How To Style Elegant All Ways

How To Style Elegant All Ways

Hi everybody, I am here to introduce to you the 2019 elegant collection, Elegant ALL WAYS we have models here in every size range as well as Wearing all of the different pieces and they’re gonna take you through and walk you through how the pieces fit how they look how they feel and I cannot wait for you guys to see this collection because it is an amazing and it is truly elegant Hey everybody. My name is Jen King and I am wearing the grace sleeveless shirt and the Ivey long pencil skirt I’m 5-2 and in lularoe, I wear extra extra small. I’m a size zero and in denim, I wear a size 24 Okay, so I’m going to tell you about the grace sleeveless shirt. I am in a love with it My favorite feature is definitely the little keyhole neckline with a little tie and I love the cute lace sleeves It’s sleeveless But it still has some really good coverage and it has a little flare which I love it really dresses it up The cool thing about this shirt is you can tuck it in or you can wear it out It is long enough to wear with leggings It looks great with anything fitted underneath or tucked into it, and I’m actually up sizing to an extra small right now And I still really love it. That way you can shop based on the print and all the different colors even wear multiple sizes I normally would wear extra extra small in this I saw so many gorgeous fabrics and Some of my favorites include the shiny ones. There are multiple different shiny fabrics that I really really liked including this one But there was a fabric that really stood out to me. It was sheer and It had kind of a Swiss dot texture to it. It didn’t actually stretch So keep that in mind, but you can just add a take or something like that under it and it’s just gorgeous now I’m going to talk about ways to style the grace sleeveless shirt with other items from our mainline collection A way that I would love to wear. This shirt is with a pair of leggings you’re still gonna feel dressed up but you’re gonna be really really comfortable and the cool thing about this shirt is it’s long and It has little slits on the side So here I have the Greece sleeveless shirt untucked and you can see that it has this really gorgeous little slit on the side It’s long enough for sure to wear with leggings or anything fitted underneath and you can still feel dressed up a really comfortable Another way to style the grace sleeve shirt is with the Cassie skirt this is a really fun print that you can feel like a little bit dressed up in but still really comfy and casual and I Would either wear it out like this or you can tuck it in or you can do a front tuck there’s so many possibilities With a pencil skirt another way that I would love to wear the grace sleeveless shirt is with a pair of denim Especially the dark wash denim. I think it’s still gonna look really dressed up really nice really comfortable I would probably leave it out but again If you want to do a loose tuck you can You can add heels you can dress it up or you can be more comfy with some flats But I think this would be a perfect combination Thanks for letting me show you the gray sleeveless shirt. I love the elegant always collection and know you will too. Hey everybody I’m just and today I am wearing the Mary from the elegant collection. I’m in an extra small My jean size is a 27 I were typically a 4-6. So I’m an extra small almost all across the board in lularoe sizes I had do have it tucked in with the skirt here today And that’s how I probably would wear it for the most part But I’d also pair it with a pair of denim very easily with the denim I could do a little front tough Or I could leave it kind of just out completely just depends on how I feel with that I think a couple other great pieces to pair it with would be a Jill would be absolutely really pretty and super flattering and then you Could also do it with a Cassie you could tuck it in. You could leave it out Whatever you may choose to be with that either way I think this shirt is a really really pretty shirt that will go with many of things The little sleeve here has this really cute detail on it Covers the arm nice enough and it’s of a great fabrication. I really really enjoy it. So here it is untucked I would say that the fit through the Midsection is a lot like a GG there’s different fabrications you have this which has really nice good stretch There’s some with lace and other fine details, but it’s absolutely stunning No matter which fabrication it comes in. The ruching on the shirt is absolutely flattering on every single size and just for reference I’m 5 4 and like I said, I’m in an extra small in the shirt. So this is the Mary It’s got the cinching right here a little tulip sleeve and it’ll be a great addition to anybody’s wardrobe. Hi, I’m Ashton I’m 5 foot 3 I am wearing a size 28 denim and I’m usually a size 10 in most items today I am modeling the Emma which is the new peplum top It is super cute and I have it styled with the denim today. You can wear this with all the washes It looks so great with the standard the essential and the black wash and this material is actually super stretchy So I actually sized down one My usual size is a medium on the true to size size chart and today I went down to a small to accentuate the waist and make it look real tight, you know