How to style an apple shaped body | Tips & wardrobe advice | Justine Leconte

How to style an apple shaped body | Tips & wardrobe advice | Justine Leconte

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  1. Dear Justine, I have to say I have never been interested in fashion that much because I never considered my body a nice shape at all. But now, as the 40-s are visiting me, you know, we women are very sensitive to our physical image at this stage in life, more than ever in my case. I only try to give it as much attention as I need to boost my confidence and cast away the middle age dark days. Luckily, I found you …and I have learned a lot about how I can improve the way I dress. Today after a long long time I could choose my clothes with more tools than in the past, and I am quite happy with my purchase. This is, I must say, thanks to your videos and your humble and sympathetic attitude towards your viewers. You are an adorable person, thank you very very much. A heart felt hug.Estefy

  2. I am so excited I found your channel Justine! I love your videos. It is so frustrating having an apple figure and being petite at the same time because I cant find dresses of anythingbwirh a zipper. I am looking for a dress for my sisters wedding in one month and have not been successful at all. I ordered so many dresses online as well as tried on many offline. I am a mother of a 5 month old and obviously my body is not back to how it's been but I had the problem before when I only weighted 53 kg.. zippers never close in my size and especially now it feels really as the fashion industry does not produce anything for my figure or body type. Any recommendations? ?

  3. How do you see an apple shape on a thin person? It doesn't make sense to me. Catherine Zeta Jones does NOT look apple shaped, neither does Kate Winslet.

  4. I agree the shape and weight are two different things, but what exactly in the difference between a rectangle and an apple on a thinner girl?

  5. Unfortunately for me my legs are bulky too. I have no hips, no boobs but my stomach and thighs gather all the mass. When I was thin, my legs were still bulky and short, I lost my butt and boobs to get a smaller mid-section but it was still not flat, I still had no waist. Now that I have a pretty butt again, I hate my stomach. Am I an apple or just a fat rectangle or pear?

  6. Would you please address how to dress the apple shape if arms and legs are NOT an asset? This is a common problem for women of a certain age. Rather than appearing that one is trying too hard by bearing limbs that are not necessarily assets, what would be another way to find flattering outfits?

    Thank you for such great videos, Justine. I watch even the ones that don't apply to me personally just because they are so informative and well done.

  7. What if your body is so disproportionate that a peplum would only serve to enhance the waist rather than reduce it? (My body shape is Blob.)

  8. I have watched the video four times I think, I'll probably watch it ten more, until I internalise it. Thank you, Justine!

  9. Thank you! Usually apple size tips focus on plus size. I am very petite but my mass heavily reside on my bust and lower tummy. I have always been frustrated because it's something I feel stressed about because I feel like I look heavier than I probably am. These tips will definitely help me enhance my figure instead of tugging and pulling on all my clothing.

  10. I loved when I got to the end and your top tip was peplum!! It has always been my favorite…..I guess I subconsciously knew what I was doing!!

  11. Thank you so much for this video! I have been looking for information on how to style my apple shape and this video has helped so much!

  12. I did disrespect you about Katy Perry and you are exactly right. I was not feeling good about myself. I was rude. I publicly apologize to you. I am sorry. I was very wrong.

  13. so interesting that even though I have no actual training I do tend to find high waist, flowing, OR blouses/tops that are shaped with an accentuated waist… last summer I was making a simple costume to wear to a re-enactment, and the blouse I made was the peplum, like you said! lol

  14. Merci Justine! Super tips.
    Je suis bien pomme de ne pas avoir appris plus tôt que je suis une pomme. En effet j'ai intuitivement pris l'habitude de porter de gros collier. Mais maintenant je sais pourquoi!!

  15. I think you’re beautiful and charming in giving your info.
    Except your hair is not in keeping. Shorter with a little movement would be stunning.
    When pulled back is very pretty.

  16. This was a lovely and helpful video. It didn't body shame women at all. It merely talked about style. Huge respect for this lady for not using any body shaming techniques!

