How to Shave with Acne and Oily Skin | Men’s Skin Care Tips

How to Shave with Acne and Oily Skin | Men’s Skin Care Tips

Today I’m going to show
you a couple of ways to help avoid shaving irritation
if you have acne or oily skin. Please note, if you have severe acne
that’s heavily inflamed or infected you should consult a dermatologist. Many pimples and
inflammations are caused by sebum, a natural oil
produced by your skin. Problems develop when the oils on
your skin combine with dead skin cells and clog your pores. This can lead to infections that swell
and then get nicked when you shave. So to get the most comfortable shave
you got to control these excess oils. And that starts with
properly washing the area to be shaved, in this
case your face and neck. The key to a good wash
is a facial wash or scrub that will not only clean
but also exfoliate, getting rid of the dead skin
and oils that clog your pores. Apply the product to your hands and
work it gently into your face and neck. As you do your hair’s will
soften, making them easier to cut and less prone to uncomfortable
tugging when you share. After rinsing off your face you may
want to further hydrate your hair by splashing your face
and neck with warm water, or by soaking a towel with
warm water and holding it against your skin for
up to three minutes. Now that your face is clean and well
hydrated it’s time to apply shave gel. But not just any shaving cream will do. Choosing the shave gel
that’s right for you is key. If your combating oily
skin or acne you’ll want to use a shave gel designed
specifically to remove dirt and oil. Take a moment to check the
pimple prone areas of your skin. Rub the shave gel into an even
lather over your beard and neck. Now you’re ready to start shaving. When shaving over the temple
prone areas of your skin use a multi-blade razor like
this one that has blades spaced closely together. The closer the blades,
the less opportunity for skin to get caught
between the blades. Use light strokes and avoid going
over pimples more than once or twice. Make sure that your
blade’s good and sharp. A dull blade is more
likely to nick pimples. So if you feel tugging or discomfort
consider swapping your blade out for a new one. Or if you have an indicator strip
on the back of your razor check to see if it’s faded to white. A white strip means that your blade
has dulled and may need replacing. Shave in the direction that
you’re most comfortable with. Many guys feel that first shaving
with the grain of your hair, that is in the direction
that your hair grows, and then following up with
strokes in the opposite direction provides the closest, smoothest shave. However, since facial hair tends
to grow in different directions you’ll almost always be shaving
both with and against the grain. An advanced razor like
this one will deliver a close shave even against the grain. Finish by rinsing your face with water. Try finishing off your shave
with a light moisturizer or aftershave product to
calm and comfort skin. A good moisturizer will
leave skin soft and smooth and help maintain the skin’s
natural moisture barrier. And there you have it. No cuts. No nicks. Feels good, doesn’t it? So let’s recap. Wash and hydrate your hair. Use the right shave gel. Use a multi-blade razor. And apply moisturizer. Thanks for watching. And be sure to check out our other
videos for more tips and information.

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  1. I shave with a machine. (Dont know what its called in english) Is it good to wash my face, and then dry my face to shave. And after that to put aftershave on it.
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  4. never use a razor if u have acne. i learned it the hard way by getting scars and acne spots. instead of using a razor go buy a shave machine

  5. Any shaving gel recommendations I use the same one the dude in the film used with a proglide razor? I get most acne from shaving

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  13. If he had acne like I used to have during my teenage years, his whole face would have been covered in blood after shaving over all those pimples.

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