How To Replace a Water Pump and Save $783

How To Replace a Water Pump and Save $783

Hey guys! ChrisFix here and today I’m gonna show you how to replace a water pump in a car This is my dad’s daily driver He used it to go back and forth to work and one day when he was pulling out of the driveway I noticed coolant leaking out from underneath his car luckily we caught this before he left because with his long commute the coolant would her probably run low and the car could have overheated! So we popped the hood and I knew the leak was coming from the driver’s side area So I took a look over here and you can actually see some of the coolant Leaking out and cooling over there and if we take a closer look right over at the water pump You could see the water pump is soaked in coolant and it’s leaking from the weep hole, which means the bearing seal is bed So that means that we need to replace the water pump now attic curiosity I contacted the local Jaguar dealership and asked them how much it would cost and take a guess… It was $843 to replace the water pump, gasket, and add some new coolant! so the whole point of this video is to show you guys that you could do this at home and save yourself a ton of money, and we’re not gonna be doing anything crazy. We don’t have to jack the car up This is a relatively simple job and we’re using all common tools. Let me show you what we’re using now the first thing you want to do is Always get those safety glasses on now for an eight hundred and forty three dollar job There’s really not that many tools and products that you need in this case We have a torque wrench two sockets our ratchet or wrench some threadlocker A gasket scraper a scouring pad and a flathead screwdriver or pry bar and then we have our water pump I got this water pump for 40 bucks. It’s a decent quality one. It came with the gasket. It’ll work just fine We do have a drain pan just in case we need to drain the coolant or catch the coolant We have a no spill funnel. And of course, we have the proper coolant now, it’s very important that you use the correct coolant otherwise You could damage your engine and to check what coolant your car takes just check the owner’s manual And it’ll tell you right in here. You can also check the bottle and the labels on the bottle You can see right here. It says it’s good for Jaguars 1997 and up we have a 2003 so this is perfect and that is all you need Now we could go and get started now anytime you go work on a car, especially the cooling system You want to make sure the car is cold. You don’t want to work on a hot vehicle? The cooling system is pressurized when the vehicle is hot You don’t want that scalding hot coolant come shooting out at you when you’re removing that water pump So I let this car cool down It is now ice-cold and now we could get started on removing that water pump, which is down there So in order to get more access over there, the first thing we need to do is to remove the battery So let’s remove the negative cable from the battery first Good now we can remove the positive cable from the battery And finally, let’s remove the battery and we could also remove the battery box as well Now look at all the space We have to work on our water pump next we need to remove the belt because it wraps around the water pump It also wraps around this pulley right here, which we’re gonna have to remove so we could get to the water pump bolts So grab a wrench and get it on the bolt of the tensioner pulley and pull Downwards to relieve the tension of the belt and now we can easily get the belt off the pulleys So it’s out of our way next we need to remove this pulley so we could get to the bolts behind the pulley Which hold the water pump in there’s three bolts here holding the pulley in So let’s remove the bolts by breaking it free and then loosening it up by hand Good and do the same for the other bolts and these are small 8 millimeter bolts? So they’re pretty easy to break free and remove just like that. Then we could remove the pulley completely So with everything out of the way We could get to all eight bolts holding our water pump in but before we go and remove the water pump the next thing most People are going to want to do is drain your entire cooling system So go to the radiator drain the radiator get all that old dirty Coolant out of here because old dirty coolant with a new water pump is just gonna ruin that new water pump in this case I drain the coolant and flush the system not too long ago So it would be a waste for me to drain the entire system and have to refill it So instead what I’m gonna do is I have some drain pans here We’re gonna slide these underneath the car and that’s gonna catch any coolant that comes out when I remove the water pump I’m not gonna drain the entire system again. You only want to do this if your coolant is clean and new I really don’t think that much coolants gonna come out of here This water pump is pretty high up on the engine and pretty high up on the radiator So we might only lose a gallon maybe even less that’s gonna save us money And also that’s gonna make it so we have less coolant to recycle. So now let’s go remove that water pump These bolts are all eight millimeters and they should come out pretty easily Just like that. Now what our pump bolts could be different sizes So what I like to do, it’s in this spot on the water pump right here as we remove each bolt I like to take each one one at a time and