And then also I have some styles that I would style it in the main line Today I picked out a Cassie because you know flowy and fitted always looks really great together I put the gray with it so that the metallic would look great with the gray So that’s a good way to wear your main line Cassie item and then I also grabbed some leggings which you could wear in a bunch of different colors and maybe put some tall boots on instead of maybe wearing the denim So yeah, so we all got to try on the Emma in the elegant always and the fabrications were all stretchy Which is really nice. So most of us were able to size down in The second style I tried on is the Avery a-line skirt and it does have pockets which is super awesome and I actually got to size down again in this one because the velvet was super stretchy the only Fabrication in the Avery skirt that is not stretchy was the faux leather, which is actually really beautiful So the Avery skirt is more of an a-line midi skirt The Avery has these really beautiful princess seams here in the front and I think that it looks super elegant for the Avery a-line skirt I styled it was Ilyn a I was trying to think what I would like to wear around the holidays probably a long sleeve but I did forget some other options. So any of our mainline tops would be great that would style with this This one had some holographic glitter So I was trying to think what colors would look good with this So I picked out a v-neck Christi tee in teal and then a gray tank top That would look really great with this. Also a Valentina would look amazing Another fabrication was one that had lace over it but it was actually still really stretchy just like the velvet and it had a lot Of room here up in the waist. All right Hey everyone, so we are from the ranges of extracts are small through medium, and we’ve tried on multiple pieces in different sizes So we wanted to give you an idea of if you were in that size range how some of these styles fit on Different body sizes and how it kind of worked out for us So as you can see Ashley and I are in the exact same skirt. What size you wearing? I’m wearing a small and how do you feel fit it actually is a size down from what I would usually wear So I usually wear the medium but with the velvet, it’s really stretchy and that was a lot of the fabrications except So this one particularly I’m typically an extra small and most things but I did go up to a small note it was still snug to come up because this particular material this pleather type material does not have a ton of Stretch and that’s just the nature of this material. It’s still beautiful and I love the way it fits However, it does not stretch as much What about you Jen? I am wearing the IV skirt and I’m wearing it in the suede fabric And it has a lot of stretch a lot of times fashion for the same one as well Yeah, it fits nice and snug. She also wore this it’s roomy but it still is really fitted So I actually really love the fit of this beautiful beautiful beautiful and then your shirt This is the Grace and I’m right now wearing extra small. I also wore the extra small. It fit me. Just fine It’s pretty flexible in the sizing the length and it has a slit is really flexible too because it’s roomy with the slit Didn’t you try one on though that had like no Yeah, there was another fabric that was sheer and it has like a little Swiss dots on it. It’s beauty gorgeous It’s a little sheer So you’ll want to wear a layer piece under it and it doesn’t actually have stretch this fabric does so really at the end yet really depends on how much stretch is in the fabric and you’ll get two Learn that and see that like with this Mary its super stretchy. This is an extra small I could go down to an extra extra small if I wanted I could probably even go up to a small and be super comfortable in it I think you could probably feel the way it that way with this shirt and for most of you guys and then back to the IV so I’m usually a medium Cassie unless the fabric is really stretchy like The liverpool fabric I can go to a small So with the ivy I was able to go down to a small and the really stretchy fabrics But the fabric that was not a stretchy I would stay with my true to size So you’re just gonna definitely want to play with those fabrications. Thank you So we want to tell you guys about some pieces that we’re not currently wearing but we did get to try on we got to try on the Stevie bomber jacket and I am obsessed with it it is so stunning beautiful So I am a medium and most things the medium fit perfect in all the fabrications except the sequins with a little bit tight So I probably want to go to a large there is one fabrication That’s almost like as a sweater kind of like the Hachi material. It was no stretchy I was even able to go down to a small so it’s really nice as I’m able to wear the small and that material The medium and most materials and then the large actually even looked really good oversized So in all the materials I hit the large on and I was like wow This is really cute oversized. So it gives you a lot of options for your sizing for the Stevie bomber jacket. Yes Okay, I’m going to talk about the Stella bolero jacket. It came in the most gorgeous Sequins there were regular sequins. There were this this like softer stretchy material that had like a disco ball effect But either