold there. Flat as possible. You want to fit as much in your suitcase as possible.
And then another fold. You stretch everything out. And you keep the hood out, you don’t
want to fold the hood in because that’s just going to make it really really bulky. And
in this one I just like to do one half fold all the way up. And with sweatshirts it’s
really important that you stretch them out and try and get rid of as much as possible.
And then what you can do for this, is you can just fold the hood back and a nicely folded

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