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  1. What if the ink is from another clothing (dark blue one) and bleeds out on other clothing (light ones) how do I get that out? Its a really expensive shirt I don't want to throw it away lol

  2. I came here because i thought i could get rid of it myself, but bleach, rubbing alcohol, and other extremely harmful stuff for your face kept getting on my face.

  3. i try this had old but new bead spread with indian ink in it my mum gave me someone tryed to give me a tat-to i said no the ink went on my bead spread trying woned soap frist

  4. I tried Vodka, ariel Stain Remover all to know avail. Plain and simple Cotton pads and Acetone (Nail Varnish Remover) Just put some on a pad and dap the stain lightly the Acetone will soak up the ink. Make sure you put a good few layers of Kitchen towel underneath the stain so the ink soaks into the towel and not into the t-shirt underneath.

    It may leave a slight brown mark but it got rid of most of it then warm water and wash the acetone out in case it damages the natural dye and wash in Washing machine i used no heat setting just so it does not take more colour out.

    Hope this helps

  5. I have spent months studying removing tattoos naturally and found a fantastic website at Chads tattoo tactic (google it if you're interested)

  6. So I left a red pen in a hoodie from school. Then I put it in the wash with all of my other clothes. I am obsessed with Melanie Martinez. All of my merch was in there. All of the clothes were white. I hate myself.

  7. Or just spray aerosol hairspray & scrub. Even if its been run through the dryer accidentally, still comes out.

  8. mere car ke bonet pe ball pen ink giri hai to wo nikalni hai aur car ka colourr ko bhi koi problem hona nahi chahiye.. aisi kuch idea hai kya sir

  9. I found this useful, too… There are a lot of options to get ink out; but the big key is not to use heat:

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I used rubbing alcohol instead of the one listed in the video and this worked. I spent about 4 days going through all the steps slowly, but for a stainless garment, it was worth the time and waiting.

  11. True Story

    My mom got me light blue jeans for Christmas. She didn't put them in a box and wrote with sharpie "To:Me From: Mom. " When I opened. It I was so happy but it stained my jeans.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😥

  12. I have a giant black stain on my crystal white, brand new bed sheets and I have a feeling my mum is not gonna like it…… SEND ADVICE

  13. here's several suggestions for removing tattoos
    Make sure you consume plenty of fruit and vegetables.
    Take vitamin C
    make use of herbs which cleanse the liver eg dandelion
    make use of herbs with infection fighting properties such as dandelion root and burdock and others including garlic
    (I discovered these and why they work on Chads Tattoo Tactic website )

  14. Not all Stains need to necessarily be fresh, I just removed a pen stain from early morning, …. it's midnight now, and wallah stains are gone.

    Put Alcohol on the stain, brush it with a toothbrush then maybe add more alcohol,….. wash it with soap. And done. My stain was gone in 1 min.

  15. Put plastic between the affected layer of material and any material underneath or you run the risk of he stain spreading through. In this case it could stain the back of the shirt too.

  16. You can also use isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure it’s at least 91%. Got it from Walmart for practically pennies. Does the trick just fine.

  17. came here to find out how to get red sharpie out of blue jean pocket, top came off, happened the first day I wore them

  18. I'm watching this right now and I only have 3 minutes to clean it before my mom finds out bang my head on the keybidbvaw ijw oqj 3o284h9unrv984ugo2i3984uo g0eg48042g24on2

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