put it in the same exact spot on the new water pump that way We can’t lose track of where the bolts go. This will make installing the new water pump a lot easier so now we can remove the rest of the bolts and it doesn’t matter what order you remove them in just make sure you keep track of them and check out how long this bolt is and now you can see why it’s important to keep track of each specific bolt because sometimes they Could be different sizes and go in specific holes Another thing to pay attention to as you’re removing bolts Make sure you don’t see any coolant coming out If you see coolant coming out of the bolt holes mark those bolts because you’re gonna have to add some thread sealer on there So that you don’t get coolant leaks when you’re installing it in this case Every single bolt came out dry so we know this isn’t threaded into any coolant passages, but it’s just something to keep in mind So let’s unscrew this last bolt and remove it now. Let’s try to pop this water pump off Beautiful and look at that the coolant looks clean Also, it doesn’t look like we’re getting a lot coming out, which is perfect So out with the old and in with the brand-new now before we go and install the new water pump We need to go back to where the water pump mounts and clean all the old gasket material off of this machine surface now to do that I do not recommend using a metal gasket scraper if you grab an edge or something and gouge into that metal It’ll cause a leak instead use a plastic scraper No matter how hard I try plastic isn’t gonna cut into metal So I don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging that surface and then causing a leak So remove all of the gasket material from here, so it’s nice and smooth and this gasket is coming off really easily But if you’re having a hard time getting it off using a little bit of brake cleaner helps to remove the gasket Good, once we remove all the gasket material off the machine surface Then you want to grab a scouring pad and just do one final cleaning around the entire machine Surface and make sure it’s smooth and clean So when we install the new water pump We won’t have any leaks the gasket will seat up against that nice and flat and then grab a towel and clean off that machine Surface and clean inside the water pump just in case any gasket material fell in there You wouldn’t want that to circulate through the engine now, we can install our brand-new water pump And what I like to do is I like to grab the two long bolts since they’re different Get them in there, but you want to grab any two bolts so that you can hold the gasket in place And also align this properly so with those two bolts in now we can get our gasket and slide our gasket in Just like that. So everything’s aligned and we’re ready to install this Now if your water pump doesn’t come with a gasket you could use RTV gasket maker So you’re gonna just spread the gasket material around and that would work as well Don’t use RTV if you already have a gasket that’s like putting two gaskets together It’s just a waste. Also if you’re gonna be using RTV, make sure you’re getting one that’s compatible with coolant Otherwise the coolant will eat away at the RTV and then you’ll get a leak you can see this one’s for water pump and thermostat Housing so it’s compatible with coolant But again ours came with a gasket so we don’t need to add any gasket maker. We can install this dry just like that So let’s go get this installed now for all the water pump bolts I’m gonna be using medium strength thread Locker that way the bolts don’t loosen up from all the vibrations of the engine and using the two bolts trick to align this makes it Really easy to get that water pump straight in Now just hand tighten both of these bolts all the way down and that’ll hold the water pump and gasket in place just like that Now we can go and hand tighten the other six bolts get them all in place Which will set us up for torquing everything down. Alright with all these bolts hand tightened Now we’re gonna torque them down and it’s very important. We torque them down in a crisscross pattern So if we start right here, we’re gonna move across to the other side And then from here We’re gonna go to the other side and we’re just gonna go across and then tighten it down like that Tightening in a crisscross or star pattern will allow the water pump to cinch down on that gasket Evenly and mount to the engine surface nice and straight so we don’t have any leaks So torque each bolt down to eight foot pounds, which isn’t a lot but usually water pump bolts Don’t get tightened too much and every time I torque one down I’m gonna mark it just so I know it’s torque good now our water pump is completely installed It’s that simple Now let’s real quickly get that other pulley in place and then hand tighten the three bolts that hold that in and each of those Bolts do have thread Locker on them these get torqued to 8 foot pounds as well Good Next we could add our belt and now’s a good time to place your belt if your belt is old This is actually pretty new I replaced it last year and it’s still in good shape. So I’m gonna reuse it So let’s just get this around two of the pulleys Get a wrench on our tensioner loosen the pressure on the tensioner and slide the belt over the pulley Good and you just want to make sure that the belt is centered on each pulley and not riding along the edge and that looks Good on all three of those pulleys. So