How to make a leather heart sweatshirt | Nik Scott

How to make a leather heart sweatshirt | Nik Scott

Hey y’all so today I want to show you how
to make this quick and easy heart sweatshirt perfect for Valentines Day or any day. To customize your sweatshirt you’re going
to need a sweatshirt, faux lather or fabric of your choice, something to write with, a
pair of scissors, fabric glue and a glue stick. The first thing we’re going to do is make
a giant heart out of the fabric that you chose to make your heart out of. And we’re going
to do it like we learned back in elementary school by folding the piece of fabric in half
and drawing half of the heart on one side of the fabric and then cutting it out. Now you have a perfectly symmetrical heart.
Now find the center of the chest of your sweatshirt. You can do this by measuring or just guesstimating
like I did. And use the glue stick to kind of temporarily hold down your heart so it
doesn’t shift, then go back over and use your permanent um what you call it…permanent
fabric glue to glue down the heart. A very important step that I did not do is
that you need to make sure that you have a barrier between the front and the back of
your sweatshirt just incase that glue seeps through. I was fortunate that the glue didn’t
seep through on my sweatshirt but please make sure that because you don’t want to ruin your
project. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Now do the same thing to the other side. As
you see that glue stick didn’t permanently hold down the heart so you’re able to just
pull it up and proceed with the permanent glue and all the stuff you did to the other
side. Now you can use your finger to spread the
glue out to the edge of the heart but I was not in the mood to be getting my nails all
messed up. Aint they cute? I’m loving that blue! But I’m using just an old rubber cement brush
to brush out the glue to the edge of the heart but make sure that you do not get glue on
to your sweatshirt and if you do it’s important that you immediately get a damp cloth to wipe
it up because otherwise you will ruin your sweatshirt. And that is it yall. If you try this project
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