How To Stop Underarm Sweating | Miradry | Dermatology Specialists of Illinois

How To Stop Underarm Sweating | Miradry | Dermatology Specialists of Illinois

in Woodstock Illinois brent is wrapping
up his slideshow for a very important presentation but right when he’s about
to get in front of a board room full of professionals he finds he’s sweating
profusely and cannot disguise the wetness under his arms. On the other side
of town in Algonquin in Illinois Sarah is struggling with choosing a dress for
her date tonight she wants the light-colored one but she deals with
sweating so bad that she is unable to do so because she’ll end up ruining her
dress even with antiperspirant instead of the dress she really wants
she has to get yet another little black dress. Both Brent and Sarah likely deal
with a condition known as hyper hydrosis a type of excessive sweating that is
difficult to control with regular over-the-counter products such as
antiperspirant. This condition is more than just annoying it can impact their
social and work lives as well as their clothes. Brent and Sarah would benefit
from learning about a procedure available at dermatology specialists of
Illinois known as miraDry. MiraDry is a revolutionary way to target specific
areas of the body where hyper hydrosis hits especially under the arms the
procedure is done under local anesthesia during which the Miradry device
administers electromagnetic energy which heats the sweat glands and reduces
overall perspiration in the area treatment is done quickly with most
patients undergoing sessions under an hour for both underarms want to learn
more about miraDry ready to work with a professional to find out if MIradry is
right for you contact our team of professionals at dermatology specialists
of illinois today by calling 844-307 7546 and discussing your options with our
staff we work closely with patients to provide general cosmetic and medical
dermatology solutions for all types of issues related to the hair skin body and
nails call us today to schedule an appointment and start taking charge of
your life

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