we are done over here. Now. We need to go and install the battery So let’s get the tray in place and then the battery snaps in so it doesn’t move Next we could connect both battery wires and tighten down the positive wire So it’s snug and doesn’t budge and then tighten the negative wire so it’s tight Good. So with both cables connected and our battery secured the last thing to do is to fill the engine up with coolant And we’re gonna do that right over here at the reservoir So remove the cap if you have a radiator cap, then you would fill from the radiator But in this case, we don’t so we fill from here But you want to make sure before you start the engine Definitely add coolant because if you don’t you’ll run the water pump dry and that could damage it So you just did all that work for nothing So we’re gonna add our coolant and something that helps a lot when filling the cooling system is a spill proof funnel This is gonna help us make sure that we get all the air out of the system It makes it really easy to bleed. It comes with all these adapters. So this one will work for the jug just put the adapter in and tighten it down and Then we can attach our funnel to that Now before we go to start the car Make sure you get the correct Antifreeze and fill the funnel up to about 3/4 of the way and all those bubbles that you see bubbling out. Well, that’s good That’s air escaping the cooling system. And that’s why I like these spill proof funnels so much It makes it so easy For all the air to be removed because you could fill it up to here with Coolant and that is now the highest point in the cooling system So any air that’s trapped in here that’s getting pushed out is gonna get pushed out up into the funnel and out into the air Instead of getting recirculated back through the cooling system The goal is to bleed the air out of the system to remove all the air We don’t want any air in here that creates hot spots and that isn’t good So that’s why I like using these and you can see that there’s no more bubbles anymore so now we’re gonna go start the engine that water pump is going to force all the extra air that’s in there out and it’s Gonna suck up any coolant that it needs So we just need to pay attention over here and add more coolant if this goes down, so let’s go start up the car And with the engine running now We’re just gonna let all the air Bleed out and as we wait for that it’s a good idea to check to make sure everything that you did is good Make sure there are no leaks over here. The belt is good. It’s running fine We could also go under the vehicle You want to look for any drips down here, which means that there are leaks and I don’t see anything at all Which is perfect. So now all we have to do is let this do its thing You want to get the car to operating temperature? So the thermostat opens. It’s also a good idea Go inside of the car and keep an eye on that temperature gauge Sometimes what could happen is air gets trapped in the engine and the engine will actually overheat So just check this every once in a while Another thing that you could do is after it runs for a few minutes Bring the revs up a little bit go up to 2,000 rpm get that water pump spinning more and that’s going to force the air out even more Alright twenty minutes later. We’re not getting any bubbles at all out of here The engine is at operating temperature so we could put our stopper in here. Push that down then we could simply remove the funnel and there are no spills or leaks and remove the funnel adapter as well and Finally tighten the cap and with that cap tightened all the way down. We are done That is how you replace an old leaky water pump with a nice new one They wanted eight hundred and forty-three dollars to do this and we just did it for under sixty bucks It’s not only about saving money But that feeling of accomplishment The feeling of getting your car back running doing it yourself and we did it in under an hour That is just such a good feeling now There’s one more thing that we need to do and that is to recycle the old coolant I use an empty coolant bottle and make sure you mark it waste coolant and just pour the old coolant into the bottle this could Be brought to your local parts store Recycle center or mechanic shop to be properly Recycled for free and it’s important to seal the old coolant and don’t let your pets get near it because it’s poisonous so make sure you don’t leave it in an open catch can now we could take this to be recycled and With that we are done That is how you replace a water pump in your car save yourself a ton of money I hope the video was helpful if it was remember to give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber consider hitting that subscribe button for more how-to videos just like this and as always all the tools and products are linked in the description so you could easily find it!

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    The Dream Car video is coming but because it is a very special video for me, I want to make sure it is amazing, so it is taking a little longer than I thought to film and edit (you will see why when it comes out). In the meantime, I filmed and edited this water pump video to bridge the gap. I actually edited this video during my 2 week long road trip where I had meet-ups for you guys in Cincinnati, Indy, and Chicago! As always thank you for the support and stay tuneeeeeed!
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