How To Stop Excessive Sweating | Causes & Treatments

How To Stop Excessive Sweating | Causes & Treatments

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified everytime we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! This is from Trina, her question is How can she reduce sweating? ok Trina First of all tremendous sweating one of it is when you’re nervous when you’re probably sitting in front of the camera then you maybe sweating a lot or there some people who sweat on the face when they eat spicy food or coffee Sweating is a natural process sweating yes, but excessive excessive sweating is a problem. Of course we do have topical solutions containing aluminium hydrate that blocks the sweat gland pores We have Botulinum toxin for sweaty palms or underarms. So, Botulinum toxin is very safe and it’s used for hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating and give injections every 8 months which are very safe. Here I would like to give an example of how emotionally debilitating excessive sweating can be. I had a patient who was about 22 years and she said Doc, I only wear black t-shirts and have two of the same because if I wear any other colour the stains come and nobody knows that she changes her t-shirt at work as well. So, it can be very debilitating because we feel it’s only sweating but no only the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches. But then of course at this point even the topical solution didn’t help because hers was quite a bit so I had to give her Botulinum toxin injections as I said are quite safe and after 6-8 months she was fine. Thank you so much have a great day. Until next time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS

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  1. R u fooling us old lady… U r suggesting injections which ur telling us save bt they have lots of side effects u knw too and Plz don't recommend d same and also if u r recommending this Thn Plz have injections to cure ur wrinkles first

  2. How to avoid sweat on face that what bothers me most.when I go out in daytime or getting on off from ac at sweat a lot.the entire makeup sunscreen all go in vein.I have noticed I sweat more when I put a sunscreen or makeup product.any remedy????at least to keep it in check.please help

  3. i do get sweaty a lot…like i will leave my home n just within a couple of minutes i will be drenched in sweat?..i had even stopped socialising ?

  4. I sweat a lot, specially my face.
    During 1 year I has been really disturbing..
    The upper lip area, forehead and the under eye area sweats all the time whenever I went out.
    Is there any suggestion for me??

  5. Hey girls, I am not any doctor but I just wanted to share my real-life experience with all. I am one of those who used to sweat profusely each time I go out, specially on my face so much so that I felt what's even the point of putting on makeup or sunscreen or any other product on my face since I would sweat like a pig as soon as I got out of an AC environment and everything just melted away. For the past few months, I have been practising meditation and believe me guys, my sweating has reduced to less than half that too with practising about twice or thrice a week. I feel so much more calm as well. I couldn't be more grateful and therefore, wanted to share with you all in case this helps any of you. I hope to continue with my practice on a regular basis. Thank you 🙂

  6. Hey everyone, the best success that i've ever had was by using the Secret sweat blueprint (i found it on google) – definately the most useful idea that I have ever tried.

  7. Not a big fan of handing over an email just to be sent spam for weeks in a row. Try googling Cynthia Yulesin’s method for the same thing, but only without the emails 🙂

  8. Sometimes I can’t wear flip flops because my feet will be so sweaty that it would feel SOOOO uncomfortable ?

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