way we all found that they were very true to size very comfortable They had stretch as long as it wasn’t the pure sequin one and that one that one doesn’t have the zipper, right? No closed open so it’s kind of cool like you didn’t have to worry about it If it was a bust size thing it just sat flat open, which I really kind of liked about that and then I want to talk about the noel dress, which is Exceptional it’s a faux wrap dress. So it has kind of the criss cross in the front and then it has wraps around here So you could wrap it in the front wrap it in the back We even double wrapped it and tied it in the front. It was super cute. It’s floor-length. It was really nice and stretchy Absolutely, beautiful something you could wear to something with a gala event or to a wedding It was just it was yeah, it could be very formal But it was just a real stunner and most of us were true to size in that one. But yeah Oh, oh yes velvet tends to weigh a little bit more still hangs a little bit more so you could definitely go down we all I think went down a size in the velvet or two sizes. Yes So for the Noel, I’m 5 foot 3 so the heavier fabrics were actually too long for me I would probably want to get them hemmed but the lighter fabrics that were a little bit more thin I would just put some heels On and they would be perfect and their looks I can do beragon in it. What was it? Oh, I wore the mediums in the medium in the Noel. Okay Even the extra small was a little long for me. I’m only 5 – the velvet was very very long But the rest I could do heels with yeah Yeah I’m 5’4 And I wore the extra small and I tried on a small and more of a slinky material the small of course was like a little bit longer, but the extra small was pretty good because with this dress I feel like you’re probably gonna wear a heel with it. Anyways, so you’re not gonna have to worry too too much about that But either way they it was beautiful. They fit really really well So the last dress that we all tried was the e dress and it’s a long sleeve dress hits below the knee Comes with a sash tie for it that you could use or not use or use your own belt. Whatever you prefer But what I loved about that dress is that you could wear it over the shoulder or you could pull it down and wear it And show the shoulders. I thought it was beautiful It could be really dressed up or you could still make it kind of casual too I felt yeah, and you could probably wear it oversize and blouse out the top over the stash or wear it more fitted It’s flexible because it’s stretchy. Yes, and then the sash that did come with some of them are different colors in the actual dress Yeah, I’ve had sequins on them like the whole sash with sequins, but the dress is a completely different fabrication So it was really giving like something to accentuate the whole dress true. Those ones were sort of fabrics for amazing. Yes Overall for the elegant always collection, I found that it was very beautiful It was really versatile to wear we could use it with the main line and you can also style elegant together and a lot of the Fabrications were really stretchy there weren’t that many that were that? Confiting I guess that’s what you would call it Yeah, I was super impressed by all the different fabrics and the elegant always collection I cannot wait to get my hands on all the different styles and I’m definitely mixing these into my normal daily outfits Oh, it’s a dream come true. You guys it’s all sparkly. It’s all glittery. There’s fur faux fur There’s so much beautiful pieces in here and the jackets to pair with you jig denim and your mainline stuff. It’s really unbelievable You will find yourself wearing this all year long. Trust me on that one Hi My name is Michaela brown and I am here to talk about Elegant always the CV bomber jacket is absolutely amazing and the Ivy pencil skirt bomb you guys I cannot wait till you guys get your hands on these. I am a size 1214 in lularoe I wear a size large in the liberal denim. I wear a size 30 and I’m 5 4 and 3/4 today I’m wearing a large TV bomber jacket and a large ivy skirt The elegant always ivy skirt comes in many different fabrics. My favorite would have I would have to say would be this velvet I love it because it’s very stretchy very roomy And it’s all of them come with this amazing slit in the back and it just adds to the whole entire thing It comes in lots of different fabrics you I saw lace I saw suede I saw pleather now the pleather you’re gonna have to size up because you got to get it up Elegant always CB bomber jacket the pleather is amazing. It’s very stretchy I’m wearing a size large and I’m a size 1214 guys. It’s amazing one of the other fabrics that stood out to me So it comes in lots of different fabrics But one of the other fabric that stood out to me was the amazing sequin color-changing jacket But that one doesn’t have very much stretch. So you might have to size up the size So the mainline lularoe there are so many different pieces that you can pair with both the bomber jacket and the ivy pencil skirt So I picked out a couple pieces today I am wearing a tank top, but you can do a patterning top as well goes great with both of the pieces well Just one of the pieces I like how the different tops that I’m gonna show you You can wear them tucked in or you can wear them out either way, whatever