How to Retouch BLACK SKIN | Photoshop Tutorial

How to Retouch BLACK SKIN | Photoshop Tutorial

hey what’s up guys so today I wanted to
show you how to retouch your own photos using Adobe Photoshop I have an image
here that was taken in the studio in this image I wasn’t wearing any makeup
and you can see my skin is looking a little harsh a couple of pimples here
and there a couple of blemishes you know a little bit of shine and greasiness and
you know it’s not if it’s not a flattering look I mean you’re not going
to put this on a comp card or present this to an agent or a client so
definitely want to touch this up and make it look more presentable so the
first thing I like to do is I like to duplicate the layer so I’m on the Mac
and the keyboard shortcut for duplicating the layer is command J so
with the first layer selected I’m going to call that low frequency and call the
second layer high frequency so now I’m going to select the low frequency layer
and I am going to go to filter blur Gaussian blur I’m going to zoom out a
little bit so I can see what’s going on and see what the face is looking like so
now with this filter Gaussian blur the trick is it’s not really about the
number or the radius so don’t really pay attention to this number what you want
to do is you want to make the picture blurry but not extremely blurry it’s
very slightly burglary where it looks like it’s auto focus so in this case I’m
just going to go to about here now with the high frequency layer selected
what you want to do is go to image and then go to apply image so now with the
so now that you have this box popped up what you want to do is that you want to
select the layer and say low-frequency layer and then you want to subtract so
now this is a scale etc to the offset event of 128 and that’s usually standard
so just leave that don’t touch that so you hit OK and then still on the
highest frequency layer what you do is you come to linear light okay so now it
looks like nothing that happens and that’s because nothing has happened so
go back to your low frequency layer and come into your lasso tool then you can
zoom into the picture make it a little bit bigger and let’s start working on
the forehead that’s usually the first place I like to start working in so what
I’m going to do is I’m going to draw a lasso around some of the areas of the
forehead with smoke texture and try to avoid the hair because you want to keep
you here nice and sharp you don’t really need to hexer eyes the hair as you will so then what you want to do is come to
filter blur Gaussian blur again but this time try to play with it and see what it
looks good so as you can see as I increase the radius my forehead gets a
much smoother texture but then you don’t want to go too much because then it
starts to look dark and kind of grainy or you know glitchy so what you want to
do is we want to find a good middle ground where you still have some texture
and you still have some of the highlights from the flash that we’ve hit
in my face so in this case if I come down to like a five that’s not good
because we can still see all the all the rough textured skin so you gonna come to
about I’ll say probably about a 30 and then hit the deselect LSO so now don’t
worry too much about these little simple make a scene here because you can easily
take care of that after the texture right the step has been done so now next
I’m going to take care of this keep the right you see the textures a little bit
rough with a filter blur Gaussian blur still the birdie
I guess Authority also looks good for this
okay hit this deselect then I’m going to this I mean the left side of my face
looks good but I’m still going to work on the texture a little bit just to make
it a little bit more smoother then I go to filter blur again Gaussian blur 30
looks good see what happens if we decrease more increase that’s a little
bit too much so say about a 30 point free looks good not hit deselect so as
you can see the texture on my skin is much improved from what it was on again
if you’re on a Mac you can hit the option and click on this eyeball of the
first layer so that way you can get at the phone after of what the image looks
like so you can see this is rough and a little bit better okay so now let’s work
on the neck area so now and then come to filter blur Gaussian blur and still want
to maintain the highlights you don’t want to over retouch the picture and
lose all the highlights and details in the image so just hit OK deselect again
and maybe the chest area could use of it to the work you can see there’s some
hair there there is a little bit of bump
filter blur Gaussian blur let’s look let’s see that’s gonna be too smooth
there okay so now when we zoom out you can see already that the image is
looking a lot better than it did before we started okay so now to actually start
taking getting rid of some of the blemishes and some of the pimples what
you want to do is click on the high frequency layer and then come to your
Healing Spot Healing Brush and just start brushing over so for instance and
then you want to make sure you have a really good brush size in this case this
brush size is way too big so I need to decrease that just a little bit so when
it come here that looks about good so about 69 looks good to me and then you
get to start clicking and it’s just like magic it goes away if only real life is
like this right you okay so now that I’ve gone through the
image and taking away some of the pimples that was kind of bothering me
you can see that we’re having a much better image than we did when we started
so the next step I like to do is I like to go in and create a separate layer
call this layer in hand now with this layer I would change the blend mode to
soft light now with this layer selected what I like
to do is I like to get a brush so now with the brush what I do is that take a
white I change the color to white and anywhere I see a highlight or any way
I’d like to create a highlights like for example enhancing the cheekbones you can
just go ahead and spray or brush over the you just go in and brush over that
area so for instance I like to do the t-zone area oh and another thing with
the brushes that you want to make sure that your opacity is really low so in
this case like to bring it to like 25 and then I’ll just brush over the t-zone
area and also the cheekbones and then you can narrow the brush and
brush ever so slightly a little somewhat bitch me and then what I like to do next is to do
the opposites so I will create a black brush stroke and do the same underneath and I’ll increase this a little bit and
just do the same underneath some of the cheekbone areas just to save money some
of the cheekbone areas so that will make the cheekbone pop out just a little bit
more and then on the sides of the nose and then so now you can see that this
looks a little bit extreme so the only thing you have to do is to decrease the
opacity of the enhanced layered and created so I’m just going to do this
decrease it to about maybe a forty one that looks about good so now you list
table this on and off and see what that’s looking like so without in this
game have so you can see what the enhanced you have the cheekbones looks a
lot more enhanced looks more detail you can see the highlights and that’s that’s
a much better look then but you have to forward up the index
player so there you have it guys this is just a simple way to quickly retouch
your pictures by yourself without needing a professional photographers
help this could save you a lot of time because maybe a lot of money and it’s
always good to know because you can use it in other areas so there you go guys
if you have any questions hit me up in the comments below I have tons of other
tips I will be talking about in the future so stay tuned

