How to get Glitter off your skin!

How to get Glitter off your skin!

*groovy nail porn* Alright, so you’ve learned how to do these bloody glitter nails and fingers by watching my other video. What do you mean? You haven’t yet? Well you better click on my other video because I want double views! Wooow the honesty here today is amazing!!! So Simply Peel is basically my secret weapon to removing all things that are difficult to remove, such as gradients, but also bloody glitter that you put all over your fingers. Because it’s technically a liquid latex, I’m pretty sure that puts me in the same category as like, special effects make up artists. Watch out Glam&Gore and Madeyewlook, I’m coming for you! ‘Cause I got that peel porn, and you know it! (da, da da) I got exactly what you need! (da, da da) Okay I’ll stop making nail polish related popular song remixes, I promise. Oh, yeah, so what’s going on here? Yeah that’s right we’re peeling off the Simply Peel stuff that I put under this glitter clusterfuck of awesomeness! And it’s really quite that simple. Yeah, just peeling it off. Yeah, it’s so easy I just love it. It’s relaxing, it’s a great form of therapy if you had a stressful day. I mean, sometimes I just put Simply Peel randomly on different parts of my body and don’t put anything over it and I just peel it off ’cause it feels good. Don’t mind these acrylic paint straggly bastards. Apparently acrylic paint can be removed with soap and water so, I’m not gonna listen to that and I just licked the end of a q-tip with my MOUTH, and took it off with my saliva. ‘Cause I was lazy, and the sink is so far. Hey look, I guess you could wear this less extreme version of bloody glitter nails if you wanted to like a normal person and not paint your hand. But while we’re here, why not peel off our nails too? That must sound so weird to someone who doesn’t know anything about nail polish, okay. They’d be like “What? You’re gonna peel off your nails?!?!?!? That’s disgusting and sounds painful!!!!!” And then we’re like “No, stupid! It’s a peel off base coat!!!!! It makes removal super easy!!! And I put the link in the video description box to my favorite peel off base coat for you!!!!” And while we’re on the topic of stupid people, YES, my nails are yellow and NO, nothing is wrong with them. They are completely healthy, they are just dramatically stained, because if you haven’t noticed, I do my nails a lot. Even though I already made a video explaining why YELLOW NAILS DON’T MATTER and what it actually means and why it’s not a bad thing, people STILL to this day comment a whole bunch of crap like: “You should give your nails a break, they’re so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Don’t touch my food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Well, you don’t worry little girl, okay, ’cause I’m not gonna be serving you shit. Ahh, that’s better. I’m all clean, feeling refreshed, and back to being yellow again. Now what should I do with all the stuff I just peeled off my body? Well, I’m gonna put it in a ziploc baggy and put it under my pillow, of course! Did I mention that I was a psychopath? So yeah, it’s perfectly normal, I’ve just saved all of my manicures that I’ve done using my favorite peel off base coat and I shoved them all in a bag, because, I mean, like how much fun is this bag? It’s like a bag of memories of joy! Everytime I’m feeling sad, I just open this bag and take a big old walk down memory lane and think of all those good times I had painting my nails. Alright, that’s enough for today don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because you too are also a freak. Don’t lie, I know! Thanks for watching, bye! *more groovy nail porn ayyyyy*

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  1. Christine : why yellow nails don't matter blah blah blah

    Little girl : don't touch my food blah blah blah

    Christine : don't worry little girl I won't be serving you shit

    Me : can't decide if that savage or not

  2. Hey simply my Mom's letting me buy as peel off base coat and Holo nail polish today! I'm so excited even though the entire cost is $20…

  3. Your skin is turning red as your removing the paint. Be careful that your not becoming allergic to latex. Its an acquired allergy. The more you use it, the worse it can get. My skin turned red at first when I had latex on my hands and now I have to have an epi-pen.

  4. Ok the first time I saw you before your explanation why yellow nails don’t matter I was like oh I hate nail art but I will give the benefit of the doubt I was a H?l? sexual and I was peeing my pants of laughter which I was straight out of a panic attack and you have really helped me through a lot and just kept me happy

  5. That peel off base coat is crap when you use that one you can't put the peelies in the peelie bag they're all peeled up too much

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