How to Stop underarm Sweat | Hyperhidrosis Treatment

good morning everyone I’m dr. Andrea
Voyles from Berkowitz hair skin clinic and today I’ll be talking about
excessive underarm sweating and how to decrease it the normal rate of sweating
is one milliliter per meter square per minute however when there is increased
sweating beyond physiological needs then it needs to be treated absolutely
hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating can have a significant effect
on daily life and activities the patient might not only feel unhappy and
frustrated but he might also stop spending less time on leisure activities
like going to the gym or on any party to avoid embarrassment
there are few treatment options available for the same which includes
lifestyle changes use of antiperspirant deodorant or lotions and the most widely
studied frequent bottle item toxin which is also considered to be one of the most
effective treatment for the same this treatment not only takes 15 minutes to
perform but it also has extremely effective and quick results within seven
days and its results last for six to nine months now how does this mechanism
and procedures act this acts by blocking the neuromuscular signals by the toxin
and it decreases the sweat gland activity and hence decreases sweat
production how is this procedure performed the affected area is first
marked and the toxin is injected at ten to twenty sites in the armpit or any
other affected area this procedure is relatively painless as an anesthetic
train is first applied before commencing the procedure and once the procedure is
done you’re good to go you can perform all your daily
activities and you can even exercise after a period of 24 arms this treatment
is not only effective in increased under non sweating but can also be done in
excess its armor sweating except the plaintiff sweating or increased sweating
on the sole or expected sweating on the forehead I hope you find this video
useful and for any queries you can contact us which you all expect free
summer you

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