Sweat! We all sweat, right? It sucks
but it’s actually not that bad because it’s our body’s way, its natural way, of
helping us to cool down whenever we’re overheating but it becomes a problem
when we sweat too much and we feel uncomfortable in many situations. So in
this video I’m gonna give you six tips to stop sweating so much. Let’s get right
into the video: hey guys I’m Daniel and welcome here on my channel! if you’re new subscribe click the notification bell and then you won’t miss any of the next
videos. Now let’s start with the first step to sweat less: You gotta eat less spicy food. Why? Well spicy food can activate your brains
neurotransmitters making you sweat more Consume less caffeine. Things like coffee
and tea can make you sweat a lot more Caffeine stimulates your central nervous
system and activates your sweat glands So the more caffeine you drink the more
you’ll sweat and also when it’s hot it doesn’t help either. It makes you sweat
even more You gotta stop using deodorant why? Well
deodorant itself just helps you not to smell you know but it doesn’t stop
the sweat. You gotta use a antiperspirant Antiperspirant helps you to sweat less
and it also helps you not to stink a lot I’ll add few good options for you in the video description that you can check out Change the clothes that you wear. Get
clothes with cool and breathable material like linen and cotton.
There are also workout clothes that you can get that absorbs the sweat and will
help you out. If you sweat a lot more than other people you might have
hyperhidrosis. Now that is people with excessive sweating. There’s a few
tips, a few options of treatments that you can use but it’s better to go and see
your doctor. Some of those treatments include oral medications that block
chemicals that allow certain nerves to communicate to each other helping you to sweat less but there might be a few side effects so speak to your doctor. You can
also try Botox injections that temporarily block the nerves that cause
you to sweat but it only lasts around six to twelve months. You can also try
surgery but this is only in extreme cases. Surgery options include microwave therapy, sweat gland removal and nerve surgery Anxiety also cause excess sweating. So
what helps for this? Well you can try antidepressants but I wouldn’t suggest
going on antidepressants too quick I think psychologists and doctors they
give it out too quickly and too easily and people become dependent on it so
find other ways to deal with anxiety instead and remember anxiety happens
when you think that you have to figure out everything at the same time. Breathe,
take a step back, look at the situation from another perspective, breathe, take it
day-by-day you’ve got this if you liked the video
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  1. One of the coolest tricks to cool down quickly is to cool down your wrist area. There's a main artery under your wrist that will transport the cooled down blood through your body leading to heat reduction in your system.

  2. Great video as always.
    Would you recommend to use an anti-perspirant at night and a deodorant in the morning after showering? I do this because I think that I can stop sweating through the anti-perspirant and stop stinking through the deodorant

  3. Love your channel Daniel from 1 year I'll see every video of yours from where u do u have fb plz send it to me Daniel bro .send ur Id in reply plz

  4. its 32 degree celcius here, we have to wear shirt to office but can't have a pit stain at all. . how to do?

  5. Great video mate, let me add a few recommendations
    Used to have this problem, not anymore
    -Shave the hair. Personally I only shave my armpits and its an insane game changer. Like night and day, you will sweat like 10% of what you would normally sweat. Wish I had known this earlier
    -Try women's antiperspirants. Tried a lot of men's aniperspirants but nothing worked until I changed to women's
    -Shower everyday in the morning. Not so sure if this is just a personal thing, but if I dont take a shower in the morning I will sweat way more than normally later in the day
    -Change your clothes. This one is another personal thing for me, I can see a big difference on my sweating on the days I reuse a shirt before washing it
    Also Ive read about the removing glands surgery and people who remove their armpits one, then they will start sweating more in other areas like legs. Read that some people regretted doing it
    And for the anxiety tip, Daniel is on point again. Had to deal with a very bad depression, used to go to a psychiatrist 3 time per month. I realized that my lifestyle was a mess so I promised myself I wouldnt take any remedies until I switched my way of eating and started doing exercise. Within a week I was feeling amazing, wish more profesionals would suggest this things instead of prescribing things way too quickly. Not saying you shouldnt go and see a profesional, mental health is very serious. But consider other ways too and do it in parallel
    Listen to what Daniel said in the video and more importantly apply the knowledge if you have this problem. I used to be extremely insecure about this when I was in school, not anymore 😀

  6. Their is an actor in india , who works in telivison shows. He looks a lot like you. His name is VIVAN DSENA.

  7. I love your videos bro. But can you tell me what kind of coffee ☕️ are you drinking? And do you add sugar on your coffee?

  8. I could relate to this content so much, I just started my modelling journey and I had sweat issues earlier. In my case, I feel this was due to 2 aspects, physiological and psychological, for which I used to take some homeopathic medicine and practice yoga which took care of both aspects respectively. Now the sweat has almost gone. Love the way you help new models by your content, appreciate it! Lots of love from Mumbai, India.

  9. LOL today i was on a line for enrollment, and i noticed my crush is in front of me.

    And i started sweating ALOT and its 6 am all people are not sweating. And when the line is finished, i blamed myself. Because i can't stop feeling nervous. So i tried searching on google and found this video, and i hope it will help

    Ps: Sorry if my grammar is bad

  10. I have hyperhidrosis and it gets worse when I'm nervous. Im going to follow your tips but the coffee is going to be hard I'm only 13 but drink 3 cups daily. Also I have social anxiety but I'm getting help from my doctors for both.

  11. I was watching this video then i got a add on how to stop sweating a lot
    Me:still watching the 10:00 add then after add


  12. I work as a waiter and i am the only who sweats like it isn't tommorow
    Everyone else is like what hell is wrong with your body? You sweat like a beast .

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