  17. Thank you soooo much for this video <3
    I figured when watching your video, that I dressed intuitively right, with metal shirt (men size), skinny jeans (I Like my legs), but not my arms -.- But a bolero works great for me 🙂 Also a waterfall neck works great on me 🙂 But most empire dresses don't work, because I look pregnant (big bust -.-)

  18. While I appreciate the info, I cannot even image how I’ll Look compared to all of those Apple type skinny peoples. They’re a probably a size Xs and I am a L.

  19. Ty this is a great video I've gone from being a young size 8 glamour model that used to be an hour glass into a middle aged women approaching menopause with a bit more weight around the middle more of an apple ? shape but I like to wear all one colour with a colour long cardigan thin for summer time & warmer fabric for winter ❄️ this creates a slimmer rectangle illusion and is very classy

  20. No, I don't want everyone looking at my chest. Lol! I'd rather wear a long beautiful necklace to draw the eye from my waist. 🙂

  21. My trouble is I am a plus size apple.I have big arms,so,I don't like showing them off.The only type of dress that I feel comfortable in is a skater style.I see such pretty dresses sometimes,but,I put them on and I feel fat in them!

  22. Apple shape here! Love your channel! Wanted to say it feels good to see I'm on the right path :)) instinctively I was drawn to this type of clothes. Thanks

  23. I’m 5’1 weight about 96 pounds I am apple. Because I’m short weight can show up easily so I maintain my weight so I can have nice legs and arms. At 37 I’m noticing my arms are getting a big saggy so I will tone those up so they look better 🙂

  24. I wasnt a Pigpen Dragging a blanket.i did .try to fit in.shsll say.dont tell anybody in your 60 what your expertise could do all around.

  25. Talk abiut narcissiytic.i.know why .got to get out of the cave.! No maturity or honoring your body.shape you are a goid shape not pin on .

  26. I just found your videos! They're awesome, and you are so helpful, but I need a few pointers! I am a mix between an apple/rectangle. My proportions are very similar, but I carry my weight in my stomach (wide waist and my stomach is not nice and flat, there's a little pooch there). I also have a very small bust. Any tips on the best ways to dress this confusing body??

  27. I have an apple shaped body but my arms are big also, that's why i cannot wear clothes that are showing off my arms

  28. Back in the late 80’s when I was in my early 40’s, I had a black dress with a peplum. It was made of a knitted fabric, was just above the knee, to the neck, long sleeved, and fitted like a glove. I used to wear it with fine, black, seamed stockings and black high heels. The only jewellery would be earrings. At the time I had very thick, very long ash blonde hair. That dress turned heads on both men and women, and I felt like a million dollars wearing it. I am apple-shaped and was about a size 4 – 6 at the time. Those were the days!!!

  29. I think i am mixed of apple and hourglass, I am 18 years old. I have full hips, breast, a round perky bottom, shoulder are roughly around the same as hips. Do have some tighs and I have a tummy but not protuding. The waist is not strong since I haven't execrise. Most of weight go into the breast and hips, then my stomach. Iam not really sure.

  30. I have an small-average breast size and I'm a teenager do i dont like wearing low necks beacuse I feel uncomfortable, what should i do? Also I have a fat belly and fat rolls so tight cloth t-shirts are also a no no, what should i do?

  31. This was soooooo helpful! I didn’t know until I watched your videos that I am an apple shape (5’7” 135 lbs). The bolero and peplum blouses/skirts are great new ideas to play with! I also find that I prefer high-waisted skinny jeans with a little belt as they make me feel more shapely. Many thanks. ?

  32. Kate Winslet is not Apple shaped. I would say she was hourglass. Her hips and thighs are much too 'well developed' to be apple. Ever seen her in shorts or trousers? Apples have skinny legs, even when the rest of their bodies are 'well developed'. They veer toward short skirts, leggings and cigarette pants. They also lean toward having chubby arms when they get older. When they are middle aged, most apples – unless they are in the gym every day all day – tend to have 'well developed' middle aged spread. From the side they look….well, fat. From the front they may look OK normal sized.