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  1. * followed you on instagram took some practice photo Shoot pic check it out if you have time tell me what * could work on * sent you a dm my I.G. is el_conquistador_

  2. Thank you! I’ve been asking some of these other channels to do tut for darker skin. They act like they don’t see my comment. New sub.

  3. is there a faster way of skin retouching?i mean ths method is awesome but what do you do when you'got more than 1 person in the photo,lets say you got more than 3

  4. This is a pretty good tutorial, but I'd advice using the Dodge/Burn tool for that 'Enhance' step with a low opacity and brush flow. Yields similar contrast yielding results without that ever slight painted in feel.

  5. I duplicated the layers, then renamed, then went to the guassian blur on the low freq layer but when I do to the high freg layer and click on apply image my image turns black with a very a very small hint of the image visible.. It's not grey like yours. Not sure what I am doing wrong

  6. Thanks! This is best for someone already knowledgeable about Frequency Separation. You don't go into detail about what and why you're doing actions. I had previous knowledge, so it was easy to follow along. You provided new techniques and information.

  7. Great EZ edit! One way to smooth the edge between blurred and non-blurred skin:: Start as you do be selecting a section of the LOW FREQ layer, but then start a new layer with that skin ("command or control-J" or right click inside the marching ants and select "new layer via copy"). Then blur as directed. This will allow the blur to flow over the edge of your selection. Remember to start each selection back on the LOW FREQ layer. HTH

  8. I loved your video, I'm going to combine it with this guide (
    I'm following to improve my photographs;). thank you

  9. THANK YOU! I live in Mexico and my models are every skin tone and all the retouching tuts seem to be on white skin, which doesn´t help with darker skin 😀

  10. please send me the link to download the photoshop action, for the studio portrait retouching.

    Please link to download for free

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