you like the best But I would also just tuck in the Valentina Inside and gives you kind of like that teacher look and I am a teacher So I am gonna definitely enjoy this look and then we also have of course the live all these new amazing lives that we have Floral or Center front hit wouldn’t that look great. So these two styles were my favorite from the elegant always Collection and I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on them. You’re gonna love them as much as I do Hi, I’m Cameron I am five-seven a size 34 denim and a size 16 18 and I’m wearing the eve Long-sleeve shift dress I am a size extra-large and most things lularoe some things are 2x and this is an extra large I find that it’s really true to size it has a great sleeve that really Has a relaxed fit kind of like a balloon sleeve and it also has some nice cinching around the neckline so you can even wear It off the shoulders This piece is amazing and it comes with a detachable sash that you can wear anywhere you want because there’s no loopholes even some of the fabrics that I saw came with Sequins sashes which is really amazing. So this is something you don’t have to pair with anything But if you wanted to if you wanted to give it a little more street style, you could pair it with a denim jacket Which would be a lot of fun. Um also This gorgeous Mimi which would be perfect in those colder months when you want to wear to holiday parties Or even a good New Year’s Eve party So this is the Eve long-sleeve shift dress from the elegant always collection, and I promise you guys are going to love it Hi, my name is Melanie. I am 511. I’m normally in Luther Oh a 2x 3x in denim I wear a 38 I’m showing you the Noelle it’s a faux wrap dress. It has a tie You can tie it in the front or you can tie it in the back The fit is really flexible. So I’m in the 2x which is my normal true size I did try a 3 X. We saw it in velvet We saw it in lace many different super stretchy sparkly fabrics, but it is beautiful It’s long and I think you guys are going to love it the faux wrap here So it’s not a true wrap. You can adjust it You can wear it more high in the neck or you can kind of adjust it to fit where you like But I think it’s gonna be a favorite. Okay, I just added our Stella Bolero jacket, it is part of our elegant always collection. This one. Is that eyelash? Texture and we saw so many different ones. We saw faux fur. We saw sequins I’m in a 2x I could also do the 3x. There’s a lot of play in these there was not one. That was not stretchy we definitely had a lot of Play in the sizing on this one. You can pair this with so many different things you guys in mainline I thought maybe just keeping it fun and street vibe with the live and the Jill you could do you could even do A Marley dress with it or even a Nellie. I think they are absolutely Going to be a favorite in our wardrobe. Okay. So this is the Noelle dress and the Stella I paired them together The plus-sized customers always will always mention that they want their arms covered So I made sure to show you how the two pair together so well But I think they’re gonna be definitely one of your favorites in our elegant always collection. Hi guys We’re so excited to share with you the elegant always we are representing the size group a largely through extra-large and we were able to try on all the sizes all the Styles and we’re so excited to share with you. I Am wearing the Noelle and the Stella bolero jacket. Noelle is the faux rep. I’m in the 2x How did you guys think that this fit perfectly for me 2x or 3x? Very true to size. I weren’t a large an extra-large I wore an extra-large and a 2x. I found that the 2x was a little bit roomier for me in the arms So if you don’t like things tight on your arms I would definitely maybe think about sizing up in the lace and the tighter ones not the velvet velvet. It was roomy Yeah, I would agree with that. And then this is the Stella bolero jacket again I’m in the 2x I could do 2x or 3x comfortably again. I think this one’s for everybody Comfortable in all sizes true to size I could even size down in it. I’m in the really stretchy materials Um and it cut just a little bit higher which gave me a little bit of a waist So if you like to do that think about that when you’re sizing yourself in that jacket Oh, I was able to wear the medium to extra-large and I have a really large shoulder So I was really excited about being able to wear the medium Comfortable it had a lot of good stretch I’m wearing this CV bomber jacket and the IV long pencil skirt, which is super sexy and fun. I love it I’m ash teacher and I love how long it is and it’s very it’s actually very swimming and you can wear High-waisted you I have a tank top tucked inside. You can wear it with so many items from the elegant always I Love the skirt. I wore the 2x. I thought the sizing was perfect on this Velvet, all the different ins they were stretchy comfortable Definitely gonna be a favorite and same with this one the 203 X was perfect for me and my normal sizing on that one I wore in the ivy I was wearing an extra-large which was my true to size I wear the same in the Cassie pencil skirt. They were super comfortable lots of stretch very Flattering to my curves In the Stevi bomber jacket again, I could wear a large extra large or 2x I actually preferred the extra large