How to Make a Handmade No-Stitch Dog Sweater! The Easiest Dog Jumper to Make!

How to Make a Handmade No-Stitch Dog Sweater! The Easiest Dog Jumper to Make!

Hi guys! It’s Nicole and Albert here from
Relax My Dog, we’re here every week answering all of your doggy related questions. The poll
on last weeks video showed that you guys wanted to know how to make a free DIY doggy sweater
for your dogs. Now Albert here gets very cold in the winter because he’s got a little bald
belly, so I have to dress him up in jumpers every winter just to keep him warm. By the
end of today’s video you’re going to know exactly how to make a free doggy jumper. All
you need for this video is an old jumper. We’re going to be using a hoodie today because
it’s really good fabric as it doesn’t fray, but you can use knitted jumpers as well you’ll
just need to hem it. So, let’s get on with our recycled doggy jumper! For your DIY doggy
jumper all you need is an old jumper. Just take your dogs measurements around their neck
and around their stomach, this will make sure that you have got the right amount of fabric
for your dog jumper. Albert needs a little bit more around his belly because he’s getting
a little bit podgy now, if your dog is smaller then you’ll be able to make a jumper from
the end of the sleeve, for example if you had a chihuahua then this is going to be big
enough for their neck. For example I have made one with my other sleeve here which is
perfect for a really small toy dog breed. However Albert is a little bigger than that,
so we’re going to cut half way up the sleeve for his neck hole. Now a hoodie material is
really good for this because it hardly frays, but if you did want to use a knitted jumper
to make some nice christmas jumpers, then you can just hem it – so just leave about
an extra inch of material, fold it under and hem. But for this material it’s already perfect.
So then we are just going to cut along here in exactly the same place that the sleeve
is sewn on already so that you get a little bit of extra down the back of your dog. So
it should look like that so far. Then to make the holes for your dogs legs we need to fold
over half way and cut half a circle over the two bits of fabric. These are going to be
for your dog’s legs. So you should have something that looks a little bit like that. And there
we have Albert in his little winter jumper! Now these are also really good as thundershirts
as well because you can make them a little bit tighter so that they feel really safe
and secure when they hear scary noises, so they work really well as an anxiety prevention
as well as a bit of extra warmth in the winter. We really hope you enjoyed today’s video and
if you did please do remember to give us a big thumbs up, and if you haven’t subscribed
already then please make sure that you hit that button. We’ve got another poll on this
week and it’s again what you’d like to see on next week’s video, so make sure you vote
in that so you get your say! We’d also love to see pictures of your dog’s in the jumpers
that you have made for them, we’ll be displaying all of these pictures on Instagram. So that’s
it from us for this week, we’ll see you again next week! Bye!

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  1. Never thought about having something tight for anxiety I just got a dog that has PTSD from being abused I'm going to try putting snug tops on him

  2. Love all your videos & music compositions; keeps my little chihuahua company when I'm running errands! You & Alfie are so adorable!???

  3. I leave your relax my dog music on when I go to school and my dogs are on their own and they never bark and sleep pretty much the whole time

  4. This is perfect for my shih tzu I am gonna make it and thx for making the shih tzu video my dog was snoring lol thx again!!?

  5. When we had our Yorkie, we once used one of my wool socks to make a little sweater for him when we were caught off guard with sub zero weather on a weekend outing. He loved it, and wore it every winter until he passed away?.

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