  33. thanks for this video, I'm just starting on the fashion world (amateur obviously) and these videos help me to understand more the body shape and how to work with it in favor or my friends (a.k.a. my models with "real" shapes not plain models lol)

  34. I like the suggestions here. I love your work and your approach to body types. However, I dont like it, when it comes to apple bodies, the most usually offered tips have to do with "hiding" parts of your body. Hide your belly. Narrow or widen your shoulders. Plump up those hips by hiding them with extra fabrics. I love my wide shoulders. And my legs, which are usually an apple's asset. And I like to surprise people when I actually look good in crop tops and other pieces that aren't best for my shape. I'm not seeing a problem in your video, it is actually pretty informative. Also, a lot of viewers commented on the idea that apple shaped bodies equal overweight bodies. I think it's because of the not so narrow waist and tendency for fat to gather on the belly area, in most cases. But, just like this video, the suggestions have to do with the general shape not the size of the body.

  35. My friend is so fit and she is an appell shape she wants to wear adress for her sister wedding so we need to know about dress she can wear she is short and she is18years old

  36. Thank you so much for this video…….I just turned 80 and now I am ready to accept I am an apple.
    You are beautiful

  37. No one of the examples has really a belly and they have a weist.
    It would be nice if you could show real round apple shaped models. (Like 5 months pregnant while your are not)

  38. I'm having a really hard time understanding the difference between Apple and rectangle body shape. I looked up the measurements of examples shown in both, and they still seem to have a smaller waist – typically 36 26 37 (or something of that sort). I am 36 28 36. Does that make me an apple or a rectangle? Someone please help!! I am confused!

  39. You missed the golden rule for this shape! Fit and flare! Weather it’s in shorts or dresses, having a defined waist and a skirt that flares gives the marvelous illusion of hips! It really give so much balance. It’s my secret weapon!

  40. I’m not plus sized I just use women clothes because junior clothes(?) are a little bit tight on me. I also use women pants (size 7) because I have looong legs

  41. Hey Justine!! I dont know if you will ever see this since it's an older video… but I'm new to watching your videos and I have found them very insightful:] you're doing a lovely job!! I was curious after watching this…I dont want to umbrella term this but would most pregnant women be apples? How do European women dress while pregnant? What about their kids? One video was about who you dress for is important for a designer…so are their pregnant designers? So many questions!! Could you do a video on the topic maybe? Have a great day!!:]

  42. I’m a plus sized apple girl. Empire waist and similar make me look pregnant. I’m 60 years old. I’m a blue jeans girl so layering works in winter but is harder in summer

  43. Could you post a video about how to hide big tummy in all body shapes. I'm a skinny fat Size 4 or 6 with all fat in my mid section. and none of the dress I like to wear fit me properly. Even the empire waist makes me look preg. I always have to go one size bigger because everything is tight or show my big tummy

  44. I guess I'm a pretty extreme apple shape because none of these girls looked apple shaped to me. My hips are 8 inches smaller than my waist, which is the same width as my bust. ?

  45. Although in the end it always comes down to personal preference, I disagree with the assertion that skinny jeans are the most flattering for the apple shape. The heaviness of our torso makes our legs look way too thin, specially if we have big breasts. So skinny jeans, leggings, or any other too-tight fabric make our legs look even smaller and the torso even larger. Our best bet is to wear pants with flared wide-legs or boot cut jeans.

  46. Thanks for your positive take on the apple shape. You're literally the first person in fashion (or, really anywhere) I've ever heard acknowledge that women with these proportions can be sexy. The narrative is usually that apple shapes are unfeminine, unattractive, unhealthy, etc. It's nice to be taken as seriously as the hourglass crowd.

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