which is my true to size But I could go down to the large because a lot of these even this still has some stretch in it I’m wearing the large and I love the different fabrics that I came in I am wearing the eve it’s a long sleeve shift dress. It’s super comfortable The arms are very relaxed. You have elastic at the wrist which gives it kind of a different Flare the neckline has a ruching that makes it stretchy You can even wear it off to shoulders which is a lot of fun It comes with sashes that you can use or not use or you can throw in your own belt if you’d like I’m wearing an extra-large which is my true to size. I feel that it is a little roomy I may be able to size down all the ones that I tried on were roomy and stretchy and are a lot of fun I felt the same about that one. I did the 2x. It was roomy still 3x was a little big for me So I feel like this one you can definitely go that true-to-size vibe. It’s gonna be perfect. Yes I love the large and I love the sash I think that was my favorite part because the sashes they didn’t Unnecessarily, they were not the same material or the same fabric and it accented them very well I also like it because it doesn’t have loops So you can place the sash anywhere you like which is key I think for us styling it was and wasn’t there some sequins fashion or well. Yeah amazing so good we also had a chance to try on some of the other pieces from elegant always and I Really liked the Mary top. That’s the one that has the tulips sleeve there and has a little ruching here I felt it fit kind of like a GG for me I did the 3x on that one, but I really liked how it fit in the midsection on there I was really excited to pair it with like denim and some heels for date night. I liked that one a lot I think you guys are gonna like that one. I like that one, too. Yeah if I wore an extra large It was a little more fitted through the midsection, which is totally fine If you like that if you don’t like that, I suggest sizing up You’re not gonna feel it in the arms too much and it’s also really good I’m to stay true to size. If you like tucking it in I would say for me across the board I was true to size everything at the plus size I was I’m a true size 12 to 14 and I were large and extra-large and everything Those troop that I did like probably the best was the grace the grace has it’s a sleeveless top which I’m not usually a fan of but I love the sleeveless and it had a little some of them have a little bit of Lace going on. There’s a cute tie that you can tie around your neck and the colors were amazing I think I saw like turquoise they were iridescent so much fun. And you can also tuck them in to the ivy skirt You can tuck them in to a Cassie skirt or any kind of bottom, but you want to wear you could even wear denim with it and you could dress up your denim put on a pair of cute heels and there grace was just It was flexible sizing too. I felt comfortable in that one. There was not one that was tight. I did the true size 2x I evened it up to the 3x and I really liked it. Even if you wanted to pair it with leggings It was so cute and long enough even with that little slit. It was such a cute detail Yeah, and the extra large was good for me. I also really like the high neckline I felt that that brought a lot of class to it, especially with it being fleet less. Yeah, I really liked it We also got to try on the Avery a line skirt and it even has some little pockets. I Found this one to actually be very generous in sizing I was able to size down I’m an extra-large and a Madison skirt and I wore a large in the Avery. I really liked it I felt it was super flattering uh it had a little bit of a flare but it wasn’t like did it make me feel big it still hugged my curves and I Just really felt great in it. Yeah, I loved it. I wear the size large and I agree everything you said I love the way that it hugs your curves, but doesn’t look too big Does it make you look – no I even On one in lace and I was able to size down to an extra-large which is not I’m always traditionally a 2x and the extra-large Lace fish so good still had room. It was very comfortable. So I think everyone’s gonna really like that one side note There is a pleather one in that one So if you are looking at the pleather one You’re gonna want to size up because that one does not have any give or stretch. The elegant always collection is amazing You guys are gonna love everything about it. You can wear it at night. You can wear it for holidays It’s gonna be so great and fantastic. I Agree, I am like loving all these pieces. I think they’re gonna be great for holiday parties Weddings New Year’s Eve anything even the street-style? I’m so excited to like mix it up a little bit and mix it with some of those mainline pieces. I’m very excited I always love wearing my elegant pieces every day of the year, so Elegant always I hope you all enjoyed getting a sneak peek and a first look at our elegant collection it is beautiful one for the books and This is something that will be elegant always for all time Very classic very beautiful pieces that you can wear all year round this collection is available today so make sure that you reach out to your favorite retailer a local retailer and get your hands on some of these pieces because they Are amazing

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